/sip/ thread

Eurofag here with some late night /sipping/. What is Veeky Forums /sipping/ ?

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What kind of beer is that? Lager? IPA?

>alcohol is the opiate of the masses

stay hydrated boys

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french-style strong lager, but brewed in Belgium. 8.5%, rather bitter, but goes down quite well.

Sipping God's au natural to not affect my mind, body and wallet gains.
Went to Gym, swung trade btc and read some culture of critique today.
Gonna make it.

Drinking some Vedette.

Never heard of or saw that beer, and i'm Belgian.

Pleb-tier bier. You're not gonna make it.

à la tienne!

it's one of 5 belgian "stronger" beers we can easily find in France, the other 3 being Duvel, Chimay, Kwak and la Chouffe...

>be black
>having a father

Pick one.

Drinking some exquisite Dutch tap water myself

Had some soy milk before that- no it won't turn me into a trap

Those i know obviously, but this one i absolutly don't. From Antwerp though and i think it's wallon brew, so might be because of that.

I'll try to find it. Cheers mate

>one of 5
>lists 4 beers and says "other 3"
>i'm definitely not gonna make it anons

trips decides on what i do with my bags

Hibiscus tea

Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Weizen-Mix

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sipping some green tea

H2O sipper here as well. Hydrated as fuck rn.

Why do Veeky Forums and autisimos, nerds and neets so often not care for alcohol at all? It always seems like the more normie you are the more you like drinking, whether it is alone or in social settings.

Who else /steel sips/ here?

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Camomile tea for me

alcohol is a pretty shit tier drug tbqhwy

i prefer being sober but if i had to choose i'd smoke weed or do a stim instead

312 dry hopped,

Kek. Typical NEET autist. Alcohol is a excellent social lubricant. You just gotta know your limits.

That's cool that it levitates, but you might wanna keep it away from your 'puter in case it wobbles.

Alchohol makes me trade like a retard
I take ritalin and smoke weed
Seems to work

I think alcohol is only fun if you're hanging out with friends/girls, otherwise it can be cool but it gets old. autismos don't have that many friends, that's probably why. I usually drink water and avoid drinking alcohol now

The glass that Kwak comes in are cool.