You're welcome biz

You're welcome biz.

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nice call with AMB i went all in yesterday and it's rising even with btc bleeding. thanks!

Oh, AMB.

Yeah, lot of weird activity like that one user from earlier who apparently put up a 6 btc buy floor to buy 300k.

Might as well untether into some when BTC stops shitting the bed, I guess.

Told you gayboys buy AMB at 3300 sats. If you did, you can laugh at everyone else bleeding out right now.

Thank you Larp, sir. May I have another Larp please? Just one more Larp.

I bought 2 eth worth of AMB last time you called, thank you pharmabro is one of the few not dying right now
Also is ibuprofen relatively safe? how many should i take maximum per month

Depends on the frequency of use. How much and how often?

Sometime I get tension related headaches. I take ibuprofen 400 and i would say 5 x month.
Tell me I'm not going to die please

No risk at all.

In fact at that level you will probably have reduced your chances of getting certain cancers and brain diseases. NSAIDS, aspirin specifically but less so ibuprofen, are powerful anti cancer agents.

wew pharmaphag, you are the best :*

Looks like all the weak hands are gone and most of the people left know what's coming through mid-April. I guess it's as good time as any to start DCaing for me.

See you guys at Alpha Centauri

15k AMB going to make it?

Thank you based trip, thumbs up

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Please do, I have 10k

Thoughts on adrenoreceptors as a cancer treatment target? Working on a startup project developing some small molecules that also have beta blocking activity.

Breast cancer probably, others remains to be seen. I think a2 and b2 are both viable targets. Worth investigating if you have the capital injection.

Hello, PharmaBro, what would be some of your picks for a 2-3 year hold?

Ok so I have accumulated my 200k stack + 2 btc of buy support on binance
When moon? Gib some juicy insider details.

Thanks PharmaBro.

Can't wait for the coming announcements, feels like an easy moon mission.

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nice meme brainlets


Hey pharma.

What is the best online pill mill? I need Finasteride for balding.

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