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From Venezuela and will rock your world for small fee . I'm taking about Petro


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that chick just made me buy 100k

If monthly salary is $5 imagine what she charges


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I really wonder who OP is. He keeps making these threads about Petro where he's the only one bumping it over and over again. Petro is a dumb coin AND IT HAS A MUTABLE SUPPLY, meaning that that they can print it just as easily as the Bolivar, which also makes it completely worthless. Anyone who want to experience firsthand what it's like to be fucked by a dictator are free to do so, but they'll lose whatever they put in in the process.

>I really wonder who OP is
Who knows...

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Becuase Venezuela has the WORLD LARGEST OIL RESERVES and Russia is going to moon this just to get back at every burger for stupid sanctions . Paybacks a bitch and anyone ignoring this moon mission is a fool

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How many petro for her to lay a mud cake on me tongue direct from her brapismo?

Fucking kek

Maybe $20 that's what a Venezuelan escort could cost on at least in my country

Venezula = inflation

What are you waiting for ?

Just hit it and quit it . Too easy

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If you know the right people that type of girl runs $10 for 2 days . She's all yours.

If you know the right people

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Did some research on the situation there.
They will often make it very clear if they are interested either by pouting and staring at you (sometimes behind the back of the poor guy buying their drinks) or even by tapping you on the shoulder and inviting you to join them in the club bathroom as happened to me. I often found it easier to get a girl to come straight home with me than to come out on a date so my advice is that if things don’t move fast then forget it; if she flakes move straight on. Infidelity is also rife and just because a woman is married doesn’t mean she’s off limits. What I would take from this is that whilst Venezuelans are great for short time dalliances I’d be skeptical about actually dating one.

Holy shit. It seems prostitution is rife there. Or that even average women are basically gaijin hunting

Petro wallet Activated.

Should I ?


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The Trump Administration banned US citizens from buying Petro and it's a giant fuck you to the United States in principle.

Wrong hashtag, faggot.

How am I homosexual when I want burgers to have Miss Universe .....spread the love not hate brother.

You can buy Petro if youre overseas & dual citizenship

Exchange on pic.

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Why mining is so expensive

When you bank your nations economy crytpo

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All the way up !

Bump sorry but one group of people can't stand this coin

There's no exceptions for US residents overseas, retard. The second you step back into the United States you're liable to be arrested for violating trade sanctions.

Go for it if you want to basically exile yourself from the United States.

Oh she’d probably be paying STD’s of course!

Is that an upside down end table?

La goblina

Venezuela has institutions dedicated to building mining rigs. Burgers are so fucked once shit hits the fan

Most of the crypto fans give a literal fuck on the US sanctions.

This Petro shit is an even worts scam than Bitconnet or confido. Plus the money that they steal everybody knows is going to corrupt communists starving good people in Vzla.

Hundreds of decent projects in the crypto world, you have to be a special kind of idiot to buy this shit, knowing that the Vzlan communist regime already scammed big oil companies.... the stupid fuckers that buy this shit does not stand a chance.

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That's why Russia Chinks and many more are awaiting in line to buy. Your argument meh

jajaja "this is the end of capitalism!!" says nervious man for over 666 gorilliion time for the last 200 years!!

Chavistas are a special kind of retarded animals.
They will look so nice moving their arms after the helicopter rides.

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no one gives a fuck what trump bans. most people aren't even americans and more than half of all americans hate trump. Crypto experiment puts venezuela light years ahead of us in figuring the next crypto shit out

Nobody hates Trump.
Think of how miserable liberals would be if they didnt have a guy like him to blane everything on? They unironically adore Trump, because he is their ultinate scapegoat.

> Venezuela is light years ahead of us

Everyone knows that the average chavista had an IQ of 70 top. Barely above the retardation level. They are ahead of the rest in dishonesty and corruption. Even the colombian druglords acknowledge that the Chavistas are too corrupt. LOL

Maybe in starving and killing people, Venezuela is light years ahead of North Korea or Haiti.

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Cold war continues.

OP what race are you, have you ever had an IQ test?

Liberals and antinationalists hate him. Same people that eat up the mainstream news and believe what CNN is spewing daily. I stay in the middle. I voted for Trump and believe in what he wants to do. But it's not always what will be done. Good salesman. Hillary would have this country in a really bad place.

sorry nobody trusts you commie fucks. allow an international auditing company to check those reserves. guarantee it's a fat spic lie

Tfw burger with petros

Thanks OP just bought PETROS!!!
Will I make it?

China and Russia vs NATO



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Venezuela was arming citizens expecting them to fight an american invasion like a year ago. There was this video, a fucking old lady was issued a machinegun and helmet. Like what the fuck is she gonna do with that?

Anyways, not sure if this country really has a future.

This has Putin written all over it.

Deep state is in crisis

This adds fuel to the fire

Inequality is at it's all time highest . Nation states are at their knees becuase of greed . It's a long shot but it's time for a shake up , PETRO (blockchain Is the way )

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She called

Petro Is on sale backed by yours truly.


>Venezuela was arming citizens expecting them to fight an american invasion like a year ago.
AHHAHAH I don't think I ever saw something so wrong this year, thanks!

You have no idea what you're talking about and I can bet my life you never stepped foot in south america.

Venezuela arming its citizens LMAO!

Petro coin is going to tank so fucking hard, fuck that coin and the shitty government that's running this exit scam

Where can I get Petro coin??

Because China and Russia ?

You have to register on their website.

If you do it from the states the department of J might come a kockn.

I have dual citizenship and currently overseas my way to be exempt from stupid burger laws . As a proud american lol how do you sleep at night knowing your freedom was stripped when maga announced stupid sanctions on Petro

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dont come back you commie faggot

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Not about communism. It's about proper healthcare . Simple shit . Doesn't mean you have strip people's rights. Use common sense and balance the scale

Ignore Russian and Chinese interest ? No ty

There was a video on liveleak, can't seem to find it. I'll look some more, it may not be Venezuela but that's how it was titled.

now you can lose the economic war together with china and russia

>giant fuck you to the US

Nah, it's not allowing US citizens to help Venezuela's government enact an even deeper level of debt slavery on the coming generation.

You realize they're selling I.O.U.'s, right?

The funniest thing here is that you don't seem to realize that Russia/China both subsist off capitalism. The more they succeed in ending it, the more their power to do so will wane.

>muh Russian boogeymen
Clinton and the MSM really did a number on you people.

I honest hate our president and hillary is the soul reason why trump won by making him the pied piper.

Our health care system sucks because of bourgeois society.


>sort feel the same way.

> lets take socialism, capitalism, and communism

>what do you get ?

>Bolivarian revolution

>if not fingers crossed we dont get nukeD no matter how you look at it OUR CURRENTY SOCIETY IS DOOMED



so what exactly does this burger order mean ?

please explain how this prohibits any US citizen from going to Canada or Pedro land going inside web cafe and buying petro OUTSIDE U.S jurisdiction

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what a fucking pussy

Ughh Petro buyers are the most fucking delusional people ever
OP is always bumping the fuck out of his own thread
I bet he's not even reallt a burger

Buy Pedro to piss of the Amerimutts

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You could, but they can create new tokens any time they want, so you're really not buying anything. It's like lighting money on fire.