How to save money while being into FinDom?

So I want to get /cryptorich/ but the problem is I get horny by donating my money to women I dont know (financial domination). I usually browse facebook until I find a profil of a white woman with a black boyfriend. Then I ask her for her paypal address and after she told me what she is going to do with the money (if it turns me on) I send her 200 to 1000€.
I spend roughly 2000€ per month on women which is exactly the money I earn after tax/food/rent, so I spend everything on this hobby. I dont know how to stop this. Its just turning me on so much thinking about how she is going out with her black bull spending my money and then when they drive home she gets destroyed by the african man while I have to jerk off. How can I stop it?
And is there a crypto project to invest in, where you can not send your tokens to another person? Because If I would buy some bitcoins for example I would just send this to a random girl while I'm horny

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damn user i really feel fucking sorry for you, sorry but you are fucking miserable, when you feel liek donating to these whores, buy SGR or REQ or LINK, those will boom sooner or later

If this isnt bait then this is sad as fucm and retarded. Only responding bc check em



there is one solution for this curse. what you have to do is get a very sharp knife and cut your wrists. as you slowly bleed out you will realise how much of an idiot you are and then it ends

Jesus fucking christ user... if this isn't bait then just by ethereum and create a smart contract to #hodl your coins for you. If you can't code in solidity, I have no feels to give you.

LMAO nice bait for all these crypto cucks OP

Embrace it. Money, when done right, is there to buy happiness. Some people save all their miserable lives to go on a packaged cruise with their fat nagging wives. Some hit the casinos any chance and waste it in bad odds. Some eat to excess, drink to excess, snort to excess.

You’ve found something that makes you happy and is truly a victimless crime.

As a white woman with a Black boyfriend I love what are doing user.

can you give me your contact info? I have a present for you, you are beautiful

femanon here, I can help you pursue this for significantly less if you want

I'm a girl and even I think this is pathetic. I've had some guys message me for exactly this and it just comes off as creepy.

why do you think so? can you tell me about how many black guys you had sex with?

Honestly it comes off as groveling. I could never find a guy who does this attractive. Yes I date a black guy but I don't see why that matters.

Buying crypto is the same thing, except your giving the money to Indian dudes instead of whites women.

>guys giving me money is creepy
>i'm a gril

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She’s in for the long con

Stay poor, subhuman. I hope you also get in debt and with a chronical illness. I'll be cumming on the mouth of the girl you just sent your cuckbux

This is bait, but if you're serious, try to get into presale ICOs that lock your tokens up for a while. That's the closest thing I can think of to what you're looking for.

Dude this might be the MOST pathetic post in the history of the internet. You need to examine why you’re such a faggot and do everything in your power fix this ASAP.

Nigger lover hope you get aids and die

I spent roughly 800 on women this month but I got to fuck them.
Sort yourself out op jesus

lol nice

KYS white knight cuck

Disgusting. Now I know who was posting chuck images. kys


jesus OP seek help
this is the most retarded fetish I've heard of

I'll give u a solid 7/10 for this bait

Maybe his REAL fetish is people laughing at him for being a cuck and you're just feeding him

People will say this is a larp, but I'm 95% sure that I've been the recipient of your fetish money. Because of what's going to happen at 9pm EST tonight, I might as well tell you what me and Mohammad have been doing with your money ;)

We've been accumulating BTC. Once the bullrun takes off, we are going to send it back to you. TAKE THAT YOU SICK PATHETIC FUCK LOL

and here i thought this was just a meme

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I would consider light findom (maybe $200 or $300). I'd just ask to smell her ass in return or occasionally sit on my face for an hour or so.

know that feel user. was an early bitcoin GPU miner before ASICs. Became a multi-millionaire (almost 1000 BTC) and gave it all away on twitch streamers and youtubers due to findom.

I'm poor and depressed now. But the thought of me having wasted my money and ruined my life turns me on so I can't even properly kill myself.

buy bitcoin and then use OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY (OP_HODL) so you are unable to spend it any time soon.

Kys faggot

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OP, hire someone to create a bot/network of fake accounts for you to find with a form of chat AI that would just send money to an alias account of yours that you don't know until the end of the year when it is revealed to you.

Then surprise! You've got 20+k euros saved up.

Unironically kill yourself

In case you wanna ruin your life even further

fuck off thot, nobody cares what you think is creep

Give me your cryptos, paypig.

If I ever get a qt girlfriend, I'll let her fuck black guys. She'll come crawling back to me for emotional and financial support.

how much do you get offered and how often does it happen? Do guys just message you on facebook or other mediums too

>starting to formulate a plan here