REQs mooning again

Get in now!

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Req has all the babes

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What is it this time?

It already mooned don't fomo

People realizing how undervalued this coin is.

Pump and dump. Got it.

You had 9 minutes for this one. How can people even FOMO into That? Is it just to trick bots into buying bags at this point? Everything just blasts up fast and back down just as fast these days.
That ZRX pump was nice though, just like the good old days.

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What the fuck happened

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My guess is some whale market buying a fuck ton of REQ because he's a smart man

That pump was shorter than my first sex.

God I wish that were me

Ripples from zrx


See and Looks like I'll be able to buy bags at pre pump levels (or below) in less than an hour. Shame, Req really is such an undervalued project.
>the absolute state

Perhaps it's a bear trap and a legit pump will follow after fomo brainlets sell. I can't see any other logic behind this ""pump"".


Maybe it’s nothing complex and some guy just market bought like 300k REQ.

That explains things far more than bear trap or quick PnD to get people. It was too fast.

It's a possibility, probably you're right. But you can easily get 300k REQ or whatever over a couple of days. without even bumping the price. Especially in this kind of market. Then again, it might be insider trading and mainnet officially launches tomorrow.

Not everyone who is whale status gives a fuck about price. I guarantee more than half the whales out there would marketbuy if they knew it was a sure thing


Mainnet must come any moment now i actually expected it to be to today
Doesnt make much sense to release on a friday desu

I'm aware that not every whale has 3 digits IQ. Market buying a large stack with this kind of liquidity is like burning a wads of cash in a trashcan.
Probably tomorrow, as some user mentioned in the other thread. Then again, even if they released it on Friday, I imagine the team would work around the clock in case a hotfix was needed.

Weird and creepy