I have a pretty unique video game design idea that could appeal to the global scale of players...

I have a pretty unique video game design idea that could appeal to the global scale of players, from hardcore no-lifers to an hr a day casuals... what's the best route to receiving funding for my dream-game without revealing too much of the prototype so it can't be jacked?

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this is unironically how my 8 year old cousin thinks, make of that what you will.

>idea guys

rob a bank

Download unreal engine for free and get to work.

Go ask in Indie game communities, where they might actually have an answer for you, instead of the NEETs and pajeets here.

my idea is way better than yours. you have no chance against me. my game will be the only game ever played upon launch. just quit

You have to fund your own idea to prototype stage, then you'd be looking for investors. Nobody will fund an idea guy.

Although i almost guarantee you have no unique pillars or hook, probably a "take X from game 1 and Y from game 2!! it can't fail!!"

this, they're fucking everywhere and they're all retarded.

>what's the best route to receiving funding for my dream-game
Come up with a prototype. Oh wait you're the useless idea guy lmao

unless you know and understand how to implement your ideas, they aren't worth shit.
I have an idea for a 3D modelling application that reads your mind and makes 3D models, there's just one problem, I don't know how to implement it.
Sound familiar?

I have written a lot of the docs and game design, this is what I don't want leaking.

Basically, the issue is that I do believe in the idea of this game, and I have a lot of creative experience (no coding tho) but I don't want the reveal to just anyone.

I'm not sure how to go about this.

Have you seriously never heard of an NDA?

those are worthless.

>no coding experience

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Me too man...like, I had an idea right? It’s basically a teleportation device, except I don’t have the engineering ability to “implement” it, so I’m just stuck on this one simple issue but as soon as I invent it I’ll be a billionaire bro.

I'd rather have one of those on file than sit on the sidelines and do nothing because I'm too afraid someone will steal my big idea.

A teleporter?! That's absolutely genius.
You should create a bunch of design documents and get an nda drafted asap!

The world is not short on good ideas. They're practically infinite. No one pays anything for ideas. Learn to code and build the game maybe? If you can make a functional demo, you might be able to run a Kickstarter for enough to hire another programmer. Good luck

Get some friends of yours to program. Maybe come up with concept art. Learn modeling.

If you cant fucking implement your idea on the unreal 4 engine then you fucking suck at life and need to get out of game design because the worst fucking people in the game industry are the "I have a great idea!" people.

You should be dragged into the fucking street and shot because I know how all of you fucking morons think when it comes time to actually implement your fucking retarded monstrosity of a concept you blank out and take 6 fucking months to hope and pray someone with some capability steps in to actually figure out how it will work. That way you can fucking act like you invented the idea yourself and take all of the credit.


>I'm a useless faggot
No need to repeat yourself, you already made that point very clear

there's your problem right there, user

I want to hear what your idea is. I am willing to bet its pretty stupid.

"Hey man, imagine like an RPG but it like uses those 3d headsets, but like if you die in the game you DIE IN REAL LIFE! I was blown away when I came up with this last night!"

Im a UE4 dev with a track record of two AAA titles and several indies. I do contract work for $150/h USD, let me know if you wanna talk I'll stay on until 10 pm EST.

But you'll just steal his great idea!

The plan to get MY ultimate game made (its like star citizen except good) is to get extremely rich and hire a dream team to do the work. What is the escape velocity guy up to these days?

I have an idea for free

Minecraft + Pirates

Basically its minecraft, but with boats and pirates. So you can build boats, and they move. They also have cannons. So you can have naval battles. Also muskets and pistols. Obviously should be harder to make, but they would add a lot more fun to the game. Canons could be used to attack other players castles and shiet. Also add underwater treasure, sea monsters, all that shit.

That's Archeage. They also have farming and trade routes. You can be a farmer or merchant too!

Coder pleb rage is hilarious.

>without revealing too much of the prototype so it can't be jacked
>I don't want the reveal to just anyone

If you're worried about someone stealing your idea then you're doing it wrong. Ideas are 100% worthless - execution is e v e r y t h i n g.

I built a company with $20K in funding and now I'm just shy of $2MM annual revenue, not that you guys give a fuck, just saying that I've gone from eating shit on a plate to eating ramen in a bowl. I've been in your shoes, young blood.
At first, my biz partner and I were really secretive about revealing certain mechanics of the business. When you actually start to run your business and try to scale it up...that's when you realized "oh shit, this is why it doesn't matter what I say to 99% of people, I can even tell them how I made the sauce"...because it's hard as fuck to build a successful business even if you have a jackpot zillion dollar idea.
You know how many times successful companies like FB, airbnb, etc were rejected? Look it up - they were told N O many many times.

Your idea ain't worth shit. You're better off telling people what the idea is so that they can tell you why they think it's shitty and you can make the idea better...and hopefully attract some people to help you build the shit for a cut in the company.

Good luck

t. codeless idea guy