Aaaand, we're back. The stock market, that is. You crypto fags are fucked HAHAHAHHAHAA

Aaaand, we're back. The stock market, that is. You crypto fags are fucked HAHAHAHHAHAA

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>ooooh lala look at me with my 0.01% gains

Ive actually made a grand in a month from 3k investment off stocks. Look at the charts for yourself pleb


>sitting on my bum watching my assets grow while crypto tards fall into the pits of hell
its a comfy feel

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death cross 6 hours.

Feels good

Lol 1 grand?

Congrats you’re the definition of pleb


>being this mad

>implying that a healthy stock market isn't good for crypto

Anyone getting JUSTed by stocks too? Everything I touch burns... cryptos.. stocks.. precious metals.. They all go down as soon as I buy. I never asked for this.. what kind of life is this?

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Tell us where the Crypto markets touched you, user.

Stocks not in a mutual fund should be play money.

Just use a basic three fund portfolio. It's so easy even a frogposter couldn't fuck it up.

stfu loser

>what is options trading

You using TA for stocks? Not just buying at a random time?

Yes id rather be losing 90% of my portfolio in shitcoins than making solid gains in stocks

youre literally delusional

I bought apple in 2010 borrowed against it to buy eth at $10

I have both and massive amounts. I win you lose.

Stay poor faggot pleb

that's actually good
Too bad i still like the volatility
>Bought in december
>up 4k at once point
>down a few hundo now

If you even call 3k a portfolio.

I call that dinner for 2-3 weeks.

BTC will never be below 7902 ever again!

Enjoy you're 0.5% bounce op.

its hilarious how delusional you are

LOL, make up your minds, cryptofags. Yesterday, a stock market crash was the best thing in the world, because everyone would run to crypto as a safe harbor. Now the stock market returning to normalcy is good for crypto?

If I hadn't figured out months ago you cryptofags were completely full of shit, I would be now. None of you has a single fucking clue, and you just spew shit day in and day out.

It would be hilarious, except it's fucking pathetic.

There are seriously people here who don't know what an options contract is. You sicken me with your double digit iq.

I mean tech is basically giving me a 2% dividend every day.

>believing in a currency
>that you are not actually able to use to buy stuff
Y-yeah.. crypto is good guys! All in LINK!

sounds familar

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