Look at the charts

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get in we're mooning


What happened? Should I swing?

Coinbase uses Toshi. Toshi uses ZRX

Coinbase is inevitable

What coinbase news!?!? I just saw the erc20 anouncement. Are they srtting up a Gdax dex or something?

republic protocol will end this project... who needs a dex when you can have a dark pool dex backed by polychain capital?

I made a 10% flipping it and felt like a god then it just kept jumping like mad

One of the advisors works for coinbase.

yes buy the pumped up coin, what can go wrong

Yes I dont give a shit about that right now user. I need to know if this is a legit pump or not.

of course not. It pumps. Somebody buys the top and then it dumps. Ride the way and don't get stuck at the top moron.

So nobody knows what is pumping it.
I googled this and all I can find is january announcements.

> + 55.34%
I mean, you can try. BAT may be safer, but it has a similar problem

ZRX is legit.

ZRX is used for ALL ERC20 transactions. Olaf Carlsson wee is on the board of advisors for ZRX and is friends with the top members of Coinbase.

I know it is legit retard it is 50% of my portfolio.

Can't even buy this shit. Not fomoing. But got ETH so yay.

Fuck it is tanking back while you guys dicked me around.



IT WILL BE LISTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"The protocol for trading tokens"

He's under advisors here.

>I need to know if this is a legit pump or not.
wow settle the fuck down then noob, why did you ask this then? ZRX pumps are 99% legit. It was super oversold at $0.5.

that dump tho

No you dense motherfucker. The souece claiminf they are using ZRX to fuel ERC20 trades. Gdax is not a dex.
Jesus you are retarded.
Nothig jumos 60% in 15 minutes cause it was oversold in a crash and with market entrance.

>not realizing that coinbase needs a DEX to scale up
>not realizing RadarRelay is literally the DEX version of Coinbase and uses ZRX for gas
ZRX will be the glue.

*DEX version of GDAX

Okay so we got a huge pump from random retarded speculation.
I will rebuy in at 6k. How can it take you this long to spill it out.

lol you're new here ask me how I can tell

"huge" pump. You nigga aint seen shit yet.

It's IOST.

>Olaf Carlsson wee is on the board of advisors for ZRX and is friends with the top members of Coinbase.

This is a conflict of interest and will be investigated by the SEC.

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Because you don't know anything about investment grew up in decembers bull market, lost your entire stack of gains never swung trade ever held through a huge crash and didnt learn anything?
Yeah haha I remember REQ hitting $1 randomly. Now that was a huge pump. Never did dump either Coinbase listing the next day! Then that time a few weeks ago when ZRX got the new listing I sold the top and then it just magically didnt correct with arbitrage because blind optomism!
ZRX is utility token they may use. Not a security. Also Charlie Lee literally worked for them and they listed LTC so...

lol poorfags like you always have to brag with pathetic trades. Fucking pajeet be proud on the 1 eth you earned trading.

>there are people that got in at the top

I came in here looking for why it pumped. Yet every retard and their mother can't comprehend. And just gave me random bullshit. Basically it pumped because of rumours and speculation pertaining to the coinbase ERC20 announcement. Got it. I dont need to be Pajeet shilled on my biggest hold.

mah heart...

Are you actually this dense? Who the fuck goes to biz for information. kys please

Guys I bought at 11778 sats. Am I fucked or we still pumping?



Why are you here?
Obviously I scraped all my sources and found nothing.
If anything being in the mud with the retards help you understand them better.

Holy shit I had an open sell order for 1,7 Finneys that filled. SHould i buy more ZRX back at the moment or should i rather wait? pls answer

>P&D brought to you by Coinbase

It's 100% gonna be ETC

Im going back in at 5.9k Join me.

Only thing that's missing now is you starting to call me sir. Why are you pajeets so beta that you always remain polite?

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Kek. Enjoy the bags retard. Hope you didn't get too excited.

Lol never said I am holding ZRX.

Haha thats even worse. Stay poor.

How much you own?


*breaths in*

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Holy shit Veeky Forums is cancer as fuck with all those kids thinking they are rich nigerian princes and calling others out for being poor holy shit

Is the idea that both exchange UIs shares a vague resemblance, just like almost all good platforms?

0 atm. But since you are retarded I will help you out. Buy RLC and ICX. When ZRX goes down to 5.8k buy it. Stop losing money and then you will be less of a bitter faggot online

is that 0,8 Finney?

The only real problem is that i sold in ETH and not in BTC. I hate holding ETH especially at the current time

rode the pump with my spare eth and then got out asap
did i do good anons?

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The idea is that Coinbase created Toshi platform and created a decentralized exchange dapp using ZRX. If you think this is "vague" resemblence then woah, get your glasses

I unno man. If you don't like holding eth you can always just put it to BTC.

>slightly over $43

Trading isn't even worth it with a stack that small

lol worst tip ever. Thank but no thanks. Don't need help from a pajeet. Just needed confirmation that you are as poor as you talk. Get gook'd

my spare eth man, and $43 in 6 minutes is pretty decent.

Quality post. You do not seem insecure at all.

Srsly you made like $30 bucks, other people got to work and make this in half an hour without any trading related stress of chance of loosing sth..

lol it does not even meet the criteria to be listed, BAT on the other hand does

lol... profit is profit no matter how small. it took literally 5 mins and its just my spare eth
i have a job as well lel

lol I am just having fun messing with a poorfag.

Not bad. Considering you bought in insanely pumped already with balls of steel.
Not all that many people make $60 doing stress free jobs user.

goddamn i fucking love this coin (and coinbase)

>$43 in 6 minutes

>Implying this will happen over and over again

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I fell for the ‘people are using the protocol, not the token’ FUD, and sold my zrx for link

My pain is.... intense

>no your poor!
Says the increasingly nervous shitcoin holder for the tenth time this week hoping the debt collector doesn't show up today

? Again I don't hold shitcoins. You are the ones giving advices to buy them.


It has begun.

Fuck it, I guess the pump really is over. Sold at 8100.

No i get all that, ZRX is my biggest holding, but showing pictures of RR and GDAX implies something beyond all the other shit everyone already knows about the coinbase/zrx connection. Wil Warren's wife worked at coinbase, blah blah blah.

platform yes

shittoken no

meaning ... token are useless = no value


might be worth buying regardless for speculation

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wait, be patient
i bought 0x months ago and waited till now to sell
it will go low again

pathetic crypto again... pump n dump, crypto is no longer the place to make money... if u invested in weed stocks... you are in +hundreds %, but not... you bought shitcoins in December.

So, you just bought into this pnd and lost money i assume

why you stop saying something pajeet.

Thx i will wait. If it magically pump again, I will just buy QRL instead