ETHUSD RSI is at 23

That is the lowest it has been in 6 months, and is basically the textbook definition of oversold. Not saying we will see a rally or big moves, but to sell now is the real bottom and true biz style so this is your chance.

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>implying the rsi won't go al low a 5 after the deathcross

if you don't wanna short than just stay away from this shitcoin

oh look, its the daily "ETH is oversold" thread.

now it's more oversold than ever.

it will be "more oversold than ever" for another month atleast

no such thing as oversold

The death cross is imminent, it will happened literally within hours.

you could say the next few hours are critical for ETH

It's critical for ETH, because of BTC. BTC drags the whole market.

I just bought 20 eth
Will I make a decent amount of money if I hold for a month

calling 50-200 ema cross a lagging indicator would be an understatement desu.

the meme cross will happen at the next bottom, Veeky Forumstards will short because "m-m-muh deathcross!" and it will bounce all the way up to 8k atleast

>perma bull detected

>never looked at a chart

The next 37 minutes are critical for BTC

LMAO, let's see you put your money where your mouth is.
Enjoy loosing your money on this bullshit "indicator"
BTW where is PoS/PoL? (Proof of Short/Proof of Long)
Reminder to not trust any TA fag that does not show his LEVERAGED positions that concur with his analysis.
If he doesn't trust his money with his TA it's because it's not worth a shit.
>"but I don't like gambling"
So TA is not that solid if it's a gamble for you then?
Anyone can hold, not everyone can net profits on leverage and avoid liquidation until cashing out, it takes real skills and balls, because you can not afford to be wrong or you'll lose all your money, unlike when you're not on leverage.

>what's a correction

>Confuses a dip for a full blown correction

what is RSI

>i-i-it's just a dip!
>h-h-healthy correction!
>buy the dip! (since 20k)

next you'll say btc wasn't unironically a bubble, deluded Veeky Forumstard

a meme indicator

you're a meme indicator

sell your 20 eth and buy 40 next week

it's literally a meme tho, nobody actually uses it unironically. it gets way overbought in bull markets and way oversold in bear market.

there is a point in using it during long sideways actions, but you won't get rich overnight and you need a hell of strategy to make it profitable

to be fair, everything is oversold
also everything was overbought 2 months ago

RSI is only good when used in combination with other indicators, its almost useless by itself kek

I recommend changing your RSI to 80/20 in a bull/bear market.
That said RSI is still useless on it's own.

thanks just bought 69k

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it's almost useless with others indicators too kek

How low will ETH go?

until it finds the bottom, duh


>implying all those who bought it at 300 won't dump it at 305 to avoid losses

if it goes to 300 then it'll go well below

Relative Strength Index

Learn about RSI Divergence.

I'm going to open a short position right before the death cross.

using it for divergences is the only legitimate is it has

then you better open it right now, when it'll happen it will be too late

this is my first time seeing it

>no such thing as overbo-

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