BAT literally as close to confirmed as it gets

The big brain himself just posted this.

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oh god... my body is ready

mfw bat is the same price as it was june 2017

kek. this old grandpa is tweeting out of fomo for some dummies to buy more of his ad blocker coins

yet you're not buying and will be bullish for BAT for the next few months, stay poor

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it doesnt matter if BAT gets added to coinbase. the price will never exceed $1 anyway. pic related

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All in

wait rly?

yes read the WP it clearly states it

but that is only 5x?

yes sellsellsell

cup and handle forming guys

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It's a meme newfag.

Just dumped 0.1 BTC into BAT

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BAT bagholders are the most retarded people on this board. There are people here that literally held this shitcoin for 9 months and lost money while everyone else got rich in one of biggest bullruns in history just by picking random shitcoins.

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this price action is pretty neat boys
we're all gonna make it

Bought $1000 at $0.17. Am I gonna make It?

Being above $1 defeats the purpose of Basic Attention Token

Okay but what mechanism causes BAT to return below $1 should it go above it?

Would buy more but fucking money stuck in normiecoin on coinjar for another 5 days. Coinjar brainlet didn't know I couldn't withdraw to buy muh shitcoins.

BAT will be $3 this July

Brave dumping their coins. They can print as many as they want it is in the smart contract.

>cup and handle forming
>5 minute candles
You have no idea what you're doing.

lol you brainlet. Every coin has already run through its hypecycle and fallen 70%. BAT hasnt had any hype yet. just lol if you think people are going to be lining up to buy xrp or tron just to release people from their bags.

No what they actually do is double everyone's coins once it hits $1. Halving the price... bag holders don't actually lose any money.

It either confirms that BAT will be added on Coinbase, or that BAT is a total scam. I hope it's the first one, because Brandon Each knows exactly what he's doing and implying by posting this on his twitter feed.

If it gets added to Coinbase, congratulations to those who hold it, but if doesn't, scurry for the fucking exits, because implying what he does otherwise would be extremely scammy even for crypto.

>Brandon Each

May 25th.


>calls someone else a brainlet while even cryptowhores, pajeets and boomers investing in a shit stock market made more money than him in the past 9 months
>doesn't realise he's the crypto equivalent of a subhuman

Everytime I trigger a BAT bagholder I see new levels of coping that I haven't seen before. I must give it to you though. You faggots can really take an ass fucking financially for a sustained period of time, while keeping your optimism levels high. You should buy some more BAT while it's cheap, so you don't miss on this opportunity.

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See that big dump a few days ago... that was the whale who was suppressing the price. Stay poor.

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But why?

With that said i dont know if i would buy in at current price as it's a hype drive with no previous run up... which I don't trust. Generally insider's would know and tell friends and they would insider trading drive the price up for a week before the hype if it was genuine

With the time it took for you to write this dumbass comment you could have instead looked at the price history of BAT.

>that was the whale who was suppressing the price

oooh, I see now. Mystery solved guys. It was a whale that was keeping this gem from mooning all this time. Thanks for the tip.
Gotta go now. You kids play nice and keep accumulating before the whales open the flood gates and BAT pulls a x500.

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