Stockbroker/Financial Advisor AMA Pt 5

Feel free to ask questions outside of crypto as well. I am here to help. Crypto became my hobby at the right time during the summer boom around late July I put 30k into the markets to play around and turned it into almost a million before this huge crash. I have posted proof of my licenses (series 7/63/65) and my holdings. No fraud check me out on twitter @welambonow. I will answer questions if anyone has any.

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Do you think the petro-yuan will have a significant long-term impact on the strength of the dollar?

where do you see REQ going after today's announcement of partnership with PwC?

It is a threat but the U.S. dollar still dominates against the 6 other major currencies. As long as the U.S. military and economy remain #1 the U.S. dollar will be the premier currency. I do not see it as a huge threat to be honest.

I really like what REQ has been doing. I consider it a buy and realistically it is one of the few coins that will be around 1-2 years from now. The sooner the crypto world stops spreading money across garbage ponzis, scam, shitcoins, and duplicates of the same coin/concept and focuses on the few projects with real tech and potential the better we will be.

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What do you think of

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Everyone talks about billions/trillions/gazillions waiting on the sidelines to get into crypto. Waiting for what? Do you see any possibility of movement of serious cash into this space *before* the regulators make everything boring?

This guy is so full of himself

CMT is one of my few holds not currently getting destroyed by grandpa shitting the bed. So thanks fro CMT I guess. Once bitcoin stabilises do you think CMT with keep its momentum and keep going?

What about the Triffin dillemma

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What's your endgame with these threads in Veeky Forums?

>capitalises every word
>thinks George Agdgdgwngo is shilling

Opinion on Chainlink?

Sorry I know nothing about it. What is your question or thoughts regarding it? Anything specific? There is still tons of institutional money out there that has not entered. We need stability and regulations for them to enter. As far as normie money to enter again we would need another epic bull run. I compare it to the poker boom when chris moneymaker won years ago. Everyone started playing the main event and online poker was huge and popular. Then poker kinda died out for a while and it has not been the same.

Mhmm.. Hello KorenajewYou are welcome bro. My portfolio has luckily weathered this sea of red lately pretty well. Yes the future is extremely bright for CMT and if BTC gets on track that will certainly help.Please show one case of me ever shilling a coin that was a pump and dump. I have never recommended anything that was garbage I take pride in my picks and I do not recommend shit coins. I do these out of boredom and obviously some exposure but I do like helping others. There is a lot of finance questions I am happy to answer that do not necessarily have to be crypto related.

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you still not invested in nuls?

Have you researched Raven? Patrick Byrne is a major backer. Looks like it may be a security token/platform for sidechains. Too early to invest in the hype?

I have touched on this in every single previous AMA. Chainlink has a huge following on here obviously and that has its pros and cons. Some people now see it just as a meme coin. Personally I think it is a good coin but I do not own any currently.

Thanks for your answer. When do you see the next crypto boom happening and where do you see BTC’s price in December 2020?

Nope. So many platforms coins to choose from. Do some research you will see it is just a few Asians in an apartment converted into a office. Not saying NULS is bad but I see other coins that are more promising/better teams and funding.I will take a look I am not a expert on every coin out there. Too many to track each and everyone and know all about them. I try to focus on a few at a time that I think have huge promise and are undervalued and then I learn every detail about them. Gotta focus on a niche to really make money. Same thing with sports betting.

what are those coins then? I'll keep track of them vs nuls and in 2 months when ur at thread #69 we'll share results :)

Anyone that is trying to guess BTC price in Dec 2020 is just throwing out a number. Predicting that right would be like predicting lottery numbers. If Binance and the crypto world can successful bring fiat/pairings then I see BTC price taking a huge hit because it's price is propped up by everyone using it to buy in or cash out and it is the face of the crypto world known around the world. My guess would be a bull run after tax season maybe? Eventually if alts and btc keep getting hammered speculators/sideline money will jump in and buy everything up cheap.

Opinions on blocknet nigger

I hear you, thanks. I think if you dig deep on this one you’ll be pleasantly surprised about the writing on the wall.

You still haven't added me on discord bro >:(
Where do you see ETH/BTC going in the next few hours/days? Any thoughts on this "death cross". Are you margin trading ETH/BTC right now?

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I am not knocking NULS. But for this challenge sure track CMT and NULS over the next 2 months starting now and see which performs better :)

Bullish on Ethereum?
Let me rephrase my question, where do you see crypto in December 2020? Several trillion mcap?

Atomic swaps are the future. I approve of blocknet. Price has been really hurt the last few months. Needs new exchanges badly. I added everyone who sent me a request. WeLamboNow#0551
I am bearish on BTC right now. Rumors are there is a big whale or group trying to offload BTC otc. ETH is at a good price to keep "dollar cost average" buying I think it's price has been shit on by all these ICO's dumping. Most of crypto tech is taking place on ETH and longterm I consider it a top 5 play in crypto. Cool I will certainly check it out.

Yep now is a good time to pick up some ETH relatively cheap. It could go lower but that is why you continue to buy a little every month and not try to time the dips and market perfectly. Dec 2020 I could see a trillion mcap yes. By then I think governments will have created their own tech and the few promising coins will have been acquired by large corporations.

sure, pick a coin that is literally worth 1/6th of its ATH price lmao ill be back.

Are you still holding BNB? Still up 30% from buy in and regretting not selling right now but we still have weeks until the burn and I know that recent pump was not "the" pump.

what coins are going to be added to Coinbase?

Do you think RSI is a strong indicator of when to buy sell btc/eth? It seems to fit the between the 30 and 68 lines really snuggly.

How come you are bullish on ETH if you are bearish on BTC and ETH is tied to BTC if BTC tanks so does ETH right..?

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Ark. How even do you know what to look like?


How low do you expect BTC to go?

What are your time frames/expections until sideways action or reversal?

What's the smallest market cap coin you own?

How do you think the U.S. equity performs over the next 6-12 months?

What do you think the impact of a recession (which will lead to a restart of QE/Fed open market operations) will be on crypto? Will BTC become a store of wealth and balloon like gold did? Or, do you think people will keep their portfolios in cap pres and avoid crypto all together?

Come back op your picks have made me a lot of money how do I join vip

Original OP here. I had to swap to my home computer from work.

No but I plan to pick up some before the burn. I rated BNB my number 3 coin on my power rankings I just released yesterday. Strong buy for sure. Because BTC is a store of value/currency coin that will be obsolete once we have fiat pairings. ETH is actually where innovation is taking place and has major corporations involved. I like ARK and how organized the developers are. Other coins should take notes from their website. Bottom worst case scenario 6500. If it gets that low alts will be so cheap people will come in and buy them up cheap. Rumors of someone trying to unload large amounts of BTC are not helping.

I am currently holding only GTO and CMT both have nearly identical caps. I am bullish on U.S. equity's over the next 6-12 months for sure. It would be nice if some of the profits spilled over into the crypto world. We are not in a recession nor are we headed for one. Trump has one thing going for him that people like and that is the economy doing well he will do whatever it takes to keep it running good. signup through my twitter link or send me a dm on my discord.

why are you still working if you have such a large portfolio? wouldn't you prefer to work on your own time on crypto?

Also, about BTC bottoms: what percentage cash are you? Any thoughts on deploying it?

What do you think about Matrix AI?

genesis vision target april 1st

when is deutsche bank going to implode?
please answer. this is very urgent

Thanks for these OP, you the real MVP. What do you think about XLM? I've held it for ages and it just doesn't look like its going anywhere

How do you feel about your job being useless and phased out in the next 10 years?

What would be your picks for a 2-3 year hold?

please answer? very concerned about this last week in euro financials in general

lol this guy has no clue about euro financials he threw some money @ crypto last summer and is selling his discord group now why the hell would he have any insider info to deutsche bank lmao

Do you see how much crypto has tanked in 2 months? First off a million dollars is not that much money. Or atleast not a lot for the lifestyle I live/want to continue to live. Why would I quit a 6 figure job with benefits when I can still spend hours on crypto when I am there. I get paid to look at charts and make trades all day it is the perfect profession to have crypto as a side project/hobby/job. I would probably buy up some more with the money I took out earlier luckily when BTC was around 15k. Interesting but on no exchanges normie money can reach. Also years and years away from making any real profits. Pure speculative play. $27fuck if I know? Of the top 10 coins If I had to pick 2 to buy and hold for a long time I would choose ETH and XLM so yeah I like it. That is part of the evolving tech of the world. Passive investing has been proven to be just as good if not superior to active management. Wholesales will be obselete first. People are using firm products instead because of less risk from compliance. There will always be a need for advisors but it will be more of a niche market for the super affluent. Everyone under a million will be using generic passive ETFS.Safest pick would be BNB

Yep one thing I do not do is pretend to know stuff about everything. Nor do I shill shitcoins or pump and dumps. I would have no inside knowledge of deutsche bank financial situation lulz and I sure as fuck wont pretend I do.

looks like theyre about to lehman.
>pic related
thought you said you were primarily a financial advisor and that crypto was your hobby in the other threads. just trying to see if you knew anything while the thread was still up

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I am a financial advisor. However I have no clue about the financial position deutsche bank is in and I doubt hardly anyone in this profession would have a clue either. Maybe a financial analyst for a major firm who specializes in doing reports on one or two companies and deutsche bank was a company he was following would have a clue lol.

>US Economy Remain #1
This nigger can't be serious

My guess would be BAT and XRP and maybe OMG/NANO as long shots.

What did you have for lunch today?

Chickfila nuggets and fries.

Not impressed, I turned 25k into almost 2.7MM before the crash, and it hasn't even been a year.

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mhmm show some proof. i post my holdings on twitter and discord all the time. if you are going to make absurd claims then back it up

how do i avoid forcing myself into trades instead of sitting on USD or BTC? I dont see anything strong I want to get into tomorrow, who knows what equities will do, but not doing anything with half or more of my trading portfolio makes me feel like I 'wasted' the day. Do I just stay mentally strong and only get into moves I genuinely think are profitable, theres nothing else to do?

Have patience. Buffet and others preach buy and hold. There is a reason not many btc millionaris exist. People look at their block folios everyday and freak out and get impatient. Find quality coins and let them work. If you are constantly jumping in and out of coins most of the time you will be selling when they are down and fomoing into coins that have already just recently gone on a run.

millionaire * inb4 grammar nazi's

I always though crypto was either an utter pyramid scheme or I am just too damn poor to do anything with it.

Now give me an honest answer, if an utter poorfag like me is thinking in dropping like 60 Eur. a month into a tiny portoflio for like a year, would it be a worthwhile venture? Not in terms of getting rich, there are no miracles and I have no illusions of x1000 gains, I'm thinking more along the lines would I be able to break even and would mostly passive buying teach me anything worthwhile in such a time-frame i.e. one or two years of constant tiny monthly investments in safer bets like ETH or BTC. Or is it a stupid idea and I should just shut up and be poor somewhere else while using those 60 Eur. to drink my sorrows away?

60 Euro is not gonna go far. However atleast you are realistic and do not expect 1000x gains. I would suggest saving up maybe $1000 before trying to enter. You will get killed with transaction and deposit fees with such small amounts it probably is not worth it. Also with $1000 if you go all in on a coin that has a nice run and flip it into something else that happens to catch fire and we have a bull run then realistically you could make $5,000-15,000 usd which would be great considering your investment amount and the equivalent in traditional markets would take basically your entire life to make the same ROI.

Do you honestly see Ark ever doing anything? It's my biggest bag. Not holding it at a loss or much of a gain either if that matters.

Oh no, I am a strong believer that you need a solid bank to make major bank. If you have a few crumbs you can only expect getting a few extra crumbs that are more valuable in the whole idea of hey I MADE a little money happen as opposed to I made A LOT of money.

Shit a 1000 is actually a lot. What would be the lowest sum you would say is ok to go in on? Again, the aim is to enjoy the ride, maybe learn a little bit and make enough bank for like a paid ride with a lambo as opposed to the actual lambo.

I will be honest that this whole thing is very new territory for me, I didn't know fees and deposits kill mosquito investment outright. Thanks for the warning my dude, you're a good lad.

I want to start a CPO. Do you have an suggestions on how to find HNWI/UHNWIs?

You look into HPB or INT yet?

crypto specifically since equities have all sorts of ETFs and indexes, do you have any sort of 'buy and hold for months or years' coin groupings? basically a buy and hold index perhaps weighted by coin if you've done that much work for until like 2020, then see how your doing.

Are you atleast staking? Yeah ARK is a long term project you better have patience for a long time if you plan to keep it. Their goals are lofty and it will be a while but atleast they are organized and inform the community what they are doing unlike a lot of coins. $1000 bare minimum in my opinion to actually be able to do anything with. You could enter with $500 just to get your feet wet and test out transfers etc. I have no experience with working with limited partnerships etc. Sorry man. Yep I like HPB more. INT atleast fixed their website the old one looked like a scam. The chart on INT is brutal hence why people were fudding it so hard. HPB would pump hard if it gets listed on Binance.

meant for you

There are no crypto ETF's currently you could buy like ICONOMI management of your portfolio and they put together a crypto ETF for you but it sucks ass. You could make your own. Just pick the top 3 coins out of every sector and boom you did it yourself. Sector examples would be privacy coins, supply chain coins, platform based coins, currency/store of value, security tokens, ad/marketing tokens etc.

Or if you are in my discord vip group just copy my power rankings monthly and hold those long term. I pick coins with relatively low marketcaps that have either not pumped or are oversold. The theme is typically I find coins with working products, a Parent company with a successful business in the real world, an allstar team/advisors with connections throughout the crypto world, tech that is superior to competitors or they have first mover advantage.

thats what I meant, i knew there arent any ETFs but i was just curious if you had a decent list of coins per sector, thats exactly what i would have done. So many coins are huge scamerinos though, even if i only use like the top 200 list on CMC etc

can you link this or was it in your original thread etc?

Even if you dont do the LP setup yourself and farm it out to other service providers, people like you serve as the gatekeepers to individuals who have the money to invest in LPs, SMAs, etc

i see the discord is paid $500-1k, i dont have the kind of money to drop on a discord invite lol sorry man

Dont worry. Its a PnD group. You'll just get dumped on

aye figures i would be cross referencing the 'solid' coins with other peoples picks as well anyways, just beeen looking to put together a buy and hold 5-10k portfolio soon to hold for years

Just add me on twitter @welambonow the link to the my discord is there. DM me and I will be happy to give you a few suggestions for top coins in each sector. Also you can find my old power rankings on there that I release a few weeks after being shared in my vip group. All big firms have speciality groups that handle that stuff. Just like if we have someone over 25 million + in assets they go to a specialist team as well who sets up trust/estate planning. The more money someone has the more specialty they need. We have specialist for everything small business, LMA /SMA accounts, annuities, trust planning, the list goes on.

Does not matter I will be happy to help anyway. lol no it is not nice try. Find one example of me every calling a shitcoin to try and pump and dump. You can talk shit about me but one thing you can't say is I am a pump and dumper sorry chief.

So you do know some things about it. I'm interested in starting a "hedge fund" and am interested in learn more about how to find and market to potential investors.

Do you have any credentials? People like to throw around the word Hedge Fund. Are you accredited or associated with any companies/firms? Why would anyone want to invest money with you? These are the questions investors would ask.

How about using a x month audited track record, how far would that go in marketing to potential investors? Where x depends on however long the investor likes to see such as 18 or 24 months for some examples.