Coinbase erc20

top 5 ERC20 tokens by market cap-
5)BNB( safe to assume coinbase wont add this, why would they help competitors)

so of the remaining 4, which do you think will be added to coinbase and why?

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OMG comes in 6th, I guess we can add that one too

EOS will have its own blockchain in June, same with VEN and Tron is a scam. That leaves ICON and i dount they'll list that. My money on OMG & ZRX


Their CEO likes BAT, so im pretty sure it will be the first one.

They ask for a testnet/mainnet to be listed in their criteria, and OmiseGo doesn´t have this. Same for EOS-TRON.

ICON won´t be a ERC-20 token when mainnet hits.

VEN had PR drama, and i´m not sure how coinbase feels about this.

Im more Bullish on them adding Request. Since Y-Combinator owns a stake in Coinbase and Request.

>VEN had PR drama
what drama?

Pretty obvious it's bat. Why do you think massive orders has been placed these couple of days.. buy now or stay poor

>muh NDA BMW partnership

Also they said at one point Vitalik was involved.

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that's not drama.
it still exists.
only neets on here think it's drama.

They will never list any erc20, they'd wait until they actually have a mainnet up and running.

None of them. And I'm holding ICX & VEN.

corrected in the same tweet thread. try harder. please. this is boring now.

Massive if big.

I said PR drama, not saying Vechain is a scam or anything mate.

>which do you think will be added to coinbase and why?
Asside from the ones you mentioned:
Monaco and TenX - Promising credit card businesses, Coinbase wants to take revenge on banks that blocked Coinbase from their credit cards.

KIN - Because of the popular appeal

Storm - Also promising

Bancor - they're listed in every single fucking exchange

PowerLedger - Serious project

Storj - adoption is increasing

will a coinbase addition even increase the price? Will normies flock to coinbase and add new money to the market if XRP, VEN, Cardano, etc, gets added to the market? Maybe that would have helped in January but with the current state of crypto I dont think it would do that much except cause a short term pump and dump. Any American who is excited about a cryptocurrency thats not on coinbase will just use Binance.

>hey will never list any erc20

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>top 5 ERC20 tokens by market cap-

this is y i call biz basement neets are useless brainlets. I dont want to tell reason but figure out and tell. above will not hit coinbase in erc20 form

Its 0x you goobers. Insiders already know and kicked off the moon.

Quantstamp fits in with those coins

REQ is definitely going to be one of the first ERC20 to be added to coinbase.

It is 100% QSP, imo.

Pretty sure it's IOST actually.

> Chainlink confirmed

strap in boys

Jesus christ guys, they never said they were adding an erc20 coin. They said they were adding support. This means either using Req or Omg framework as payment options/erc20 exchange.

My money is on Req, it just makes too much sense.
>Backed by same company
>Mainnet is on Friday (timing too perfect)
>Mainnet dealing with erc20 tokens only

Good thing is that if they add Req, they add every other ERC20 depending how they make their dapp.

It may just be a case of Coinbase anticipating the future, so they obviously see something promising in the ERC20 world, but who's to say that they have their eyes on a particular token right now? Nothing comes to mind that would make a good fit next to BTC, ETH and LTC.

Chainlink sirs ec20 token for buy whit coinbase sirs

imagine being this deluded

Imagine not being able to read a fucking tweet

It's ETC
Coinbase want to get in on some Korean action.

its fucking augur

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REQ is a competing product to their own, why support it?

well fuck, anyway i can get a coinmetro refund? looks like dex's are a long way off now

Because REQ is more than paypal 2.0.

And coinbase could partner whit them to provide a fiat gateway?

They share 1 advisor and both are Y-Combinator backed.

0xBitcoin will be listed.

None of these are going to be added to coinbase because they're all moving to their own blockchain. Only ERC20 token projects BASED ON Ethereum are going to be added, a good example is REQ.

Things like EOS and Tron are going to have their own blockchain. So they'd be on Coinbase as ERC20 and then removed when they have their own chain... that's not going to happen imo.

Coinbase is more likely to add ERC20 tokens which will stay on the Ethereum blockchain when successful. There's even a few projects who spoke to Coinbase at the end of last year...

Something like 0x is way more likely than EOS