>Working product, partnership with big 4 accountancy firm
>$150 million market cap

>About to enter Ropston, potential partnerships, product that has more potential than anything else
>$120 billion market cap

>No working product, not even in testnet
>Whitepaper written in broken English
>even if product was launched, it has limited potential
>$2.5 billion market cap

That's how you know that LINK and REQ are solid buys and extremely underpriced. Buy both, hold, and you will make it.

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good thread

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>market cap
>market cap
>market cap

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>fanbase of completely delusional 50 IQ niggers that number in the hundreds of thousands
>only Veeky Forums autists ever heard of it
>only a couple of redditards and Veeky Forums autists have heard of it

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You're right.
DGB is another example, went x120 because of a Minecraft server

>only Veeky Forums autists ever heard of it
And SWIFT, the largest international bank transfer system in the world.
>only a couple of redditards and Veeky Forums autists have heard of it

And PWC, the largest accountancy firm in the world.

See you on the yacht next year m8.

LINk 120 million market cap*

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We will see each other for sure. We will party like fucking rockstars! Can't wait to meet my fellow linkies in real life :)!!!

Link and Req are useful, like patrician BFFs.

Tron is former kangz n shieet looking to take away aunt jemimas welfare check.

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He listed off the people who hold the token, user. SWIFT and PWC are partners, they're not regular investors.


Can we have a meetup in a year or two when we are millionaires?

One user set it up and have everyone provide proof that you were in Link under $1 to get the location and time of party.

>partnership with big 4 accountancy firm

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We have already discussed this many months ago. We plan to throw a huge party somewhere in Europe and all Linkies are invited.

Now we just have to wait for LINK to moon.

Patience nigger, patience.

Also it's a good thing the good projects are still cheap. Can pour my paycheck into it every month until bullmarket starts again.

We're now like the people that bought ETH and BTC from 2014-2016 monthly.

Have you ever considered that TRON is incredibly overvalued? It's a literal scam, with a 2.5B Mcap. REQ will get to a $60B Mcap eventually, guaranteed. LINK is a coin toss. Could be zero, could be a $150B+er.

But right now, they're not particularly undervalued. A $150MM mcap for a company with zero real world usage I'd say is actually a bit overvalued.

REQ is undervalued now that they have a partnership with PwC and they have mainnet launched and a fully working product.

This thread is such a circlejerk lol.

But yeah I'm feeling comfy with my fat stack of LINK

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MN isn't launched, and even if it was, having a fully working product & one partnership means nothing. We have no details as to what PwC plans to do with REQ. REAL WORLD ADOPTION. THAT IS WHAT WE NEED TO SEE. Otherwise the relative value is zero and this is 100% speculative investing, akin to being an angel investor in your friends startup which he has yet to get any customers for.

we're gonna make it!
Linkies will rule the world!

tron beeing overvalued doesn't equal that req and link are undervalued though

just joined too, relax and get your dick out... this thread is positive vibes only

> We will all be future millionaires, hurr durr
Meanwhile BTC crashes to 4k with req soon back to single digits cent price.

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You realize that they already have 43 webstores that have the "pay with request network" button that get activated the moment mainnet releases tomorrow right?

The "real world adoption" starts tomorrow, silly.

let's fucking do it

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What makes you think mainnet is getting released tomorrow?

Is this some nascar dude?

They reaffirmed a couple days ago that it will release in Q1.

It's a piece of software so it won't be launched in the latter half of the week or in the weekend due to having to fix bugs etc.

Software gets released on a monday or tuesday.

It was a LINK lambo meetup. We were all going to race our lambos on the Autobahn and then fuck whores in Amsterdam.

Will Europe still be there in 2020?

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I was thinking more like a huge "Great Gatsby" party or something like "Eyes Wide Shut". We invite a bunch of whores too.

Then we wouldn't need to show our faces. The password will obviously be something like: "Jason Parser".

When Linkies become the new elite and take it back from the shitskins

Linkies will be the #1 financial contributors when Rahowa kicks off

Fuck that (((Elite))) shit we party open faced

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obviously password will be Stinky Linky $1000 EOY

Password will be "supercomputes"

So the meeting will take place in Amsterdam?

>be outside linky party
>smug fag walks up to bouncer
>"I'm an early adopter, I bought in at $200"
>genetically modified bouncer grabs him by neck and throws him 200 meters

one day




this image seems to confirm that hitler fans are 100% closet gays

This shit is nuts for dumping.
Crypto is retarded.
Your loss niggers, this is the most obvious moon mission I ever saw.

holy shit

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someone please fud this

>That's how you know that LINK and REQ are solid buys and extremely underpriced.
either that or they're correctly priced and TRON is insanely OVERvalued

Coinbase about to add ERC20 tokens and req and link gonna explode niggas


How dumb will I look in 2020? Will I look back and laugh at myself

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It wont

Req/link friendship is the comfiest.

No the wounds will still be raw. 2020 LINK will be worth $0.04

yes you fuck because Mainnet will be there since mid 2018 and partnerships will be public.
Go drink some more mom piss you fucktard

Keep deluding yourself moron

>B-but my 2 person team with no working product is gonna MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON A-A-AND I'M GOING TO BUY A LAMBO AND WOMEN WILL FINALLY LIKE ME

Since when are niggers into cryptocurrencies?

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have you not heard of bitcoin scams on craigslist you fag

user, don't be REQless. Be based.

The idea of having to release at a certain time of the week is dumb. They can release at any time. So don't focus on mon/tues. They did say at end of q1 so I have no reason to doubt it's soon.

Fud all day and night faggot.

Doesn't make any difference.

You aren't going to make it on your MickeyD's paycheck.

PayPal is 100b market cap now, so Req gonna be the same in 5 years anons

PayPal is 100b market cap now, so Req gonna be the same in 5 years

you forgot there
>link is trash
>link is a meme

I only have $500 left, LINK or REQ? I already have some link

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What's that put each tokens price at?

REQ for sure

$50 eoy

lol w/ token burn? hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah

just wait until delirious ripple folks cash out and put it all in REQ

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Above 100$ user.. Lots of possible millionaires in this thread

Xrp cultists are a special kind of stupid. Not sure I want them touching req but suppose we need someone to buy ath for us.
Nice. Got an eth on standby I'm putting in to req next few days.

$150 with the current circulating supply. That does not account for the token burn.

>today was my birthday
>tethered some link saturday and bought in today
>tfw my birthday i got 10 link

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184k REQ checking in. Yes, I am going to make it.

Imagine how comfy it feels knowing REQ mainnet is coming this week.

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if chainlink is so great how come vitalik doesn't talk about it?

also who's going to buy $100 link?

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i'm beginning to wonder about the amount of link contracts will require. Now that it's clear the price of spinning up thousands if not millions of nodes is trivial one of the only way to prevent sybil attacks is to artificially create some price barrier meaning you'd need a lot of tokens to have a lot of nodes.

who's going to buy $100 Bitcoin?

I’m at 50k LINK and have been putting little bits of my paycheck into REQ. Will hopefully have a measly 5k REQ in 5 days. Pls wait to launch REQfam

doing better than me senpai, 1k link and 500 req only, kill me up

Well I might as well throw in a grand. 1k today could turn into $454,545? Yeah what the hell.

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I could see tomorrow being the release desu. Then Friday have some gay back pat about reviewing the past two weeks

Just wait to see how retarded normies will get over LINK when it actually goes off

from time to time i get a bit nervous about my huge trxbags.
but then i visit Veeky Forums and remember to do always the opposite.
i feel instantly better when i come here.

>tfw legitimately excited to play around with REQ main net
>tfw it'll demo nicely
>tfw there's a req burn monitor app that some guy will make to monitor supply
>tfw LINK will announce a major milestone in the coming 21 days
>tfw btc goes to 100k (10x) and amplifies both REQ and LINK to 200 to 1000x+
>tfw lambo, mansion

I like this thread, I'm planning on starting a dynasty after I make it. What are you dreams in life Veeky Forums?

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>tfw existing in a state of complete delusion

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>120 billion marketcap
John Titor is that you?

happy birthday user

This thread is delusional but love it.

When we all make it boys this shit will go into the blockchain museum with all old screenshots of FUD.

We're gonna have collective massive parties and go fucking nuts. I'm calling it. There's no way this shit doesn't all line up the way it does.

10.6k here. If these prices hold I'll be at 18k by Wednesday. My Anus is clenched, wish me luck bros

Can't wait for the moon mission.
LINK = Neil Armstrong
REQ = Buzz aldrin

i'm fucking down!
who here /lamboforeverydayoftheweek/

Current linkie who is all-in on LINK. Is there any point to selling half my stack for REQ? I feel like both are going to be 1000x, but just in case?

i confirm it because it's more fun when it's tomorrow instead of wednesday.

what's your main hold, captain downer?

Delusional 13 year old.

Yea could be. Just don't think they are required to release early in week like that other user said. I especially want to be later in week as i got 2 eth sitting in coinbase I want to move to binance for more req and I'm not home until the 29th.