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trans women are dudes AND disgusting abominations



>trans women

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Hate the macho idiots with their porn addictions that are on BIZ. People are people. You can be who ever you want to be. If you cant handle that go away. Biz is about how to make $$$$$$$ not what you look like.

>You can pretend to be who ever you want to be

hah thanks user.

gtfo roastie go cook

You can't be whoever you want to be. You are who you are. Nothing can change that. If you're black you're black. If you're Indian you're Indian. If you're a man you're a man. If you're old you're old. End of fucking story.

Bump it

Ship them all to raqqa for some roof dives.

>can fairies fly?

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Once they are post-op, they are women. Many of these chicks have sexually functional vaginas created via plastic surgery. It is virtually impossible to tell whether or not they were born male. Once you get to that point, you are a woman for all intents and purposes. And yes, this chick was born male.

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Fetal alcohol syndrome in those eyes too



he looks like an ayy lmao

The bangs are hiding the 5 head, and a 6 and 7 head are between those eyes.

Ok faggot. Why do they have to put a shunt in their gaping, never healing, puss filled wounds?

Real women can bear children. How is your 4th year working at the Apple store?

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fuck off cunt
this isn't /b/b

So any female who is infertile isn't a "real woman"?

trans are eunuchs with fake tits. just like op's mom.

No you are what you are. You can pretend to be something else if you want though, but that can't change who you are no matter even if you pretend real hard.

they are biologically women, but barren. these guys are biologically men but mentally ill who chop off their dicks so they can cosplay as "women".

So does this surgery alter their chromosomes as well?

You can't tell by this picture if this person is a male or a female.

Can they fool a blood test? Can they bear children?

i agree but transwomen are in very way better than cis women

>Can they bear children
a woman that is infertile is not longer a woman?
news to me (and the world)

>there are people on Veeky Forums who believe men can be women
No wonder its so easy to make money in this market.

A woman that is infertile still has an uterus, ovaries and most importantly two X chromosomes etc...

kys mentally ill degenerate

No she at least has the plumbing.

Is a steel frame with wheels but no engine an automobile?

Pro tip: It’s not.

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No, YOU can’t.

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keep moving the goal posts honey :)
next women will only be white, blonde, blue eyed people with a uterus and ovaries to you lol
>mentally ill
all educated doctors will disagree with you

>The validity of the diagnosis and its presence in the forthcoming ICD-11 is debated. France removed gender identity disorder as a diagnosis by decree in 2010,[76][77] but according to French trans rights organizations, beyond the impact of the announcement itself, nothing changed.[78] In 2017, the Danish parliament abolished the F64 Gender identity disorders. The DSM-5 refers to the topic as gender dysphoria while reinforcing the idea that being transgender is not considered a mental illness.[79]

most of you just come off as ignorant and obviously transphobic
I'm no longer wasting my time with you

We are transphobic

We dont like trans

Get the fuck out

Dumb ass

I'd fuck him. No homo.

You're not talking to the same person. You know if someone is a woman or a man at birth. Some people are unfortunate enough to have malformations so we can't really know, but they are very very rare.

If a person has ever opened a jar, used logic to solve a problem, or been held accountable for something, then there are certain aspects of womanhood they will never understand. That saix, traps tend to give gooxblowjobsand have intelligent opinions about pop culture.

>traps tend to give good blowjobs
Most faggots do.

8head in the panties

>You can be who ever you want to be.
Why? By what moral calculus has this been established?

Transgenderism is a mental illness


Reminder if you find a tranny cute but DON'T fuck her cause she's a tranny.... Well your a BIGOT. But I PROMISE you if you just accept it as natural you will LOVE it.

Get out you fucking ruskie

Why would any of us care that some beta faggot thinks we’re ignorant or transphobic?

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You're *

I don't listen to uneducated fags lmao

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Nobody moved any goalposts.

Pretty much all the people who disagree with you (science and anyone without your severe mental illness) have stated what makes a woman.

Your kind pushed too hard and now the pendulum is swinging back. Trumps approval rating is as high as it’s been in almost a year and PC culture is being obliterated because you fuckers pushed too hard too fast.

>I’ll shit on your grave kiddo

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what the fuck was he trying to do

The pajeet thought that the train couldn't be wider than the rails and was trying to look cool by sticking his arm short of the rail and having the train come close to him without hitting him. Well deserved Darwin award.

What the fuck does this have to do with business and finance?

slide thread

There is a simple way to prove this. If DNA test shows 2 x chromosomes then = woman. Else = man.

That's why I always make sure to bust nuts deep inside my women: to get them pregnant so that I have peace of mind from knowing that I'm getting piece of tail from real woman.
>sleeping soundly every night is worth the price of all those abortions

>b-but only genitals are the difference

You do realize that porn addiction is correlated to the rise in trend bullshit right

>sexually functional

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Pro tip: Next time your mom brings you tendies check for an adams apple.

they are

That guy actually survived. But his penis was horribly maimed in the incident and he now identifies as a woman and none of you racist bigots can say otherwise. And it's beautiful.

>tfw your friend killed themselves even though everyone accepted them because they realized they fucked up

Pro trans gamer gurl begs to differ

Veeky Forums - Busyness and Fiance

chromosomes are still xy after genital mutilation and estrogen injection.

>first girl in LCS
>isn't a girl

Ridiculous comparison, and an insult to those women with the medical tragedy of infertility. You cannot change genders. “Trans women” are self-abusing men who attempt to destroy what they are to make their media-driven feelings line up with physical reality. They are not women.

What if science advances such that they can be fully made into biological women?
I hear womb transplants are on the brink of being possible

Unless it changes chromosomes it still won't be female.

What if CRISPR type tech advances to the point that their genome can actually be changed? Obviously wouldn't happen in our lifetimes but its an interesting thought experiment.

If it is physically and genetically female perhaps? Though there are significant differences between male and female brains. If they can change all three then I'd say yep, that's a chick.

Trannies both male/female are mentally ill people. They honestly believe they're born in the wrong body. People who get extreme plastic surgery get shamed for having body dysmorphia. Why do trannies who have the same mental condition get a pass? Shit doesn't make sense and both need to be condemned.

Reminder if you find a tranny cute but DON'T fuck her cause she's a tranny.... Well you're a BIGOT. But I PROMISE you if you just accept it as natural you will LOVE it. Just imagine her FEMININE penis slapping against your chest as you rail HER against the wall in spontaneous and PASSIONATE sex!

Why would chromosomes really matter so much if all the larger features are womanly?
You should know that the Y chromosome doesn't really bear much genetic information, just flips a few 'switches' to turn you into a male

Everyone participating itt needs to be range banned
No its ands or buts

Visible sage

If it’s at a cellular level and can reproduce normally I would say so. Though the experience of being born a girl and growing into a woman shapes a person as well. Perhaps those memories could be implanted as well, if we want to go down the science fiction rabbit hole.

I’ll be happy to amend my statement to “with current technology, it is not possible to change genders”. Stapling a horn to your head does not make you a unicorn, inverting your penis does not make you a woman — nor does a declaration of being female.

If your born with a cock = Male
If your born with a cunt= female.
Simple as that. Don’t overthink this shit bro.

It's also very easy to tell they are psychotic because their day-to-day behavior is sporadic and unpredictable. Just think about it. What kind of sick person do you have to be to voluntarily mutilate your own genitalia?

Ah, but the age old question....
What is a cunt?
What is a cock?

Honestly, it comes down to which cultural forces are able to compel people to adhere to their definitions through force and violence, and my money is on the side with the most testosterone and force of will

ITT: a bunch of dudes explaining what it means to be a woman. i didnt realise you were so in touch with your feminine side /biz

Trans women are women. I actually prefer to use the word "womyn" though. You are a bunch of knuckledraggers.

Wrong, they are men

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No they are womyn

Wrong, they are men. You are easy to manipulate via your unstable emotions, and you spend most of your life viewing mind control screens.

I'm literally manipulating you right now with my trolling

Wrong, I’m manipulating you with my superior debating skills

>Several studies have found a correlation between gender identity and brain structure
>In 2008, a new region with properties similar to that of BSTc in regards to transsexualism was found by Garcia-Falgueras and Swaab: the interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus (INAH3), part of the hypothalamic uncinate nucleus. The same method of controlling for hormone usage was used as in Zhou et al. (1995) and Kruijver et al. (2000). The differences were even more pronounced than with BSTc; control males averaged 1.9 times the volume and 2.3 times the neurons as control females, yet once again, regardless of hormone exposure, MtF transsexuals lay within the female range and the FtM transsexual within the male range
>Brain-based research has repeatedly shown that female-to-male transsexuals have several male-like characteristics in neuroanatomy. In 2010, a team of neuroscientists compared 18 female-to-male transsexuals with 24 male and 19 female gynephilic controls, using an MRI technique called diffusion tensor imaging or DTI.[16] DTI is a specialized technique for visualizing white matter of the brain, and white matter structure is one of the differences in neuroanatomy between men and women. The study found that the white matter pattern in female-to-male transsexuals was shifted in the direction of biological males, even before the female-to-male transsexuals started taking male hormones (which can also modify brain structure).
There are multiple scientific studies showing that transsexualism is rooted in brain anatomy. That of course means that, regardless of "identity" (a nebulous thing that varies from culture-to-culture), an MtF person's brain has inherently female characteristics distinct from a normal male's brain, and same for FtM.
Is it really that hard to believe that this isn't a delusion or a PC culture-constructed thing, but instead a real condition where the brain's sex differs from the body's?

Correct, PC media manipulation

AKA, as you say, delusion

Culture has been programmed to encourage this delusion. It weakens families, attempts to cheapen the important differences between the sexes, and leads to societal decay and population decline. This serves the interests of the elites, I have no doubt. But I will not be sold on the idea, this unscientific attempt at manipulation of belief. Men are men, women are women, and nothing will change these facts.

“Trans women”, as they are called, are pitiable deluded men who self harm due to their media programmed delusions and toxic environment factors. It’s sad what has been done to them, but they are men. I will not be swayed.

>There's something abnormal with transexuals' brains
No shit buddy. That's the cause of their mental illnesses (dysphoria being the most common).
>B-but they're not metally ill
Look up the definition of mentally ill and come back. PC culture is pure cancer wants to remove dysphoria from being considered a mental illness for the sake of not wanting to hurt people's feelings. Meanwhile it fits every definition of the phrase along with the other mental issues a majority of trans people face. Progressive are utter retards and would rather shield trans people from muh scary words than try and fix things like the insane rate of trans suicide which is driven by their mental illnesses.