last week i heard the price of the eggs will get higher soon
i've been thinking about it and i'm planing on buying 50 chickens, 30 roosters, some chicken coops, obviously their food and other stuff
also i have a vet friend who can give me advice, and my backyard is pretty big, almost 30x30 foot

any advice? is anyone else doing this?

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already priced in

thanks just bought 100k eggs

Wait are COWS not at a all time low??? MOON WEN??

stupid retard, these go bad after a week
that's why you gotta buy the chickens

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use the heat from mining GPUs to incubate the eggs

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Slaughter them all and sell chicken pies instead

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but i won't profit enough

I have a 7000sq ft garden. Ii'm gonna use a small corner and buy 3-4 chickens for a coop as they only need like 3sq ft each. I'll have free eggs every morning for life.

>50 chickens
>30 roosters
what the fuck, i laughed out loud
you some kind of city boy, OP? why in god's great name would you want 30 roosters

who the fuck is spilling egg rumors?

He thinks they are needed to make eggs because he's an idiot.
He'll just end up with thousands of chicks, no eggs, and unbearable noise every sunrise.

fucking laughed as well
op just loves cocks

Make sure it's legal in your city.


okay, you were right
10 roosters

Lol me too. It will be kaos with that many roosters, 3 roosters will manage easily

I used to go to rooster fights easy way to win or lose money very entertaining also

reinvest your dividends by growing the eggs into more chickens. your gains will go parabolic. holy shit

You need 2 rooster tops to make more chickens.
60 chickens in a 900sq ft is barely enough space already.

Holy tits OP I just had a great idea, forget about selling the eggs and just keep them for yourself! You can live off of that food for an eternity and when the world goes to shit in a decade or two you won’t have to worry about scrounging for food!

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i've been reading and 1 rooster each 10 chickens is the norm, maybe more depending on the kind of chicken

oh, user
realistically you don't want any roosters at all, they are a huge pain in the ass. Maybe just one for a little bit of protection and for breeding more although it's a lot easier to simply buy more chicks instead of rearing your own

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Lmao basic math makes that 5 roosters for 50 chickens

another thing, when you buy chicks they are supposed to be all hens. some roosters also slide though but it's not like you'll be able to walk in and say "give me 50 hens and 5 roosters". You kind of just get what you get. Out of 50 hens there will likely be a few roosters; more than enough for your flock in any case

Bullshit, roosters are no where near as much of a pain as people make out, if you have more than 1 then they will tangle but 1 rooster will look after the hens proudly. Watch out for foxes, they will fuck your plans if not careful

if they are free range they can be a huge hassle. I've literally bled from a peck that was through a thick rubber boot
you're right about the foxes though. Foxes, dogs, coyotes, raccoons, even eagles and hawks will try to eat your chickens. You need a good pen with walls such that animals can't dig underneath, and you'll have to lock up the chickens every night at sunset.

hey OP are you taking notes? Raising chickens is easy and rewarding if done right but if you're a city boy and fuck it up it's gonna suck.
Another thing to note is that you should give friends and family a dozen eggs each time they visit. Farm fresh eggs are 10x better than storeshit and they will love you for it (assuming your friends and family aren't mongoloids)

get a goose for protection. You don't need roosters.

Round here if a rooster has a go at us we just roast it and eat it. Now our rooster is friendly and would never attack. It's scary as fuck when they get you unexpectedly lol.
Also I don't have the plans but a narrow S shape entry into the roosting area keeps any foxes out, they will not use S entry but you still need to dig your fences down like ya said.
Last week a brown snake killed a hen sitting on eggs. Good luck though op, hope you do it, farm life shits on city life

Basically like this. It actually works. The chooks let themselves in and out as they please, just make sure the sly fox isn't waiting outside the door

i feel blessed to witness such autism

Hey OP, get different breeds. That's your hedge fund. Buy some geese and ducks so you can diversify. Butcher the old ones to act as dividends. Get some rare breeds and swap them like magic cards to dump on the hipsters wanting to buy in.
Your welcome.

Thank you OP. You just reminded me to lock up my hens for the night.

I have 5 free range hens on about half an acre and they tear shit up. My family of 3 just gives away eggs at this point.

Eggs are too speculative right now. This is the equivalent of buying a mining rig at 19k

Can any exchange do egg or chicken livestock futures? CME has cattle and hog livestock futures trading.


Just buy those 5x layer eggs crates from Costco, rub some mud on them and sell over priced farm fresh eggs...noone ever asks to see the chickens

Are you a retard?
Eggs have a shelf life of 3 months lmao

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Goddam those graphics have not aged well. Same goes for Thief.

Are you trying to long eggs? My TA says the hatch resistance is too strong.

It's a good thing OP decided to consult with biz before he went through with his crazy idea. Holy shit.

>Goddam those graphics have not aged well
But they are classic. Strong nostalgia

How many eggs would 50 hens produce? 1 egg a day per animal?


>i'm planing on buying 50 chickens, 30 roosters
never gonna make it

My second question is what can you sell a dozen wholesale for, do you have any of these questions laid out. Not to mention who you will sell to, and are their liscencing needed to start any of this?

Try months if they're not washed, retard.

eggs really are stupidly cheap

not if you actually want a fresh tasting egg, they last like 3 weeks max refrigerated.

if you want to test egg freshness put it in a bowl of water if it sinks its really fresh, if it stands up it ok, if it floats its bad

>not considering GMO
>not considering GMO eggs to balance the inflation of egg market

>Eggs have a shelf life of 3 months lmao
not at the time you can eat them

get ducks instead OP, they're better in every way they just need some water DYOR

No they will last longer than 3 weeks just fine if you leave them unwashed after laying. The bacteria protects the egg and that's without a fridge.