Coinbase Listing (SERIOUS)

There is too much bullshit here.

Coinbase has three potentially viable candidates for listing. This is not definitive, it's based on research from the past 3 hours.

user, you're welcome to add some.

-0x (3 Teammembers worked at Coinbase, pumped after tweet)

-BAT (old tweets from Brian Armstrong, and the congressional testimony from CB's team)

-REQ (would be logical to implement in house payment scaling solutions for CB)

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Thanks just bought 100k

No but unironically i want to know of which coin to buy 100k.

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>This is not definitive, it's based on research from the past 3 hours.

t. Veeky Forums if i've ever seen one

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Bought 200k more

>worked at Coinbase
I don't think coinbase cares, they want to increase income, not improve relations with a shitcoin

That guy in the other thread said he’s friends with Brian Armstrong and the coin is REQ and that’s why there was a pump the other day because employees are insider trading.

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None of these.

Ripple may be...

It's either 0x or REQ. REQ listing would explain why Coinbase cut ties with PayPal.

Please stop this erection is killing me


if not enough money but putting 100k into each erc20 token would coinbase add go 10x then which one add would go 10x from 100k which 1m which millionaire would this?

That makes sense.

Bat is less likely because of HomoPhobic CEO...

REQ and 0X I will buy into both.

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Just in Time for Trx coinburn, hmm let me think about that one.

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youre that guy

If you actually read CB's blog post, we are 6+ months away from anything being added. Speculation at this point is stupid.

speculation at this point is critical.

Getting in early, especially for these particular coins, is the difference between a 30x and a 60x

I swear Reqlets are Linkies' annoying little retarded brothers

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Coinbase are getting desperate. The volume has dropped so low and they are trying to spike interest again - remember the news last month?

kek. but no lets listen to the speculation is stupid at this point user. speculation is how you get ahead

REQ is built on 0x and will use ZRX

When regulations come, they will list EOS, TRX and VEN.
Forget those low mcap shits

Biz never learns

TRX lol

coinbase got in trouble for insider trading with bitcoin cash... 0x pumped after tweet... coinbase doesn't want any more insider trading trouble so they waited until right after the tweet to buy 0x

*cough* *cough* Qua... actually, /biz does deserve to know.


REQ will 100% be on Coinbase.

Unsure of whether it will be the first batch of tokens or not, but Coinbase would be stupid to ignore a reddit community 1/5 the size of ETHtrader, especially with PwC news today as well as REQ being the premier "burn token" on the platform + Ycombinator connection.

Yeah.... it will happen one day.

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It's Nano you idiot.

nano is an italian mob COIN and not an erc 20 token brainlet

Doubtful that shitcoin fucks up every exchange it gets listed on (but it's the exchange's fault)

Let moi say this:
I'm not going to speculate on what is, i will however make a contribution on what it is not.

And that is, that it is not a security, Bittrex had to de-list many coins because of that. Then you might ask B-but what about Cardano? Yes Cardano. ADA is not a security because it functions as a currency and for that purpose it can already be used.

So keep that in consideration, the more you know! Knowledge is! Yes stuff like that.

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It will 100% be a “mainstream”, high market cap coin like stellar or ripple - anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded


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That is currency focused... like Nano.


Golem was shilled on their blog last summer now no one cares about it.
0x is a dex thingy that no one is hyped about.
BAT is the most likely of the 3, but OMG is another likely candidate. However it may be classified as a security. Expect any coinbase hype token to tank if it's not the first added.
Baidu invested in circle, is goldman particularly interested in chinese internet companies? This is the logic behind the REQ hype (ysoyboinator invested in coinbase and REQ XD) and coinbase now has it's own payment thingy.

Coinbase investor bought high and wanted to offload his bags. Why wasn't he tweeting about it in december?

So all in TRON. Thank you user

Quantstamp isn't technically allowed to do airdrops for US holders due to KYC laws. Doubtful that a US based company like Coinbase would add it.

It's REQ. It just makes the most sense.

0x is just frankly kind of a weird token, no consumer is lookign to buy 0x. They can't do anything with it.

And Brandon Eich is a major homophobe. Moreover, BAT being worth more than a dollar would violate the principles laid out in the Brave whitepaper, so they wouldn't really want it on coinbase.

Another point for BAT is over this last weekend it was approved by Apple as a usable currency in apps, the first ERC20 to do so. If Coinbase wants thier iPhone users to be able buy the new currency; BAT is the only possible candidate at this time.

Thanks user, I just bought 10K of each of them.

muh coinbase mufugga

Do people still think a Coinbase listing will do anything? lmao. In a bull market, yes. In a bear market it'll pump by 15% or so and then just dump again. Just like everything else.