Uhhhh, guys...?

Literally anyone with a lot money can buy 10 million dollars worth of Verge, donate 1 million on this gay crowdfunding thing, and then collect a 10x off the partnership FOMO. SOMEONE WILL DO THIS. So....why aren't you buying in a 4ยข now?

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Why do they need donations to announce a partnership?

How long until they reveil the thing?

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Because they're retards, I don't know. Also, whales are accumulating NOW.

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i didn't get a lot of money by paying scammers to reveal news that allegedly helps their own project

By the end of Monday, without specifying a time zone (just like they did on NYE, because yes they are fucking idiots). But the point is, unless this is an exit scam (which they could have pulled a lot easier for a lot more money in December), the money WILL be donated, the partnership WILL be announced, the FOMO WILL happen.

I'm buying coins I will actually use in the future.

got 65K at 7ct. Waiting...

Just went all in.

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Imagine falling for this scam.

It's looking like it will happen in 32 minutes.

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i just donated all my coins, to the moon guys

You are mentally ill you stupid nigger

Please god not this shitcoin again

Do you new fags really need another lesson in shitcoins

This is fucking hilarious

>literally anyone with a lot of money
Yeah that's a lot of us here isn't it brainlet.

Vergens should build a shrine and pray for McAffee everyday for pumping their shitcoin, Too bad they're too blind to see those days are long gone

Anybody falling for verges partnership announcement deserves to get burned.


It is such a great partnership that you need to hustle your user base for millions of dollars?

Go invest in stocks pussy

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>actually believing the we need money to get and announce this partnership scam when the coin was originally dogecoin dark and all the devs are anonymous cuz hurr durr privacy coin
How fucking stupid can you be?

The money will motivate them not to dump their xvg after the huge pump after announcement

sunerok got hit by another tornado lambolet. have patience

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Better than gambling on shit coins. No one gives a flying fuck about partnerships.

Delusion in its purest form. Can't wait for this to turn into vergeconnect

to be fair I had 2.7 million that I bought at 11-40 sats sold last summer
i'd be fucking done if I had held

>forked from meme coin (Doge)
>got hacked
>asking for donations
>fake partnerships promises for a privacy coin

Appears to be nice. Just bought 100k.

Whats the new price we can expect today?
I need do drive 80miles for my fucking usb if its over .000009/BTC

good choice its gonna be the biggest partnership in history of mankind

I think their using the donated money to pump it to moon XD

They cant exit scam that fast. This wont happen, its time to buy boys.

am i late to the party?

no, look at the year chart and think ;)

Can somebody help me here? I have a bussines in Crypto and this is the pri. coin from my worker

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So 2 coins?