I have not had sex

i have not had sex

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its overrated anime is better, cleaner, and most importantly, cheaper

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It’s overrated anyway

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Sex is kinda gross desu

Its overrated.

>virgins detected

Not gonna lie I've fucked 20 bitches and its probably top 5 things to try in life, but if you haven't you arent missing that much. Money is way way way way way way more satisfying.

Just pay for it if you really want to try it

WTF you talking?

There is no better feeling to brute fuck a girls ass and to spread her asshole while you pull it out after you cum.

This. I had a one night stand the other day and wished I woulda stayed home and jerked it to qt grills

I've been tempted to see an escort since I was 21. I'm 24 now and still don't think I could do it. I'd feel slimy and too many require your real name for screening.

Lose your virginity to a prostitute. I'm not even joking, it completely gets rid of the idealization of this grand goal of sex or either clearly shows you an exit to fulfill that desire. I don't care if it's not really how sex is meant to be or passionate or actually actively ruined my perception of it, because either way it did the job of me no longer caring about it and it will do you great good to get rid of that headache too.
It's also I think in some way much more honest approach rather than the courting bullshit and monetary costs behind that anyway.

I made a point of hitting 100+ sluts, which I exceeded in a few years. Was fun in a way but now I've done it I don't really care much. Would rather have money.

meh. usually takes a nasty smelly bitch to want to do this. but if you can convince a nice girl to let you fuck her asshole raw, thats a good time

yeah dude putting my dick in someones asshole sure sounds great, also love to look at assholes so beautiful

fucking gross dude, vageens are ok but shit like this makes you sound like a closet faggot

Not a virgin, but also haven't had sex in a year. Its not worth putting up with the insecurities and doubts a sexual relationship brings unless she's a friend as well.
What I'm trying to say is that sex is overrated and your wife will be fine with you fucking high-class escorts if no one ever finds out about it.

Sex is awesome, don't get me wrong but it is also kinda gross desu, the shower after a long night of fucking feels almost better imo


and Mexico will pay for it

Do it just make sure its worth your time. 1k minimum.

Top 5 lol. Poorfag alert. If fucking bitches isn’t #1 on your to do list you’re a homo and should just give into the tranny life

yeah dont listen to this sad fucking neckbeard

My conscience would bother me too much after. Plus I would feel para lid about giving out my real name. I will most likely die a virgin.

1. Doggystyle
2. Reverse Cowgirl


3. Cowgirl
4. All other positions


5. Missionary

Oh really? So youre telling me getting guap doesnt beat pussy for you? Now you sound like a REAL fagit. I'm saying pussy is top 5, probably top 3 but at the end of the day, opiates, alcohol, money and good friends beat pussy most days of the week. Kill yourself you sad pussy monger, god knows no bitch gives a fuck about your sorry ass.

tfw havent had sex in almost a year now

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>tfw never had sex
>tfw have no desire to ever have sex
>tfw asexual
>tfw gf is asexual as well
It's pretty great lads.

On day 13 of nofap, feeling great.

Let meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepologize I’m a nigger nigger nigger nigger all the time

your gf isn't asexual she's just into bbc

Kiss my ass cunt, women disgust me due to the ugly duckling scenario I went through but I still had my bodily desires to want to fuck, so I did and got over it, and have a quick no bullshit solution of when I want more.

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Don't worry. When you are a rich ugly fuck your money will make you attractive to most materialistic whores out in the world.


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>5. Missionary
Blasphemy. You're going to hell, sinner.

everything about this reply solidifies that youre a neckbeard piece of shit who can't actually get laid and pays instead. thats sad AF desu, of course you think sex is mediocre, its just another thing you pay for

>gf getting blacked on the sly

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I'm significantly taller than my gf and tower over her during it, it's awkward at my height lad

Business & Finance

>projecting cuck fantasies

To be fair, you can really only get laid if you're outgoing and jacked. Not everyone can get laid.

So many loser virgins on here.

Clean your room and stand up straight and then you might get the pussy.

Kek, did you fuck all the group sluts and think your big shit after a few matches on tinder or bagging that 9/10 at the bar/park for a single night? I've got money, but even better than that for women I've got looks. Faggot you do not know how many two faced whores I have had approach me, the same type who seem intelligent and high class, or innocent; but as the exceptionally good person I am, I refuse them all and prefer to pay for my pussy to make the transaction as transparent as possible in my conscience. Nuh-uh life is already too much of a theater play to stir that bullshit just for some puss. I don't refuse them out of compassion for slaves like you.

thanks but im not jacked and am outgoing 1/10 of the time. its called faking it bud

Do you have a really strong jawline or nice face?

based user share more blackpills

lmao, all I hear out of your faggot ass mouth is "money is the only reason I know what a vagina looks like up close", nah dude I've fucked broads with their masters degrees asking me to meet their families, broads that swallow my seed and ask why we cant hang out ever day. The point is, sex with someone you care about is fantastic, but money and many other chemical highs can beat it, and for OP he might as well stop getting it confused, sex is alright, but its not the end all be all. Hopefully you can continue to afford sex while you age into the bag of shit you are

This guy fucks

desu, yeah my face is conventionally attractive but mostly my facial hair/beard shadow does the work

It is apart of our dna to want to dominate and destroy pussy so I feel bad you haven’t been able to fulfil this part of your masculine destiny op but once you fuck a lot of women you realize how awful most of them are and you lose hope in humanity in general. If you focus on developing yourself in every conceivable way possible not only will you feel a deep contentment about your life but women will flock to you as well. Do that for awhile report back.

Faggot you get your enjoyment out of the feels. Sorry buddy, people's actions and commitments is what has real value, value that is even higher than money. The fuck is this shit, bragging about fucking university whores and busting a nut in their mouths one moment and then romanticizing the 'feels'. If I whisper that I love you while caressing your balls I guess you'll feel fantastic too. Pure human love hey.

>nutting down a broads throat
>"""caring"""" about her

Nope, sorry bitch. is right. Lost me on the whole bragging about getting laid thing its 2018 everyone can get laid...

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Not everyone can get laid.

Oh you sad shell of a person, you win. You pay for sex, pay for human connection and pay to caress man sack. Kill yourself now you tub of fucking lard, no one would care let alone notice.

I could get almost anyone laid given enough money and alcohol.

i havent got any money and im a virgin.

also wizard powers as of last december

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Love Alice Merchesi. I hope she makes more videos. She had a kid recently I think. So cute and she's legally a dwarf.

>pay for human connection
Perhaps you are right that I am shell of a human, but I am self aware and honest of it unlike you, who confuses your dick feeling good and a man's moment of clarity in achieving his biological aim when busting a nut in another whore, with actual love, connection and care. Those things are very rare and are mostly reserved for the maternal. You're just romanticizing yourself while being a horny dog. The problem is the 'romanticizing' part btw, stop bullshitting yourself and others.

Day 80 here. Gl bruh