Does linkpool know smt we don't?

Does linkpool know smt we don't?
Is the mainnet round the corner?

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they know link is kill and want to milk it till they can

This has exit scam written all over it.
>buy our token goyim
>give us all your link goyim
>free returns for life

Sounds like they are trying to raise capital so they can advance development. It's just a two man operation as far as I know.

You clearly have no clue how staking works.

>Important to note: This public sale will be subject to KYC and unfortunately will be restricted to non-US investors.
HAHAHAHA the state of Amerikeks

Probably need to advance development quickly in time for mainnet because they know they need a fast follow. They risk people discovering how easy it is to set one up, or download a basic GUI that sets up the node for the user. Why hand over a % of your gains if setting up a node is as easy as using a major wallet?

> The minimum stake is yet to be confirmed, but you can expect it to be in the high 2 figures, low 3 figures range of LINK
So I just need 87 LINK to make it?

Well I would like to present a defense for LinkPool, although I am not affiliated with them.

In regular pool staking, all we do is stake our tokens on a contract, and let the normal validation process take place. The work is completed automatically by our computers. With Link tokens "staking" is not a validation method, but just a way to boost reputation as a data provider.

So the guys at LinkPool have to do all the work of not only setting up a staking environment, but also finding the type of data to provide, picking the best data providers, getting the best servers (with plenty of backups) to assure they are providing the quality uptime they need to provide to be top level oracle.

Basically, running LinkPool will be way more active and work intensive then simply staking your tokens on Ethereum, thus the need for extra money. I think it's fair, since basically we will be profiting from all of their hard work (instead of finding our own quality data to provide) and i'm glad they are trying their best to get feedback from the community and adjust accordingly.

Great, now we have Linkpool shills within the Chainlink general shilling. Its like an inception of shills.
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I’m not following on the whole “buy a part of our returns for life”. Do we pay them in link for that? Isn’t it better to never give your link to anyone? If the price of link shoots, you basically fucked yourself into buying their “returns” which will be in link? So you’re selling link to get (less) link? Sorry if I seem like a retard.

True that people get very excited about running their own stinky node until they realize that shit may be harder than downloading a torrent. It's in our favor that no monopoly of pooling for nodes happens but that's a business and they need a cut. I still want to see what the new fees are tho.

> buy cheap af LINK and stake it to get 100% profit
> buy cheap af LINK send it to linkpool to get >70% of stake revenue
> get dividends from

You guys don’t understand that staking with linkpool is a good idea. They’re very knowledgeable, and their nodes will have excellent reputations. Staking early will be key

Hurrrr durrrrrrrrrr, yup, I have access to valuable api's that big money needs... dddddddddduuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr

Question for my fellow Americans.

Are you going to buy into the Linkpool offering even though we aren't supposed to?

How should I do it? VPN and Monero?

Have in mind linkpool will have probably above 1 million link, they will get a bunch of contracts and returns will be great.

1 million link is nothing. I can get 4 people together with that much. Only from 10 million + will it start to get interesting

Then get in early. This is a one in a lifetime chance

Staked LINK will be held in a smart contract and cannot be touched by node operators. This was the latest Linkpool update and you would know that if you weren't just in this thread to post mindless FUD.

They’ve said the number is at least 10 Mill. And I bet the number is higher now because everyone’s accumulating.

Already am more than in. I have 90k link ready to make me rich.