University hate thread

What college did you go to?
How much did you spend?
What did you study?
Did you finish?
What would you do differently knowing what you know now?

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A&M not graduates yet
Parents paid
Computer science
Work harder complain less.

>private university in south east
>$180k (interest included)
I would do something else. The money is great but it can get too demanding and it's hard for me to get vacation days off. Computer science or electrical engineering with an MBA would've been a much smarter plan.

City college first, then SF State

Parents paid but roughly 4k a semester


Yes, but took me about 6 years (3 years city college, 2 years SF State, 1 year abroad)

I would look at University with a 'bigger picture' perspective, understand the credits system more, etc. I would have also taken a more specific major (International Relations, Marketing, Business), and of course put more effort into my studies.

How have I not seen that before? Fuck yeah Otago up the landers

At least you're surrounded by pharms

Good choice

State school in Appalachia
parents paid but tuition is one of cheapest in nation
nothing, it all worked out beautifully. maybe should've joined some clubs and focused on gaining hobbies instead of only drinking on the weekends.

>What college did you go to?
A good business school in germany

>How much did you spend?

>What did you study?
Controlling & finance

>Did you finish?

>What would you do differently knowing what you know now?
Nothing. Great university, great professors, great job afterwards.


>What college did you go to?
A public Russian uni
>How much did you spend?
>What did you study?
Life Sciences
>Did you finish?
Gonna finish in 2 mos
>What would you do differently knowing what you know now?
I hate science now
Should heve gone to a strictly money major.

boy VT is anything but cheap. WVU tho, eat shit Pitt.

whoops im not making my school look good

>What college did you go to?
Community college and a state university.
>How much did you spend?
Parents paid for cc and first year of state, I paid the rest.
>What did you study?
Art and design.
>Did you finish?
>What would you do differently knowing what you know now?
Worked harder in high school, had some actual interest in college then, and jumped out into a 4 year school, and studied something different. I had a shit teenhood, fucked up parents, yada yada, and I just didn't give a fuck about anything my last two years of high school. I went from a A-b level student, to almost not graduating. I think my grade average at graduation was one point above the minimum for community college.

If I'd gotten college out of the way earlier, I could have jumped into the job world earlier. No regrets, I've done pretty fucking well, all things considered. I'm one of those people who, when people from high school run into me, are shocked at how well I've done. And changed. (The people most likely to succeed, in my yearbook? One sells used cars, the other is a single mother who's had a couple of failed marriages.)

what do you think of European MBA's? Haven't done much research on them myself but I'm a CS undergrad who will probably work full-time on my startup, but would like to an MBA in Europe for cheap later, are there schools well-regarded for business across Europe? I'd assume so (besides London School fo Econ, that is.)

>What college did you go to?
Currently attending Florida State
>How much did you spend?
After Scholarships, a total of $3500ish this year
>What did you study?
Computer Science with a minor in Tech Entrepreneurship
>Did you finish?
still here
>What would you do differently knowing what you know now?
The business expertise I've learned on youtube is literally more valuable than anything I've learned so far

Good college in France
600€ a year
Computer science
Will finish in may
I would have worked harder

Depends where you get them, can only speak about the German ones.

The quality however is mixed. Some are bad and you can get good grades without learning nothing not outdated and get a degree that is worth nothing in Germany but at least considered valid abroad.
Other universties permafuck you over with workload and make your life a living hell until you have your degree. But you learn something and have a guaranteed job with a pretty decent pay if everythng goes south.

Cannot tell you which is what, but I heard accreditation is relevant to decide which is what.

>What college did you go to?
Public university in Europe, MS in Asia, PhD in America at private university.
>How much did you spend?
Nothing, straight A student, I got paid to study
>What did you study?
International relations, international economics
>Did you finish?
>What would you do differently knowing what you know now?
I would not have studied at all

Interesting stuff, thanks. My German is pretty rusty so it's pretty hard for me to research this stuff, not that there's any hurry. I'd be doing it for the connections though, don't really care about how hard I worked my ass off or what gets my the comfiest office job. You done studying or are you gonna pursue something else?

There are also many english-only MBAs afaik. If you are only in for the degree, it is actually quite easy to do. Connections however always depend on you first, then university second, degree third, I think.

Finished my thesis last month & now gather some experience. In a couple of years I start my own thing - no one gives a consultant without experience a contract, after all.

University of Texas
Computer engineering
Study computer science instead, it’s easier and the job prospects are the same. Also work harder, my gpa is shit

No scholarship, but tons of financial aid/grants/etc. Took out no loans. Spent $0.
Computer Science.
Didn't finish, dropped out after 2/3 quarters because I felt I could learn it on my own online. Went to SF and got a internship into full time job. Have been working at various startups since.
Since I didn't pay for college, I would still go. If I had to pay, I would probably skip it since I could learn what I need online.

University of Texas
Parents covered me at ~$45K a year
Management Information Systems in the business school
I want to say I would have done Computer Science, but I'm really not cut out for it and wouldn't be top 10% of my class technically. Information Systems is way easier with similar career options. Also I would have re-strategized on the courses I took to boost my GPA

Sup, chief

Currently going to one of the top stem schools in the Nordics.
Spending nothing but getting cheap loans and 400 dollars free each month for being in school.
Hopefully will finnish.
Looking for advice in this thread.

University of Colorado
$0, thank you based trust fund
Marketing, Chinese, International Business
Yes, 5 year victory lap. Glorious
FUCK MARKETING. Qualified for the quantitative finance program but decided I'd rather learn how to start and market a company. Now heavily struggling to either make a career change, or find ANY marketing wagecuckery that would pay me 30-35k (40-45k if I'm lucky).

If you're reading this, and going into business school - study finance, make connections, work internships. That's it, and your future is set. Finance homies making 60-80k straight out of college and I'm struggling to find anything between 30-40k lol.

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at least you can say you're an engineer brah. whenever we get bids from contractors it's always a good laugh looking over someone's resume that has engineer in their title yet they hold a business degree. can't think of an easier way to make your company look like joke

Reddit faggots gtfo

UT Austin
Nothing, because of scholarships + grants
Math + Econ
Don't double major. It's not worth the extra effort, except to impress people.

>Don't double major. It's not worth the extra effort, except to impress people.

Or, unless it benefits the field you work in. I did art/design, because I wanted to draw and paint, and make a living, which i do from design.

My cousin has two Ph.Ds - one in atomic engineering, and the other in quantum something or other, and uses both for his field of work. Don't ask me what he does, all I know is he works on test reactors for the AEC.

Looks like we got some UT people here, surprising because I never hear about it on biz. I’m gonna shamelessly shill the UT blockchain club, Wednesdays at 5pm GDC 6.302

Pharmacy is kind of in a scary spot right now lots of wack salaries on hopefully you won't have to get 60k.

You are the kind of guy who makes me wish I went into art and design rather than boring bizadmin.

Goddamnit thanks user, I am paining to decide on a business major. Marketing looks so fun though, would be amazing to work at a startup or tech company. These salaries sound pretty realistic unfortunately from what I have seen for entry level on Indeed. It takes 8 years to make what a Finance major can make in a couple with good connections.

If he tells you he has two Ph.Ds, he's a liar.

>You are the kind of guy who makes me wish I went into art and design rather than boring bizadmin.

Yeah, well...I kind of regret it, because what i set out to do, the kind of work, is dying. I've had to shift focus and learn new things, which is fine, but the world I started in kinda sucks now. (Print publishing). I've kept up on web tech and such, and my goal right now is to move into ebook production. UX/UI is the shit now, but it didn't exist when I was in school. I wish I had focused more on a technical degree, honestly. But I'm a weirdo, I love art and design, but I really love HTML and css too. Figures, dad, was an engineer, mom was an artist.

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He has 'em. Sorry you're jealous. He was in school forever getting them, too.

Unless you work at companies that actually know their asses from their heads, it is much better to get an MIS degree than a CS degree from a GPA standpoint. Most companies don't realize that there is a very substantial difference between a 3.0 in CS and a 3.5 or higher in MIS. You can pretty much sleepwalk to a 3.8 GPA or higher in MIS whereas it might be a crapshoot in CS, depending on the professors you have.

I graduated with an EE degree from UT and design software for a living. Utter waste of time, both my college degree and my career. I should have become a doctor or gone into a major where the prime attribute is making a lot of money.

what pays higher than CS and requires less time in school to achieve?

Nothing- National Guard
Philosophy and German with a minor in American history.
Not finished yet.
I would have gone this route sooner instead of wasting precious credit hours on other bullshit. Commissioning as an officer in the army after college and gonna be making bank by the time I get out. Then going to law school to work for the cia or dia afterwards. See you soon glow in the dark niggers.

That reflects a fundamental misunderstanding on your part about what a Ph.D is. Either he's lying to you, and you bought it, or you're lying to us and doing it poorly. It's nothing to do with jealousy.

It's not a matter of time. You have to be willing to invest a reasonable amount of time to make a lot of money.

Accountants should earn a wage comparable to a CS major. If you major in finance, have good enough grades, and have the ability to schmooze enough, you'll destroy what CS and engineering majors make. Actuaries will also make more than CS or engineering.

I personally think that the way the U.S. runs its economy, you're a sucker if you do a STEM degree. (Or you love it enough you don't care about the money.) It pays like shit for the amount of effort and talent to actually be good. Meaning, there are a lot of utterly incompetent people in the fields that should have never been granted college degrees. You can imagine how fun it is working with those monkeys (some from India and other shit hole countries) while getting paid roughly the same amount of shitty money.

Depends on the field of engineering. When I looked into being an actuary, the expected pay was around $80k. CS averages more than that in a lot of places. Engineering less so.

Also, actuary falls well within STEM.

TMI because 3, but last one was UC Berkeley.
33K about
Computer Science and Applied Math
Probably get a masters or PhD, more money if CS. Or maybe an MBA to start a company.
t. Genius
If any of you MBAs wanna start a biz dough...

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Ohio State
~$20k/year tuition and fees, ended up with $60k in debt
Computer Science & Engineering
Meme answer: dump everything I have into Ethereum
Non-meme: There isn't much, I wish I'd had more interest in business and investments/markets, but I love my field

Maybe women: your oneitis and crushes are in your head, be more aggressive with chicks and treat them like options, it is easier this way

I unironically was raised by /pol/ and Veeky Forums they talked me into going to a trade school, got out and landed a 50k/year job and been there ever since 17 (23 now)

Midwest shit-tier state school
Owed 30k at end, maybe 20k on tuition through Masters
Well, it has long hours, high stress, and never really made me fulfilled, like i was doing anything that mattered.

That said, I went Big 4, then partner at a local firm. Quit wagecucking last year in my mid-thirties. Worth it, I guess.

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Being that I'm in software, there is one big advantage that actuaries have over software professionals. There are exams that one takes to become an associate and, eventually, achieve a fellowship. The companies that hire actuaries allow their actuaries paid time off to study for the exams. Furthermore, as each exam is passed, the actuary usually also automatically gets an increase in salary.

You cannot say that about the software industry where most, if not all, of the certifications are nothing but toilet paper that only makes the issuers of the paper rich.

Actuaries also have a path to Wall Street where they can make even more money doing risks analysis.

And, OK, you're right that actuarial sciences falls within STEM. I'm rather surprised that this is one field that, to the best of my knowledge, does not have rampant offshoring to India or wherever. Also, I don't know much about the people in the field (I have a few friends who are actuaries) so I'm not sure if it's anything like software where the vast majority of the people in the field are utterly incompetent.

The only the the software professional has over an actuary is that the software professional could be very entrepreneurial and start a very good business. I would imagine that would be quite difficult for an actuary to do. Actuary either work for insurance companies are they're consultants, which doesn't scale as a software product can.

Columbia Basin College (AA)
Washington State University (BS, DVM)
AA cost ~$2K, BS ~$6.5K, DVM ~$65K.
Chemistry, Veterinary Medicine.
Wish I would have paid off loans in five years instead of ten, wish I would have put money into a Roth IRA as soon as I started working (when I was "poor," didn't pay taxes), wish I would have looked into buying a rental property when the market was going to shit.

Now get an MBA.

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Previous (dropped out x2) University of Glasgow and University of London, SOAS.
CURRENT=University of Aberdeen
Parents paid first 2, I paid current
Don't go to college straight out of school. Take at least 1 , ideally 2-3, years out to work (doesn't matter if shit jobs like Macy d) do a bit of travelling and learn how to live independently and start being some kind kind of adult. You will seriously feel the benefit of this greater maturity and confidence if you then decide to fall for the college meme.

>What college did you go to?
>How much did you spend?
Parents spent it
>What did you study?
Chemical Engineering
>Did you finish?
Yes, about to continue on to an MS
>What would you do differently knowing what you know now?
Do programming or EE instead. There's more jobs, better work locations, and the direction I'm going (medical/bio), now I have to go get a PhD if I wanna do anything important.
Also to figure out what you want to do early on cus I'm fucking 25/26 right now and I feel like I'm 5 yrs behind everyone else. I'm not gonna finish school until around 32. Fucking sucks and I'm dying a bit inside every day.

Nursing. RNs make bank. Nurse Anesthesiologists make as much as doctors, e.g. millionaires in a few years.

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You don't own a firearm, do you?

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If crude oil prices go up meaningfully, you can most probably find work in the energy industry. Chemical engineers are among the very best-paid engineers of all. From my EE perspective here in Texas, being a ChemE pays far better than being an EE.

I know someone with three phds who took nearly 6 years to acquire them all. One in philosophy, one in biology, and one in another stem biology related study.

This guy gets it

I basically sleep walked through undergrad and landed a comfy DevOps job at $68K/year + $12K signing, and all I really do is write Powershell/Perl scripts. Would have probably ended up as a $55K/year code monkey if I went CS

Oh I know about crude. The problem is that it completely depends on how well oil is doing. 2-3 years ago I had a friend who was laid-off within a week of getting his job at Halliburton. I also know a lot of Environmentals who had their entire offices completely wiped last year. On top of that it's just not very rewarding of a job at all. If I'm gonna be a wagecuck, I want to at least like what I'm doing.
No, I'm sticking with the medical industry. At least it's interesting and stable. But fuck, I wish I picked a different degree...

I could see, as an absolute edge case, getting a Ph.D in a STEM and a Liberal Arts field. Look up what a Ph.D actually is. It makes literally zero sense in any way to get more than one in a domain, especially in two closely related fields.

The irony. I wish I knew chem. I'd be making excity, speed for myself, and studying cellular biology because that a mix of chemistry and electrical fields as well as mechanics. Fucking bomb. So cool.

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Look, I’m not the guy. I just know he got them and took a hell of a long time to do so. I will admit I know nothing of the process, but he followed me up on his academics and that’s what he showed me on paper what he has.

>private uni with >$35k/yr tuition
>scholarships and grants covered most, $11k debt to $3k debt left now
Just buy bitcoin earlier. Even if I'm not working in a related field, I had a lot of good experiences in college.

City College
None - Get paid 3-4k a semester to go LMAO
Just chilling and still working on it LMAO
Nothing maybe fap more to relieve stress

>I'm not gonna finish school until around 32.

trade school
a trade
graduated top of my class
would have never went. Completely flooded trade and the only good money is in union gigs which are hard as fuck to get into.

Help me Veeky Forums. Should i switch my major from computer engineering to finance and become a Investment Broker?

Literally me but I’m Canadian. If you’re reading this, pick CS over CE unless you’re an autistic fuck who enjoys low level programming and taking useless circuit courses.

Temple university, MIS
3.4 lol (had 2.9 first year engineering)
10k total loans, army paid some + scholarships
Coasting out my last semester, only 2 classes
took 75k offer for cloud development (got an aws cert)

only alphas and geniuses will make it in finance IMO. Our kind is better off in IT, CompSci, Cyber Security. Less dick measuring and politics, if you are somewhat outgoing you can end up a director if you hang around long enough

yes no maybe.

ew someone on Veeky Forums i could actually run into on campus

Humboldt State University
8k / year
should've fucked more roasties instead of staying with my long term gf at the time, roastie availability now vs in college is like cryptomarket now vs in december

Based fellow MIS bro

There's still some dick measuring between applications and DevOps, but not nearly as bad as finance

UTK here. Fuck florida.....jk I fucking hate my school so god damn much.

Found the Florida reject

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If what you say is true then im better off in engineering. I don't think i can handle the alpha life. But now I'll feel like a poorfag if im not making at least 200k a year.

What do you mean by dick measuring? Like comparing who did a better job at something?

Pretty much, it's more like being smug about stupid shit like Dave got a car 1 model year better than me or petty shit like that

Look up the stats. Finance you will not make 200k unless you are director of a massive department, a quant at GS, or manager in IB (10 years, very selective.) If you are not alpha you will be the workhorse that gets no credit.
If you want to hit 200k hit 130k income and 70k rentals/ businesses
Basically who talks louder in everyday conversation. This will determine your dominance level. The same will come into play when shooting the shit at lunch, and the winner will make the decisions during the projects. Just my interpretation from knowing finance people from internships and school.

>What college did you go to?
No name State U, East Coast
>How much did you spend?
Less than 12k, tested out of a lot of credits through credit-by-exam options.
>What did you study?
>Did you finish?
>What would you do differently knowing what you know now?
I took a one year hiatus so it took me forever to graduate.
Now I'm looking at Data Science/Data Analytics masters, seems to be where the money and opportunities are at.

>What college did you go to?
State school in FL
>How much did you spend
Parents paid
>What did you study
Political science
>Did you finish
In Summer
>What would you do differently knowing what you know now?
I know that state schools are full of underclass subhumans. I wish I went to the liberal arts school my old man graduated from. Also, kinda wish I got an undergrad that had more options than the federal gov. Probably going to law school

>I don't think i can handle the alpha life
Then go become a nurse and move into administration. You will shoot through the ranks since nurses are 95% women

Georgia Tech
Free thanks to scholarships and my family being poor
Not finished, going on 23

UT - liberal arts - almost free with 7k in debt
about to finish UH Law - almost free - 20k in debt for living expenses

certainly can't complain about my education

>UH law
How is the legal market looking?

Sup, Ramsey

>What college did you go to?
UCLA, then Harvard Law School
>How much did you spend?
>What did you study?
Political Science/Law
>Did you finish?
>What would you do differently knowing what you know now?
I would have tried to get a firm job my first law school summer. Even with firm salary 200k in debt is fucking annoying

6 years is the normal length for 1 PhD.
Getting 3 in that timeframe doesnt make sense unless you went to a diploma mill.

>RNs make bank
make sure you remember this when baby boomers die in 5 years and you'll inevitably have to switch careers

Dude you literally cannot go wrong with Law Degree at 20k in debt, if you get a job AT ALL you have a 60k a year job if you never get a job you can always spin it into a MBA/JD or CS/JD and probably impress some geek to let you do in house law.

Most people are like and don't have these kind of moves, they have to bust fucking ass to pay off the debt.

No offense to that user BTW I think Harvard Law is worth every penny you can go to ANY job and throw down your 12 inch dick and HR committee will grovel to share sucking duties, you could be a library director, PAC director, non-profit boss, senator or president.

>What University did you go to?
A meh-tier university in Scotland
>How much did you spend?
Uni is free here + parents paid all my living expenses/food/clothes
>What did you study
Software Eng.

>Did you finish?

>What would you do differently?
Honestly nothing, I really turned my life around after I failed high shool and went to community college which allowed me to take this path.

But if I had to pick, probably socialise more - I put my work over friends, gf and family.

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God, Uni of Glasgow has some of the most smug cunts I've ever met.

What the hell made you want to go to a nigger tier uni after that?

Aberdeen is alright though, I know a few qt’s up there.

>What college did you go to?

>How much did you spend?
60k so far

>What did you study?
BBA with concentration in MIS

>Did you finish?
2 years left

>What would you do differently knowing what you know now?
Work harder, do not hang out with stupid people

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Oh shit did you go to SFU because were too much of a brainlet for UBC?

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In the same position user. Finished ChemE and same age as you. Have an okay job now but going back for CS since they'll help pay.

graduation comes from gradual indoctrination
the robes they wear are the same as the freemasons in their gay little rituals
the hats represent the black cube of saturn
academia in its modern form is a stranglehold on the spread of true knowledge in favour of maintaining the status quo
the more you know

What college did you go to?
>UVIC, Canada

How much did you spend?
> About 70K Including rent

What did you study?
> CS

Did you finish?
> Yes

What would you do differently knowing what you know now?
> Make more connections with the entrepreneur types and less with the party types. Did lots of good partying over my degree but now I wish I was closer to the ones who are doing bigger and better things

> Pretty happy with my experience overall

Cool, but I don’t give a shit as long as I get my 6 figure salary

was going to go but realised i would learn more about business by working in a small business....i now own my own successful business in oil and gas with no formal education at uni level and yet am regarded as one of the leading experts in my field.

about to turn 32 and doing great.

uni is fucking retarded and so far behind its embarrassing.

self education is a thing and the compulsory degree mills is a joke and will be the death of large corporations and goverments.

often employ young farmers, lumberjacks, fishermen as they have a great work ethic and then teach them what they need to know.

10K (lucky scholarships)
Wish I had deferred enrollment for a year and wagecucked/struggled so that I could understand what life is really about and, so that I could take my opportunity and major seriously. Also, I wish I had played 5 hours of vidya a week, instead of 40.

(Unless you are from the island but you pay rent so...)
How the fuck do you spend $60k at SFU for only two years. I get Beedie fees but god damn.

University of Arizona and Boise State. Just got a bunch of gen ed credits. I did not finish. I tried going back about a year and a half ago and I had to sit thru some bullshit about white privilege in a communications class and I walked out. Have been thinking about going back to finish in finance.