Uhhhhh...hey guys


"For example, tokens can be used to access or acquire data storage space or to pay users to receive advertising."

>pay users to receive advertising

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There are also some good theories about REQ being thrown around because of the YCombinator incubator connections, but for now it is pic related.

congrats OP

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Nope sorry user.


BAT is so plugged in it's stupid. BAT $100 EOY

It is a little unfair, many members of BAT are ex-coinbase, and a few months back they invited Brendan Eich and Ceo BAT to speak at CB hq.


lol literally don't know what to do now just became a millionaire.

430k BAT

I hope BAT gets added too but that tweet is from 2017.

Coinbase are already partnered with the Brave browser to facilitate payments with Brave Payment options.

The larger social conscience around online privacy, invasive advertisers or social media selling personal data etc, is slow moving. However it IS moving. Both the browser and the token are slowly having a larger potential market audience in the current social climate.

BAT could do really well if the adoption by millennial content creators happens. UX just needs to be simple as fuck so a quick credit card or paypal transfer can put BAT into the browser wallet.

holy shit im jealous. how many are needed to make it?

This is old news and has been posted multiple times on reddit. BAT will never moon. It is in the best interests of the company to keep the price low, and every time there is a spike, it is heavily sold into.

dont worry, you didnt

Isn't this that anti-gay marriage coin? Yea there's no way coinbase is gonna touch that.

>All he holds is BAT
>lel I only have 82k

never change.

oh I wish you could be user.
but you won't.
buy iota.

how the fuck do you have 430k and what do you project price at year end 2018?

I'm friends with Brian Armstrong. They add REQ next week, that's what the small pump was the other day, all of the employees are insider trading it. You'd be stupid not to.



do you feel it too batbrehs?

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The FOMO is real

Any other serious contenders?


Req is built on 0x. ZRX pump after announcement. Just wait...