What substance can someone take that would numb the pain and help them get through this bear market but also not be...

What substance can someone take that would numb the pain and help them get through this bear market but also not be harmful to you short/longterm?

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beer. lots and lots of beer. im all stocked up for 9pm est...i wish i could pair it with pepperoni pizza from pizzahut but i have to wait until saturday for that - also im not drinking to drown my sorrows OP, do the math


Tide pods

Kratom, physically pretty harmless but it's addictive.
If you want to know more I can post a quick explanation about optimal use.

best answer here

I don't know anyone that has that. How can someone with no connection get it?

Just took 5 zquils hope I make it

Yeah checked tell me more brief overview. Where to get it how much to take etc

Ask white people with long hair

Alternatively, go to nearest community college and ask literally anyone

Also checked, here are some tips from a daily user on how to minimize Kratom tolerance and withdrawals:

Buy as many different strains and "colors" as you can e.g. Malay Green, Malay White, Malay Red, Bali Green / White / Red etc.

Overall effects of different colors:
- Green (slow): Great body high, relaxed feeling, euphoria effects and general comfiness
- Red (fast): Stimulating effects, great for workouts or work where you have to move, tends to have little less euphoria and a weaker body high but will keep you awake better
- White (medium): A balanced mix of effects from both green and red

Always cycle your strains and colors, if you use a different one every day your tolerance won't go up.
I'm using the same dose every day (3 grams 2 times daily) and haven't increased it since I started about 3 years ago.
Your week could look like this:
Day 1: Bali Red
Day 2: Malay White
Day 3: Borneo Green
Day 4: Malay Red
Day 5: Borneo White
Day 6: Bali Green
Day 7: Borneo Red
Day 1: Malay White

As you can see the more strains you have the easier it is to rotate, but the most important factor is to use a different color than the day before.

Always use it on an empty stomach and don't eat anything for at least 1 hour after to get the best effect.
Never use Kratom extracts, your tolerance will go to the moon very fast, simply not worth it.

Start out with a 2-3 gram dose, if that doesn't work try 3-5 grams.
If you are getting tired after the first dose you are taking too much, try using less.
If you still don't get any effects with 5 grams, your Kratom is probably shit and you should order from a different shop.
Wait 6-8 hours before redosing to get the most out of it.

You can still easily get mentally addicted to Kratom with this method but the physical withdrawals are very minor and disappear after only 2-3 days.
The withdrawal horror stories online come from people who always use the same strain and color and thus have to up their dose to get the same effect.

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Shrooms 1-2 times a year

Crack cocaine

easy, just buy on the darknet. You have crypto don't you?

try LSD. You won't feel any pain or sadness. In fact you won't feel anything or even be able to understand or relate to those sorts of emotions. The only bad part about it is that it wears off.



Thanks m8.

britcucks, where do you buy it from?