Maybe the real bullrun was the friends we made along the way

Maybe the real bullrun was the friends we made along the way

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you know it wasnt

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>being friends with moneylet teenagers

I can't be friends with poorfags.

I got called a nigger, nice friends who I have made

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lol, what ever makes u feel better

i feel like shit

Yeah money is overrated...

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I consider everyone that comes here to be my friend. We laugh together we cry together, we make ridiculous and outrageous statements at times but through in through I know I can count on you. Just wanted to say thanks biz, for everything and I want to give back in the form of an advice buy skycoin, and don't think twice.

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friends? no one here cares if you die and will try their level best to scam you off your money

Beat me to it, I hate you all

the only people i recognize on Veeky Forums are shills but i feel at home here more than i do in most other places. what else am i supposed to do, go on reddit? life is too short

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Dunno why, but I prefer to have people constantly berate and criticize me than just agree with everything I say. That's why I prefer 4chin over leddit

This. Can't trust a community that just fans each others' balls all day long. They're disingenuous. At least here people are honest.

I wouldn't normally put in my real name on here but maybe if I start others will. Hope to see you in other threads frens

What a lovely sentimemt

I would pay double what I lost if it meant I never had to meet you vicious, evil cunts.

Fuck. You. Faggot.

I hate all of you faggots. But I do like the bantz.

I kek'd

Good thread OP

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I love biz're right

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i own btc/eth but i pray for the crashes just to watch the rest of you faggots suffer

You make a good and valid point. Thanks fren

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fuck you

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