Turtlecoin IS a scam with hidden steathminers. It fucking killed my PC, I have to reinstall windows because of it.

Let me start from the beginning.

When I first saw this shitcoin I didn't think much of it. I knew it was a scamcoin for normie, so I ignored it like any logical person. Then some shill on here advertised their miner. I figured, I may as well make some money using this high-emd PC I built to mine some shitcoins while it's easy and cash out. Then some guys started saying it was a scam/virus, I believed them but no one showed any proof. So me being the computer literate guy I am I figured if it was a scam I could delete it and be free of any stealth mining virus.

Boy oh fucking boy was I wrong.

Little did I know these tickets planted a stealthminer and God knows whatelse. The first thing I noticed was that in the pool I was using stopped updating my mining hashrate just before I had enough coin to do a minimum cash out from their pool. At first I thought maybe the pool just wasn't solving blocks in time, so I let it go for another day. Then I checked later on the next day and it hadn't moved at all since the last day. It immediately threw up a red flag, no way my PC went from 100% to 0% hashrate in one day coincidentally before I had enough to get paid. Not only that, but my PC was still cooking a storm and I checked my mining logs and everything was reported as being posted to the pool. The pool had no downtime either.


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So I pulled the damn plug asap (not literally). I deleted turtlecoin and checked for any residual files. Nothing. I thought I was in the clear. Then I started noticing that every time my PC went idle, shit started to heat up real fast (my mobo has an on board temp reader displayed in led and I have a case with a window). I open task manager and it would read 99% CPU usage then shoot down to normal the second I opened it.

I was fucked. While taskmanager was open the miner would kill itself and then open after task manager was closed and it went idle. I tried looking for it across all my files and couldn't find the damn thing. Avast did not detect it as a virus or malware. I was fucking screwed.

So I did what came as the next logical step. I shut down my pc and drew the chess match to a halt. I needed to think and figure out how to beat this shit.

I looked it up via my phone and there is apparently another task manager that you can download that won't be detected by stealthminers.

So I turned my PC back on to beat this faggot once and for all. Then it happened, my computer hit a BSOD. Something I had never seen on this pc before. Ever. I tried to go into recovery mode, BSOD. Windows tried to self repair, BSOD. I was stuck in a constant BSOD boot loop.

I was completely fucked.

I managed to fix it by using a spare windows 10 DVD I had, but I had to completely wipe my previous installation.

Please, dont be like me. Dont test these tickets. They are pieces of shit.

Did you ever wonder why there were all these threads telling you to mine Turtlecoin? That only losers were buying it and everyone should mine it?

I mined It with xmr stak 2 months ago and used the turtlecoin wallet with no issues

turtle bastards, God damn

If you're legit sorry, but I dont believe you and I honestly don't care.

I legit just lost most of my data because of that shit. Lucky for me I spent the extra money to put my OS on a separate SSD so I didn't have to wipe everything. I'm still reinstalling shit.

>XMR miner has stealth miner backdoor

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The worst part is you are going to have a bunch of the people who scammed you showing up in this thread to defend Turtle. Scum of the fucking earth.

Yes for real, it's probably something else you installed for mining

accumulation time I see
very well
I'll prepare my bags

Except, I didn't install anything else to mine. Everything else is already too difficult to mine. I figured if there was something to mine it would be easy, that was going to be this shitcoin.

Instead I ended up being the one who got fucked.

I remember Magnalis threads too. How it wasn't a scam and people were just fudding to accumulate. Every single thread the same few guys would fight anyone that called it a scam.

Then a few weeks later one of the people running the scam came out and said it was a scam and that they felt ashamed and just handed the shit out by the millions.

These are the people defending shit like Turtle. They will argue tooth and nail to convince you they aren't trying to fuck you over while reaching into your pocket.

I wish I could feel sorry for you, OP, but the fucking retards running the turtle discord and related shit were clearly and obviously up to no good.

Thanks for all this fud. I am glad that someone is still cear of turtls.

You're retarded. The xmr stak miner is open source. I've reviewed the code. There is no stealth miner or whatever crazy bullshit you dreamed up. Either you are supremely stupid or a troll. I've mined trtl for a month now and have had none of the issues you have described.

The turtlemarine fud never ends

Except one was a fucking ICO and turtle is just a normal coin

Shit, it's even worthless at 1 sat right now. Why even bother fudding it still?

Yeah, I've been playing around with TRTL for shiggles. No problems whatsoever, except the wallet takes too long to sync sometimes.

OP, I have no idea what you downloaded, but it was not the official wallet. All their stuff is on github. You can go look for the virus code yourself, and I guarantee it won't be there.

It's just a happy little shitcoin. It keeps to itself and doesn't hurt anyone.

I casually mine this on and off every few days when I'm asleep.
Had issues before with the mining pools - same as you described, kept switching pools cause of it. This shit is still really new and some pools were getting ddos'd at the time so shit sometimes took a few days to update. You got your turtles eventually. As for the bsod you can say whatever you want but bsod can happen for more than one reason. You were essentially putting your pc through a 100% stress test for a long period of time. Guess what - it failed that stress test. There's other issues with your pc (do a memtest and check your smart data). I have a feeling if you run a prolonged prime95 you're gonna have the same shit happen.
I wouldn't think its fud since this is essentially the lowest turtlecoin can go.

OP is a faggot

This is what I find unbelievable. Why would you mine a dead shitcoin out of every fucking coin you could pick? Fucking scammers.

Good point. I bet you 1000 TRTL he was mining on a laptop


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I haven’t mined TRTL since it was 30 sats a few months ago, but when I did, I used the same XMR-Stak miner that’s available from Monero’s github page. Chances are OP downloaded some pajeet’s malware miner that was posted here instead of getting it from the official source (Monero). I really doubt XMR’s open source mining software contains a virus

>Let's only mine coins that have high market cap and high difficulty

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I didn't know you could hand build laptops these days with see through windows and desktop graphics cards.

"you fuckin idiot the virus in the miner is a false positive it was tested" AGAGGAHGAHAGHAAGGA

Lmfao I love that someone took the time to write this to sound like a retarded Redditor

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>Then some shill on here advertised their miner
>their miner
>on here
You're a fucking idiot. Legit.
The devs recommend the open source XMR stack. There are no issues with this.

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This. You can mine with any Monero miner. OP's dumb ass probably downloaded a binary from somewhere other than the official GitHub and for sure didn't compile himself

Turtlecoin doesn't even have a miner of its own. It will work with any cryptonote miner. Guess that means Monero is a scam too

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>always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says
Well if this isn't a good sign for any non-miners to start mining TRTL then idk.

I've been mining for months now, i'm comfy. I like privacy coins and if this shit ever flies, i'll be loaded.

Here is an interview the lead developer did with Kevin Rose

>some pools were getting ddos'd at the tim
why even

if you put your fucking money into something named fucking TURTLECOIN you deserve to lose every last penny

>biz is a lot smarter than plebbit.

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For real, just like Dogecoin was a terrible investment.

why don't you give the name of the task manager you used?

Cause he is a larping faggot who can't secure his shit. Not doubt he downloaded some tranny horse porn and got infected that way.

I am impressed at how long this turtle thread has lasted.

The default one? Task manager.. it's on literally every windows installation.

As far as the video he watched literally the first Google result. it has the other task manager.

Please use some common sense and read.

1 Of course I know what the default task manager is
2 I know about process hacker too
If he wanted to FUD TRTL he should just have posted the steps to detect the stealth miner, without needing anons to even a google search.

He said he was in the process of turning on his PC to install it. He never got the chance to as he hit a BSOD boot loop.

So he never got to confirm that this malware even existed.
I'm mining trtl right now, no 99% CPU usage, no BSOD.
This fud is as old as BitMonero.

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Nice FUD OP!
Next time grab the miner from github you dumbo!|

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Why even try to FUD? Get the remaining miners to sell 300+mm at 1 sat?

Such bs fud, I've been mining Turtle since january with no issue, and not only that i know 5 other people irl who have as well.

I can almost garuntee this was a member of the community, theres like a group of 10-15 assholes who hang around and just shit on turtle all day bc they have nothing better to do. Y'all know who you are

TRTL will be Dogecoin 2.0 EOY