Tfw inflation is so outrageous that 1mil isn’t even a significant amount of money anymore

>tfw inflation is so outrageous that 1mil isn’t even a significant amount of money anymore

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yep, its the rich people dollar exit scam. They print money, and they get all the "fresh" money, so by the time it circulates and gets to you, the inflation gets counted for and you aint got jack shit son

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>1 million is insignificant
>10 years of a six figure job

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1 mil is not that significant. I mean yes it’s a lot but not insane. When the phrase “millionaire” first started appearing it referred to people who had more like 23mil in today’s money.


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More like a 2 years (3 or 4 if you have luxurious expense) of a real 6 figure job. It's a shame how people think making 100k/yr is similar to making 600k/yr.

It's not a lot at all anymore. Worse is that wages are not keeping up with inflation.

it's still beautiful though

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What a fucking worthless shitpost. Kys.

That's how they slowly kill ur savings

>six figure job
you realize the government takes %30 of that and send its to Tyrone.

go back to infinitychan you faggot commie goldshill

Yep, laughing at these kids here who think they've made it their little 100K portfolios. Son, you haven't made shit till you're in the 5-10MM range.

and then, get this, even if your income etc catch up to inflation, they tax on a PERCENTAGE of your income and purchases

lol get rekt poorfags

>"billionaire" is the new "multimillionaire"
>"multimillionaire" is the new "millionaire"
>"millionaire" is the new "six-figure job"


100k is nothing. Six figures encompasses everything from 100,000 to 999,999. Imagine you applied the same the logic to anyone making 10,000 to 99,999.

100k/1mil might be a lot in your trailer park in Arkansas but it’s only comfortably middle class in any decent place.

>"six figure job" is the new wageslave
>wageslavery is just welfare for white people

Honestly I find this shit the scariest fact of all. Wages really have been stagnant and prices have been increasing faster every year. On top of that the money is drying up in almost every industry at this point or the pay simply won’t be enough to keep up with the costs. I really do hope we make it anons, but things really aren’t looking too good right now.

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You’re not a fucking communist, are you goy? Corporations always know best.

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>hurr durr decent place
Shut the fuck up amerimutt nobody wants to live in your so called decent cities
There are almost no jobs where you could dream of making anywhere close to 600k

By any decent place you mean the city I assume?

Making 100k anywhere but the city is a big ass fucking number that will have you living in the top 5% of that place, unless you live in a specialty town (meaning a town that only exists because of a special industry there that pays alot, such as military base towns that are full of 100k/yr DoD contractors)

also right around the time we started letting unlimited spics and coolies into america

You'd better be on track to have 10mil+ within the next 10-15 years. And you'd better hope that you keep in an asset you can move overseas at a moments notice. The tens of millions of beaners coming in will make sure that no new wealthy people will be created, and the ones who are rich but not rich enough will have their shit taken by the government. And anyone between super poor and super rich better get ready to fork over 70%+ of your earnings in taxes, because that's where things are headed.

Better hurry up user, clocks tickin.

>asset you can move overseas at a moments notice
Like what? Other than crypto

>There are almost no jobs where you could dream of making anywhere close to 600k
Well, not for retarded people, I guess.


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Anything, be it crypto, or something physical such as gold. You won't want to just have it in the bank where it can be seized easily. It won't happen overnight anyways, but we've been in decline since the 70s and it's going to get way worse way more quickly than people think. When swing states start going consistently blue, you know it's starting.


1m hasnt been a significant sum of money since the 90s

nigga wat you on about?

>mfw living in a decent 2nd world country
>mfw can retire on $300k and live comfy middle-class life

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