I'm going to go ahead and let you in on why Talal is ghosting and the article hasn't gone up

I'm going to go ahead and let you in on why Talal is ghosting and the article hasn't gone up.

The Sheikh pulled out of the deal.

The market crashing scared him too much and he is pulling back on the investment. They were in talks with the back in November when the market was great and decided to invest. Now that the market is going down they don't think it is worth it anymore and now Jibrel is shit out of luck and has to tell everyone that their one shining achievement doesn't exist anymore.

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Nice try but not good enough

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4/10 you can do better, goblino

Thanks just market sold 100k

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banking license denied
no banks willing to pay double to create chuck e cheese tokens

Big if true.

Talal dieded tho

You could always ask Talal himself. Oh wait he isn't on anymore because he knows how fucked the project is.

Don't say that! They're going to release Jsearch and Jwallet beta in Q1. This deadline is set in stone and there's no way that they'll miss it. Don Tapscott!

>The Sheikh pulled out of the deal.
>The market crashing scared him

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They are reaching new levels of failure. They can't even meet a deadline they set to give information about how much they are pushing back the other deadlines. Jiblets when will they learn?

See this coin shilled everywhere. Know absolutely nothing about it. I don't know what dictates me falling for a shill and researching a coin then investing?
Maybe I don't like the jew like name and logo. Someone tell me quickly what they are trying to do?

your basically buying huge % shares in a middle eastern bank for fuck all money

also the tgcancertriumvirat ricardo, dat boi and frank stalked and harrassed the sheiks family on all available channels to get validation on their 0,5k investment
the poor guy just has enough of this shit

thats not even slightly the case
state of jibronis

Thx buying 100k to support my fellow sand niggers

JIbrel still listed on Sheikh's website. Nice try though.

It basically is correct.People are going to legit suicide in a few months when they had the option of buying in at these prices and didnt.

Tokenization of real world assets.

they're trying to be a new tether with an extra ponzi on top

Well, I have 0.005% of all the available tokens. The value of the tokens has to equal the value of tokenised assets (this has been confirmed multiple times, don't even try to dispute that anymore) so in theory those tokens should be worth 0.005% of whatever they tokenise. (at least) Whether they tokenise assets on a large scale is the question, but they've supposedly already got 250M from the Shiekh so....I'm feeling comfy


>muh tokenization makes no sense

fuck, 0.00005% I'm not that rich sadly

Pretty much this. All the BS FUD posts are a buy signal. Hardly anyone is selling these tokens, and people are getting desperate to get their hands on some.

>chuck e cheese tokens
0.005% would be 10k tokens. Not that much

That's what I have, 10k. But there's 200M tokens right, so that would be 0.00005% right?

no since 1% is already 0,01 multi

Yep you're right, just outed myself as a brainlet

The fud is from 6 or so idiots from the telegram who get paid 200 dollars a month then spend 4 weeks shitting themselves that jibrel will moon before they can add 75 dollars worth in.

Anyone will half a brain should realise the fud is so stupid because theres not really anything to fud, apart from talal being a few days late at times with info.

the only reason why I have not invested yet is that eth/btc will drop even further thus making jnt cheaper.

Are those the guys that have now taken to pretending to be African? Deleted telegram because of them.

Them and a few others, yes

Talal was killed by a Houthi missile in riyadh last night. It's confirmed.

Je vous dis bonjour de la Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes. JNT va MOON en orbite bientot.

Talal is dead though. I went to his funeral, shit was sad :(

Macau bestätigt

Talal was caught having sex with a man on Dubai beach.

He will be spending the next 30 years in Jail.

See you boys in Macau

Be sure to fly first-class Eremites. It is the least you can do.

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>all the BS FUD posts are a buy signal
>hardly anyone is selling these tokens
>people are getting desperate to get their hands on some
I like these new phrases. Keep improving!

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quick post haram


>the state of nojibronis

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Nice FUD.

Nice FUD, pajeet

Nein, du Mongo

this, everyone with half a brain knew that this is how it was gonna end

I am not going to sell because a stupid article is not posted.

You won't accumulate. :)

your not getting your dirty mitts on my jibbies! REEEEEE

motorcycle user here. it's clear the tg fudders are starting to get antsy as the market continues to dip while jnt remains solid.

locked and loaded with 32K. i'd like to get that stack up to 50K. dat boi, time to work your pajeet magic

Fuck me

I fomod in at $0.62 for 50k and $0.48 for another 150k.

If I had just waited, I'd have gotten almost double. FUCK

damn that's rough. at least you've got a sick 200K stack though user. you're likely going to be rich as fuck in a few years if you hold.