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My first margin trade. Did I do good biz?

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You should have shorted desu.

i'm about to close mine

falling wedge on 5 min, bottom is 7800

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Heh, I remember my first liquidation too. Watcha gonna do, user? Ride it out? Live in hope that price will bounce? These feels feel far too familiar

Nice profit. Close now to be safe brotha

ye, we should see a little bounce soon

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So you can close your position even after it went over the margin? I thought if it moves to 10% either way the contract gets closed and if its 10% up I just get 2x my bet. I seem to have misunderstood something

>t. stinky linky

Pls go bearfag

We need more people like OP

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Btc is still heavily overvalued at 8k usd.
Get to 3-4k before we can recover

>$200 million leverage
nice larp faggot

BTC longs at ATH - what does it means ?

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>guurgh pfffstt hnnnnngu
waste of trips

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~11,5 btc long with 10x leverage

Longs will get bogged

It means what basically everyone is going long, and nobody is shorting. Everyone is expecting the bounce.

it means we go lower during capitulation

>falling wedge on 5 min, bottom is 7800
>5 min
kek, zoom out

did you start that pump?

Looks lke we got it! Trying to reopen my short now but getting the dreaded red box

Of course you guys saw this coming and did not get liquidated, right?

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>mfw I went long


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