up 25% wtf!

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this is easy money 101.

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announcement coming friday

Unironically the best hodl in crypto. This may seriously be the coin to start the next bull run.

are we still fudding this or are we fomoing it now?


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This looks fucking rekt. What's happening, when news?

It's up 3%..

The mindset of an ODN holder is a 3% gain on a 95% loss is a sure moon mission.

How's glass coming along? How's the app coming along? Pelsjager kill himself yet from all of the painkillers?

tfw you know this will recover nicely

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yes keep buying biz so im not all alone holding the core teams sloppy seconds when they sold on the market for bitcoin.

these staked over abundant obsidian shit coins are great

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Final pump to create forever bagholders before the final exitscam


All you fags doubting this coin would have been shitposting about how ETH is officially dead after the DAO if you were around back then. Iron hands here.

>t. holding (but took some profits) since ICO despite getting banned in discord/slack for no reason

This is probably the worst shitcoin on Veeky Forums. You bagholders just need to let it die. You don't see people posting bitconnect and confido threads day after day do you? That's because they had the decency to admit their coins were dead.

>despite getting banned in discord/slack for no reason

Usually it's because you were acting like a douche

sagemark not talking for 2 weeks and now he is commenting on the moon in telegram.

anyone who thinks this is organic volume doesnt know the last 2 times he pumped the books

I wasn't a douche to anyone, and I never posted anything that wasn't bullish for ODN. I'm assuming it's because I was inactive for a month or so despite having the community contributor ranking in discord. I'd message Sagemark about it but I have fond memories of the whole thing and don't feel like tainting it with any potential misunderstandings. I'm content with my assumed reason.

up 89% on the day

sage isn't writing anything in the discord and discord has more users...

if you are being honest, i have no doubt you'd be let back in. only scottp fucked over the other contributors.

sage just LOL'd at someone asking to keep pumping

I agree, this is one of the best projects. Scooping up this dip like my life depends on it.

Ehh there's no point, I don't have the energy to stay active there especially in this bear market. That's hilarious though, I used to talk to ScottP amount a decent amount. What did he do?

someone said he was fomoing the telegram, but he's doing nothing like that in discord.

Ehh there's no point, I don't have the energy to stay active there especially in this bear market. That's hilarious though, I used to talk to ScottP a decent amount. What did he do?

he sold his bags and then leaked private logs of the team arguing to biz.

and then...the team decided to have lots of arguments on the discord, which then helped tank the price from £1.50 to 9p

lol you idiots are so stupid. Like one person is responsible for the bleed of a shitcoin that the core team manipulates.

I love ODN despite selling a long time ago. Seeing deluded holders is better than watching Comedy Central

That's too bad. Hopefully they can get it together.

24k 24k 24k... seems legit.
t. 5k ODN holder.

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This is just one person pump and dumping or pumping to get out.


>and then...the team decided to have lots of arguments on the discord, which then helped tank the price from £1.50 to 9p

... why would you think in pounds? Think in sats and btc you madman. Anyway, I blame blackstone there. He got sacked for his unprofessionalism, thankfully.

that's a pre-existing bot

Still pretty sure this coin has some moon left in it.

Because I'm not bothered how many satoshis it is, I paid for my ICO investment with £500, whether I exchanged it for BTC and then bought ODN is irrelevant, I'll be cashing out £££ in the end.

I thought blackstone's lack of professionalism was honest and endearing. I basically expect all good developers to be awkward and unprofessional. Otherwise they feel like salesmen.

and yes this is still going to moon massively in the end, its bullrun hasn't even begun, the only thing thats caused it to dip so low is fucking blackstone kicking off in the discord, now thats all resolved we can look forward to finished products.

it wasn't endearing, it made people's eyebrows raise, it invoked fear that the project would collapse. Theres a reason businesses don't have a press conference when a member of staff is pissed off at the boss. Sometimes TMI is TMI.

Blackstone is not a hero, sadly. The community praised his honesty, but at the end of the day he publicly Fudded his own coin and project, and the investors suffered as a result. He basically held the price of the coin hostage and then pulled the trigger.

If he wised up and kept company matters private and cooperated better with the rest of the core team then the project's reputation wouldn't have taken as dramatic of a hit.

Exactly, lets be honest about this, he (currently anyway) helped lose every single investor money.

with him gone, this can moon

Indeed, so long as theres a good solid team behind this, we'll be fine.

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