How is inflation not going to be insane in next couple years? Seems like everyone and their mom is making 6 figs now...

How is inflation not going to be insane in next couple years? Seems like everyone and their mom is making 6 figs now. Even usually low paid jobs like teachers and waitresses are making like $70k these days. People are getting bonuses left an right.

Food is kept cheap due to government subsidies and technological advancement. The government literally takes a computer made today and says its X% faster than one made last year and uses that as some sort of justification saying inflation is only 2%..

But rents and housing prices are inflating fast. And people are saying $15, 18, even a $20 minimum wage seems reasonable compared to $8-10 a few years ago. I mean think about yourself, you probably make much more money than you did a couple years ago but is your life any better off?

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ever since they thought they had figured out that inflation is negatively correlated with unemployment (early 70s) and that they could easily exploit it, they started fucking up. again, again and again.
i highly doubt that the financial system will work out like this for another 50 years

Teachers make like 40-45k on average and only 4% of people make over 100k btw

lol you literally dont understand economics

fucking toppest kek

Teachers make an average of $54-58,000 per year now but only work 39weeks/year so its equivalent to $72,000-$77,000

I don't know much about economics which is why I'm asking why people aren't more concerned about inflation b/c it seems government is just pouring money into the economy through continued massive deficits and endlessly expanding the monetary base.

Meanwhile prices of every are going up, what I am missing.

you look stupid with your anecdotal evidence that isn't even factual

holy shit you're retarded if you think that

Look at the data yourself... not sure why you arguing with fact:

A lot of teachers are in the $50-60k range and that is not including any income they get in the summer from other jobs, tutoring, etc.

And teachers are just an example. Think of your friends, or even yourself, every is making much more money these days but at the same times rents, real estate, have all gone up significantly, cost of labor has increased significantly, quality of life is not matching the pay increases.

I'm curious how much does the salary differ state to state.

most countries in the world are just big ponzi schemes that rely on the fact that we keep multiplying and our succesor will keep carrying it forward.
Shit's just starting to hit the fan cause we're not fucking anymore, or more precisely we fuck but we don't make kids. Most governments are afraid of this cause they won't be able to keep the ponzi going for long if there are no new bagholders. The wave of shitskins we have in Europe is their last resort to keep it going.
Unironically, North Korea has the highest chances of surviving a global economic crash that will fuck us over big time.

TLDR: the entire planet is a big ponzi and everyone is in damage control mode right now.

Of course it differs, but those are the averages for the country.

Really I would have thought they'd earn much more.

because governments keep raising taxes

Some stats from a local poorfag district:

Teachers: 54
Average salary: $34,971

They do, that's what they made a couple years ago, but inflation.

lmao what? Taxes are at historic lows and deficits are getting even bigger now.

Jesus, these people are tasked with teaching the next generation.

you cant just say that "teachers only work 39 weeks a year so we can scale their salary up" for two reasons. 1) they don't get that money, so whats the point of saying that, they cant say to the education board "i want to work over the holidays, can you pay me". And, 2) teachers do so much work outside of school that if you included the hours that they arent "supposed" to be working, their pro-rata hourly rate would be so much lower than it is.


OP thinks teachers make too much yet they are barely scraping by poverty and expected to elevate our youth.

big time kek

It just goes to show how much our society values intelligence.

>sending your children to a public school

Might as well drop them in a McDonald's dumpster.

Why even have children when you can't afford to send them to a private school in Switzerland or the UK?

The first thing that I will do once I make it is to set up a fund for my children to pay for their education.

Teachers often work in the summer...

Where did I say it was too much? Everyone is making more money now than a few years ago. I used teachers as one example. You could literally replace them with any profession. Lmao at how a bunch of teachers came out of the wood work to get insulted at this example.

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Lol at OP. Mate I assume you are from the USA and your country is poor and is starting to look like Africa. Only 1% is rich rest is poor kek. Your infrastructure is shit and in some cities you guys barely have clean water lmao.

Its from 40+ years of tax less, spend more policies for short economic pumps

Adjusting for inflation the average person hasn't had a raise since 1971 but the prices of housing, healthcare, and education are all increasing exponentially. The only reason western countries aren't poor shitholes is because of massive debt lending to keep people afloat

Talk is talk and fact are fact. Fact is that tax filings show average american worker earn 29 000 a year

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yep, in my city we've had boil water advisories that least 3-5 days each like 3 or 4 times every year recently. the pipes are so leaky throughout the city that anytime the water pressure drops (due to power outages or fluctuations) groundwater gets into the system which is untreated polluted water and also includes brain eating amoebas which are basically fatal if you get them.

they are user. The markets first started getting really spooked after 2008 when they printed more money in six weeks than the central bank naturally accumulated in assets over 95 years of operations. Thats when everybody went crazy and gold went to 1900.

The thing is, even though there is a ton more money being printed and coming in at the top, there are a bunch of sinkhole loop de loops inside the money machine that trap is so it cant circle back - the prime example being foreign central bank buying of assets.

So long as billions and billions of dollars wind up in central bank vaults, they dont come crushing back into the US to cause a tide of inflation. It used to be that you needed to find some export driven country that was willing to print as much of their currency as possible to devalue it against the dollar to keep on exporting to the US, in the process accumulating massive USD deposits i the process.

Now we just do it in a blink of an eye with QE, but the end effect is the same.

As long as we can get these fat cats to keep buying our dollars in the foreign markets, we can have our cake and eat it too by printing money and never paying for it!

Everyone who manages real money knows this. The real questions is, now that you know it, what do you do? Not even gold can save you when they just naked short the fuck out of it.... same w BTC.

Good luck.

>tfw too stupid to understand median vs average

Median income is even lower than average

You guys are looking at numbers from the 90s..

From 2015 tax returns:
Married jointly (usually single income): $117,795
Married separately $64,819
Single: $34,940

Remember, by the time people are 30, over 60% are married. And that's from 2015, where housing costs have gone up 20-50% in many areas.