I lost sverything in crypto. Then I tried to lill myslef. With a helium tank and mask and tubingm

I lost sverything in crypto. Then I tried to lill myslef. With a helium tank and mask and tubingm.
But the helium was a helium oxygen mix and I only passed out unconcoous. I woke up 10 hours kater and had a seizure then my mom foundme. I have brain damager now and loss of motor function.
I havennot cone to terms with thr fact that I am not only penniless but also made myself retarddd. I am sorry for typos my aito correct turned off and I dont know how.
This startrd becaused I found Veeky Forums leave this place vefore it happens to you. This is my warning.

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Blaming a Vietnamese anime image board for your stupidity managing your money.
Unironically KYS

That is my planm when my mom goea back to work again. I will go tonthe city and jump from a tall building.

I lost everything too OP, just get back up and stay away from Crypto


and your replies are godlike as well

Haven't audibly laughed off of anything on biz since the original gun wojak told me not to sell

Fantastic LARP +1 OP

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Shouldn't make hasty decisions, money isn't everything. Find something in life that you enjoy, maybe jogging for endorfin.
But in the end, if your life sucks, it's your decision.

Life is funny sometimes.. I lost everything once due to a crack and heroin addiction..

Smoking 1000 bucks worth of crack per day.. I also had a heroin overdose once..

That was a few years ago. I'm clean now and healthy ( mentally and physically)

At least I had fun of it.. no regrets

>the lengths millennials will go so they dont have to work before mom kicks them out of the house

get a fucking job you lazy fuck and move out of your moms house since you obviously live there

Now you can enjoy anime forever

Where did you have that much money from?

My sister said she new I would do sometign like this somedsy I heard her in the ktichen.
Maybe I will steal her car park it on the street and land on it from 15 stories up. Take that bitch.
Shes fat, too. God I hate herr

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also how much did you lost exactly ?

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pics or it didn't happen


how much crack does 1000 bucks buy

If you are so concerned about money go to south America and because of the low standards you could be socially respected with some thousands, there are a couple of countries with relative good conditions

depends on where you live and what the quality is..

A very good strong rock is 30 / 40 bucks (and finished in 5 to 10 minutes)

So that's 35 rocks approximately..

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I took svrel loans and also my personal life savings. Ath 250k then down to 10k then loan collection turned ny net worth to negstive 40k. C Redit cards too. Fucking rimple and tronix and req and wabi

you can also get rocks that are 5 buck each... but they are crap and it makes you shit your pants (as it's mixed with laxatives and other garbage )

that's more for panhandlers and beggars, who buy that stuff with the change they get from people..

What were you like before retardation? Are you sure you weren’t impaired before?

convincing larp is convincing

I see.. but why did you do that in the first place ? Why not start with like 1000 or 2000 bucks ?

because that would be manageable if you lost that.

I took financialt advice from 4ch soo maybe I was a little retarde before tb h

Fakw fag, though I kek'ed

Google "heliox".

Oh, it's treatment for upper respiratory patients that uses helium and oxygen.

Hey, you tried. And failed miserably.

Well, now that's a tough story.
Glad to hear you got of this misery, good for you!

Why don't you just try a second time then? You've learned from your mistakes and won't fail this time. Helium is cheap and easy to find.

I don't regret anything to be honest..I had fun and banged a truckload of crackwhores.. the whole circus..

But now I'm living a more stable life and got some good savings now.. I nowadays buy things on fleamarkets and sell them online on ebay for example.. Especially old coins and bank notes are easy and quick sellers..

It gains me more than an average month salary.. I learned to hustle on the street and now I use those skills in a legal/legitimate way.. And I enjoy doing that, so all good

>tried to lill myself

This is actually quite a good troll. The auto correct was a bit over board but 7/10 still kek’d

The crackwhore part sounds fun, the crack and heroin addiction not so.
How did you manage to become clean again? Did someone help you or did you decide to quit on your own?