MTG Finance General - March 26 2018

Daily reminder if you're not investing in cardboard you're missing out on 10x'ing your money:

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MTG will be dead within 5 years. Booster boxes will crash to 50 dollars each and everyone who invested will get fucked.

It's already dying, just take a look at the quality of the cards, they bend, peel or with little humidity they warp like possessed. My older cards are fine but just how long until the market of MTG crashes too.

So then short it? What are you, new to Veeky Forums?

I have never actually seen anything like that happening and I've a relatively new player.

I'm gonna laugh so fucking hard in a few years when Hasbro sells the garbage fire that is modern WotC and the new owners promptly reprint the entire reserved list in a precon set

I love Rudy, but MTG finance is dead money unless you are really lucky. Print runs are through the fucking roof and Wizards is going to reprint everything in Masters sets twice a year for as long as they can. Masters sets are so fucking profitable for them, even if they have to give them away to Amazon/Walmart at 50% off the margins will still beat regular sets.

If buying bitcoin right now is catching a falling knife, getting into mtg finance right now is throwing yourself into a dumpster fire.

Started played since Stronghold back in 1998. This game is dead son. The new set (Dominaria) was supposed to be a turning point, but it's more of the same formula that they've been using for the last 5 years.

Also, MTG Arena will be a failure.

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>all printings of imperial recruiter are down 20% since A25

Everyone expected that but it's way easier to make more money off of the printing of A25 than it is to lose money on holding Imperial Recruiters. The money doesn't leave the market it just goes somewhere else.

where did you move it


Not on the banned list will be reprinted to be worth mere pennies.


whoops meant reserved list

It went from Imperial Recruiter to the other cards not reprinted in the set. Open up an Imperial Recruiter and it's price goes down it's because there's little Timmy's at their game store trading that card for Dark Confidants or something that he needs for Commander decks. The value moved from one card to another as it normally does.

That faggot got me to believe Force of Will was undervalued. The only thing I have that is worth anything is Vingolf 3

Stupid idiots who know nothing about the market and come in and shit up this thread every time
I'm buying up old school format staples and making good profits, I put my gains straight into power and duals

i mean where did/would you move it to make money. cavern of souls seems like a winner from a25

Old school cards will moon in value if the retail game dies, casual mtg will be around for decades

I made some decent money from A25 (I'm own a brick and mortar store in Edmonton). Selling full boxes is a fine business. I'm starting up an altering contest for some local artists. They can enter by borrowing some of my most beat up cards (JTMS, Dark Confidant, etc, things that haven't moved in forever) and painting on them. There is still honor among established artists so the destruction rate and insolvency rate is still 0% - everyone does a good job, they're just happy artists are finally getting money even though I'm doing it because it's such good value for me as I functionally pay them so little. I give them $250 and then donate $750 to the charity of their choice (I pay more than $750 a year in taxes btw so this is actually just free) and named recognition for everyone involved. I can get 30~ artists each doing 1-5 cards each and what happens is I send out unsellable cards I bought for dirt cheap and bring back huge premium cards with notariety and amazing publicity.

If you're wondering why there are stores still selling MTG when dipshits on this board or on /r/mtgfinance say you can only lose money it's because you're probably very retarded. This is one of a thousand ways you can make huge amounts of money in this game and I am really looking forward to continuing to play it in 2028 and beyond.

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Yeah, look at old superman stuff selling in the millions. Mtg is 25 years old. Once it hits 45-50 like spiderman it will start exploding im sure of it.

Imperial Recruiter needed to cost only 1R, its seems kind of slow with no other redeeming qualities other than being human

No it should cost 0 and let you search for any creature.

brainlet detected

Why is this worth anything?
It seems kinda bad.

brainlet #2

Why you gotta be like that? It would have become almost a Modern staple with what I suggested and actually playable in standard. Oh well Magic lost its appeal anyway. It lost over 40% of its player base in around the time the new standard format changes took place.

Honestly its really not that good, maybe in standar its playable, I haven't look at spoilers in a year or so, but in modern its terrible, so many better 3 drops like Fulminator Mage.

lost 50% of players in the last 10 years

there are more formats than standard and modern ;)

MTG is just going downhill now and should not survive another decade.
I have played since 1996, competitive magic during 2007/2008/2009, finished with 2000 points worth of total (old DCI system) with a respectable amount of lifetime pro points and can tell your guys that the professional scene is no longer attractive and most of my old friends just play MTGO (for something like $1000 you can go infinite) and rent decks for GPs. Most of the young people do not care about competing, which is bad for sales, and they even managed to fuck FNMs up.
We have a business where the older supporters are leaving and almost no new blood is flowing in.

fuck off stop making my magic cards so expensive

They are the only competitive ones. Anything else is often 1st-3rd win or the garbage that is Commander. The best format is actually drafting, by far the most skill involved. I would still consider doing that.

I wish MTG wasn't so expensive. It's a fun game but it's so overpriced. Also MTGO was a dumpster fire last time I tried it. UI looked like software designed in the early 2000s too.

It is a tutor and card advantage you dimwit. There are a ton of amazing creatures in legacy with power two or less.

The only format worth playing is draft because it is the cheapest and it's mostly about skill. The other formats are all pay 2 win don't kid yourselves. Way too expensive for normal people.

Who would have thought that a game where a competitive deck costs 300$+ can't be sustained.

yeah... i was hoping for hearthstone effects or at least sprucing it up with higher quality. its ugly and they haven't done anything to make it better

but it's not as fun online anyway because of all the phases. have to manually click 20 times a turn or else miss the 1 phase you need to do an effect.

what do you think? as an instant this seems like it could be abused in so many ways.
haven't played in awhile so my power gage may be off.

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Most of the cards in the $2+ range are amazing bets because it's out of the penny-stock range which means it actually has potential, PLUS many of the $20 cards today started out as $2 cards leaving standard years ago. Most of the $0.05 stuff stays cheap forever. I'd say in the Heroic Intervention range if I were you.

oh yeah wasn't rlly talkin price but it looks it's already at $6.
my gut is this says this is so overpowered it's going to get banned sort of over powered.

It counters a good deal of target kill spells.
also clears their board when they attack into you, and your creatures get saved. and it's only 1 green so its easy to stuff into any deck.

AND it counters wrath of god effects, but only 1 way, not like fog

Jump on aliexpress, search MTG, order excellent knock offs of the power 9 and reserved list for pennies. Modern printing quality fakes are going to kill this game.