What was Veeky Forums like before Bitcoin?

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Veeky Forums was created as the crypto containment board to stop us from shitting up /g/. there was no Veeky Forums before cryptos.

There was.

It was filled with a lot of "get rich quick" type schemes. A lot of people giving out links to those old survey websites.

Threads sometimes about real estate or typical bonds. It was really shit back then and I honestly dont miss it.

>PHD in math
>Any job I want
>$300K starting

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It was eth that really fucked it up. Even back in 2015 there was actual business threads

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the 2014-2015 crypto bear market is when lot of drop shipping threads, sell me this pen threads, and "how do I create a porn site" threads were common.

A bunch of sad cunts talking about making $2 a week filling out surveys. And what apps have gone free.

youre an idiot.

I can remember clearly what the board was like before Bitcoin was big.

wtf I love bear markets now

I was poor and in shock anyone could have 40k to invest.

Now I want to kill myself because I only have 40k left to invest

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i still remember the ethereum shilling threads loooong ago. people saying it would never go over $50

I also remember people arguing about bitcoin a lot

Well biz was created because bitcoin
But in beginning we had a lot of general threads
A lot

Where are they now?

I came here a couple years ago or so, just for a couple days. There were threads with people actually discussing their careers, how much they made, what were their goals for the future, etc.

Of course when the whole crypto thing became big lots of r9k tier losers might have flooded the board, and since they don't have jobs and spend all their day in the internet they eventually displaced people that could contribute anything meaningful to this board, which so happens that don't have much time to post here because they're actually doing something with their lives.

An imageboard about business is nonsense. Business people have too much work to spend any time here. It only worked back then because the board was slow and threads wouldn't 404 so fast.

I just remember everyone shilling it like they do ChainLink nowadays except they gave a lot of good reasons why to buy it and they sounded professional whereas the people who are telling everyone to buy ChainLink simply say “LOL XD ITS STINKY LINKY $1000 EOY GOYS”

Veeky Forums wasn't here before bitcoin.

When it first started though it was full of people making threads like "How can I make 400 dollars before tomorrow?" posts

There was you fuckwit. In this order:
>adfly, shortit and other ppc ads and link cutters
>domain market
>Some shit webpage where you collected points to get free items during "restock"
>Binary options
Also regular stocks were discussed a lot, sometimes assets and enterprise ideas too.

Holy shit. Am I an oldfag already Veeky Forums?


Even posts that shit on LINK get dubs

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Whoops it keeps happening

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I never said there was only crypto related threads when biz was created you mongoloid. it was created due to cryptos and the fucking /g/ autists complaining about us and that's a fact.

Why would you get a PhD in math. A bachelors in Econ is more likely to get hired than someone with a PhD in math.