What did they mean by this

What did they mean by this..

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>who could be hiding under her skirt

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Means ERC20 tokens like WET justgetwet.net/ will soon be on Coinbase

Its obviously xrp

>smart contracts

really makes me think

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req and link

>now which other ycomb backed startup has an ERC20 token
Really gets the noggin a joggin


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It's REQ

Ooooooook Herschel. Keep dreaming


EOS prepping

Req support, only erc20 token that is backed by Ycomb and is able to utilize all other erc20 tokens after mainnet.

10k REQ checking in. 2$ coin by Q3 once Norman starts buying bags


As far as tokens go that would actually make sense to be listed there I can basically only think of OMG, BAT and REQ. Maybe DAI stablecoin.

Wait hold on a minute
Could the request platform power This? Fuck being added to coinbase, it could be the platform coinbase runs on




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BAT is the next coin to be listed..

but how would trading erc 20 need req

no it isnt you fucking autist. OmiseGO just built the Ethereum Community fund and is giving away grants to new projects.

you have to be mentally challenged to not think its going to be omg


They would definitely only add proven legit projects. I'm not sure OMG counts.

they are adding TRX my nigga

That means most ICOs are not securities after all. Or are there any ERC20 tokens that aren't ICOs?

Okay little man. But when it's listed just remember u heard it here first and to keep the toaster plugged in while ur in the tub.

kek. Vitalik backs OMG and is actively developing for it. KYS midget nigger

Holy fuck. Coinbase, Erc20, Toshi. ZRX

it's time to decouple from BTC and start the flippening mission again!

It's definitely one of the most legit projects. I kind of wish for LINK to be added but that's probably just a dream. Hopefully at least REQ will make it to GDAX.


>chainlink on coinbase

Did not expect this, but now I know for CERTAIN I AM FUCKING RICH NIGGAS.

implying their are going to add a google chrome extension to coinbase.

>adblocker compared to decentralized mega exchange for all of South east asia and japan

Yeah ok lmfaooo

i might be wrong but doesnt the project need to finished or some shit for coinbase to add it?

U do realize the creator of Java and mozilla is the guy who made BAT?

Have a look at the big green dildos and fucking huge volume on ZRX right now.

The biggest fuck you to XRP and others.

This is another great endorsement of the Ethereum ecosystem by Coinbase.

These guys aren't stupid as well, they're calling the bottom here. This is where price will reverse.

Just bought 30 ETH, I'm so riding this rage-rally. Let's see how far we get.

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yes that is very impressive but comparing bat to omg is like comparing a pencil sharpener to a pencil sharpener production factory

Anyone who doesn't understand that this news is DIRECTLY TIED TO OMG is fucking retarded

Can you explain what inference you're making with this article?

i don't think you're wrong.

I have moved 33% into Ethereum..

haha I like how in january the thought of buying 1000 coins was like a daydream.

its gotta be zrx

God Veeky Forumstards are fucking morons. Req? Eos? Link? Really guys? Just because your shitcoin is shilled a lot on here doesn't mean shit in the industry, you're supposed to look at who knows who and what they're trying to build vs. coinbase's intended coin diversity.

Here's how it's actually going to play out

>Most likely

>Could happen

>Unlikely but not impossible

Literally everything else has at best a 1% chance of being listed.

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yes sir. Jun established the Ethereum community fund to offer grants for other erc20 projects. he along with golem raiden maker and cosmos are creating an infastructure for a complete package of scaling ethereum with each project that is associated with it.

this alone should be the biggest signal that coinbase will offer their listing easily

Soon as I saw anouncement had a look at all the possible ERC-20s on Binance and didn't see much movement until I checked in ZRX with those fucking dildos and volume. I've unashamedly just sold off 700 ICX and my remaining TRX to FOMO into this at 0.000072 BTC.

holy shit it's zrx.

Yeah despite the usual OMG bants (and I love FUDing it almost as much as LINK and ARK) it's a solid project with serious fans amongst big names in crypto.

Assuming they don't just list 1 random ERC-20, and will (either in fairly quick succession or in batches) add a few then OMG is pretty much guaranteed to be one of them.

Today I learned that development on Bitcoin and ethereum is complete.



Update: This shit is seriously mooning on serious volume.

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XRP isn't a ERC20 token you dumb twat

~100 eth of volume was me one time buying once news released and selling part by part while it moves up. fuck those slow fomoers


Recall that the OMG user account mentioned that a significant institution was going to announce that it was accepting OMG soon to signal "something it's doing"

And then CB announces support for ERC20.

Could CB be running on OMG soon?

im in at 12500 eth sats.

bought 3000, is this enough?

Gotta love the Nano ERC20 memes kek

who cares bro we officially made it. its just a matter of time to retirement

How does everyone know it’s ZRX? The mooning doesn’t necessarily imply that it will be. I refuse to fomo in without an actual announcement

Supporting ERC20 doesn't mean supporting ERC20 tokens.

Dude shut the fuck up I have been through every fucking thread on reddit and Veeky Forums in last 4 months and since the goddam ATH people have been suspicious that this is next listing.

Coinbase tweeted out in January that
" no other coin has done for Ethereum Blockchain was ZRX has."

wtf they were saying in front of the senate just 15 days ago that coinbase doesnt sell any ico coins (potential securities)...are they retarded?

Req. Use your fucking brains dimwits. Who actually has connection with coinbase, only req. How stupid can you be to think any other especially xrp

Req is a literal shit coin that has no place in crypto

Same thoughts user. 25th May for BAT.

Ethereum is an ICO

yeah but it went ico much before this whole securities drama

Probably the most promising project in crypto, especially after today.

> muhh dump
doesnt matter

obvious pump and dump is obvious

i got in anyway, just in case

A project like this on an exchange like Binance as opposed to the likes of Cryptopia? Maybe.

Either way I got my good entry and have S/L orders in place if it does dump massively.

The criteria requires a working mainnet/testnet, OMG doesn´t have this.

I'm not going to be greedy this time. My sell order is at 12000.

funny shit going on

damn some of yall are serious brainlets. BAT will be added. 1.Its an erc20. 2.coinbase has already mentioned added utility tokens for things like web advertising and online storage. 3.BAT is the only erc20 that has approval from apple meaning that coinbase wont be compliant with the app store if something like 0x or polymath is added.

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Javascript you fucking dolt

Just because you jingle your sack and hear nothing doesn’t mean the rest of us have to sling snot with you. Buy in now or consider yourself REQless.

My Req stays high tech.



>sell order set at 12000
>wick maxes out at 11828
You dun fucked yourself by anouncing your target m8 the Bogs are ever watchful.

I hope this just for the biz meltdown


Hahahahhaha you all fell for it

Don't be naive guys, the whales in the know have started the prep just now.
You have been warned

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so rekt

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Confirmed how? Because thinks don't just go straight up and people take profit after a 50% or so pump within an hour? Gtfo

I like this chart because it makes a 5% pump look like a 100% moon mission

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If you think REQ will be added why are you saying LINK is a dream?


Trip fucking confirm, goddamn maybe I should take the 11 Ethereum I just made on that 0x pnd and go to Bat now...

>We need more volume, we aren't making much right now so we're adding chuck e cheese tokens

>REQ and Coinbase both have YCombinator as investors
>REQ is partnered with biggest accounting company
>Mainnet is completely released already

LINK doesn't even have its final product released yet.

Do people ever unironically make decisions based on reply #?

while True:
page = get('blog.coinbase.com')
if page.latest_post.time if you're not doing this then you will always be poor
> literally like 50 lines of python

I've been doing this for most of the binance coins, shits so easy

I have a friend a Coinbase. Screen cap this:

GNT, REP, ZRX, And XRP are being added...Monero is still a maybe.

You’re welcome poorfags.

My dad works at coinbase he said your friend is a faggot and everyone hates him

It means that you should buy ethereum because you'll have to own some to move your tokens around.

Enjoy being poor. Just gave you idiots valuable info...no one will follow. Fucking screen cap this. When those coins are added feel free to make a pathetic post saying “ WHERE ARE YOU user WHAT MORE INFO DO YOU HAVE?”

Bye now.

lmao rekt