Realistically, if he exist scams what will happen to him?

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But what if this whole Malta move is just a way to get out.

he is literally earning millions anyways, why would he exit scam

The Yakuza will kill him.

Why wouldn't he? He did not want to comply with the Japaneses government why would he comply with a bunch of Veeky Forums neets

Why would he exit scam instead of milking the crypto cow for years to come
No incentive


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It could happen anything could happen. This is the calm before the storm.

I lived in Malta for nearly 10 years..

Malta is basically a corrupt mafia narco state. Till the highest levels of government.

This chingchong is food for the lions there as people with power will extort and blackmail his ass off..

And one of the reasons that he is welcome there is because there are gazillions of criminal money from the mafia that need to be laundered.. (Sicily is just 80 miles away)

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or he will get blown up by a car bomb after they took all his money..

The last 4 years 19 people were blown up with car bombs in Malta

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Is anyone else able to log into KuCoin? I was trying to dump my KCS bags, but I feel like I'm being exitscammed, I can't even fucking log in

Please respond.

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Are europoors even human

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go check le kucoin subreddit xD or the telegram you helpless faggot

Exit scams happen usually before a project is even released, when the project has reached its peak, or after the project is hacked and lost too many funds.

ching chong we take coin say and say database wrong. bitcorn ours, fank u cum agin

Yes..but this is southern Europe..

Maltese are basically arabs (in behavior in looks and language)

Pretty much.

He would never do that, trust me I’ve met the guy in person.
>be me riding subway home through sketchy part of NYC
>4 thugs get on at the last stop before mine and immediately start eyeballing me and make me generally uncomfortable
>I shift in my seat as one of them edges closer, he opens his jacket so only I am able to see the glock in his waistband
>he mutters under his breath, "you gon give up the wallet homie?"
>fuck my fucking life
>I begin to reach for my back pocket to give the thug my wallet when suddenly there is an explosion of glass from the side window of the subway car
>I cover my eyes from the flying shards as the lights of the car flicker overhead
>I open my eyes slowly and the first thing I see is the thug that was threatening me is now slumped down against the wall and has a 9 inch piece of glass sticking out of his forehead, looks like it penetrated his skull and into his brain
>it's at this moment that I realize there is a new person standing in between me and the thugs, a small Asian looking dude with a huge fucking head wearing a grayish hoodie that says "binance"
>Jesus fucking christ it's fucking CZ what the fuck
>at this moment I notice he has the thug's glock in his hand, which he immediately lifts and fires three perfect shots into the dicks of the remaining thugs, who immediately collapse and begin making animal noises
>for the first time I open my mouth to speak but CZ quickly spins around and puts a finger over my mouth, "shhhing" me as he looks into my eyes
>he speaks very quietly:
>"Funds are safe."

>exist scams
the fuck is this voodoo?

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yeah but all the eu gambling industry is there as well so crypto fits right in

True. I worked in the casino industry in Malta.

Also those webcam sex sites have offices there.. Russian companies for example have office in Malta, and all those women in asia work from home in Thailand or whatever country.

Mate of mine worked for one of those companies.. As VIP customer service executive.

Fellow islander here. Lived here for 7 years. Did you leave the rock or are you still here?

I agree it's corrupt here but not nearly as bad as you make it out to be. As other anons have said the gambling industry here has thrived and they understand they cant fuck around too much with people here if they want to see continued growth.

The biggest scam of all time. Making people believe he actually existed.

literally nothing

also he already is "exist scamming"

existence is a scam

he looks like an ayy lmao. So his existence would actually be a scam

>t. stirner

delusional autistic fuck, get off your computer

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