Bullrun of epic proportions will star at 10 pm est

bullrun of epic proportions will star at 10 pm est

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Where are you kids getting this info

it's some autistic self talk

First it was 9 pm now it's 10 pm?

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You dont know? Guess you unironically wont make it lol. All I can say is whales have been accumulating and bears BTFO! NEVER EVER ever EVVVVEEERRR below 8.2k EVER again. Not after this bucko!

dont listen to this OP, 9pm OP already got trip 7's chek em

In weed stocks, crypto is dead.

Fuck it I'm going to watch a movie while waiting for this shit to happen.
Any recommendations?

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How fucking dare you. You know its at 9 pm you greedy snake

marathon some of this series user, you may find what you are looking for

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9pm when you dumb fucks? do you realize everyone lives in different time zones

Est retard pay attention

forced meme

The only timezone that matters.

If whales have been accumulating that only means they will dump on others

I was thinking about watching Falling Down today, it seems like a good JUST kind of movie.

durr durr dump. Cant you see that bitcoin is LITERALLY going to leave you in the dust. BEARS BTFO! BULLS HERE TO STAY! the whales wont dump this time. I have indoor info.

Everything returns to Tang.

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fuck how did we all get this wrong OP is right 10pm est now boys dont pack it up yet, still got an hour

My dubs confirm.

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I dont think you know what literally means, so its best you avoid using it in capital letters, faggot.

It really is a fantastic movie.

At 10 PM EST Rick Astley will sing Never Gonna Give You Up.

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Go mow the lawn boomer

im already long lets goo tonight we break 9k !!!!

look at these fags who tried dumping at 9:11 EST

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Thanks for the bullrun, OP.

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She's about to blow!

Marius Landman. Kek.

Triple Tour Guided Asses porno. Or a Lela Star flick. Anal.

It's gathering strength now.

Shit looks abysmal. They’ll let it get to $8.1k maybe. After fucking us for several days with a giant pineapple, they’ll leave us with a zucchini in the ass, and we’ll all be thanking them for rape. This shit is for the boids.