Who here /sipandtrade/?

Who here /sipandtrade/?

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>seltzer water
mah nigga

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fukin addicted, all in on lacroix

"Veeky Forums trade" - sitting on few hundred buck faget virtual coins watching their price every 10 seconds

Lacroix are good until they get slightly warm

Any anons know if these things are bad for you? Obviously plain water is the patricians choice

Skinny can La Croix master race reporting in, get that weak ass fat can bullshit outta here

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This shit saved me from a nasty diet coke habit. I have to drink twice as much of it as soda since it clears the palate so fast, but fuck it.

I think diet soda's the reason I gained 40 lbs, I'd drink it all day at work, by the time I got home my pancreas has squirted out so much insulin since it thought I was drinking sugar, I'd feel uncontrollable hunger and binge eat til I half-passed-out. Been substituting this god juice since a month now and I've been eating normal portions ever since.

It'll probably dissolve my teeth in a year or three but it's better than getting diabetes or cancer. Fuck sugar and fuck aspartame.

They're literally just water, carbonation, and fruit essential oils. Sometimes I wonder if the acid pulls in aluminum from the side of the can, though.

the cans are lined with a chemical spray so that's in the mix

I tried the one on the far right and it was fucking disgusting. Are the other two any good?

Pineapple Strawberry #1
Cherry Lime #2
Blackberry Cucumber #3

> sip and trade all week
> make 1% profit on my 400
> blow all $4 on sips
Life is good

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How the fuck do people drink this shit

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It is enjoyed by the rich and cultured.

Buying a Energydring + Chips when made >444$/day.

Sippin on the finest.

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>Drinking other than Root Beer

you deserve to be Gay.

Underrated post

Also the carbonation really does a number on your teeth. Maybe look into that and try drinking regular water more often

If it's not barqs or a&w, it ain't root beer.

I didn't think it got any worse than MadDog, what the fuck is this?

Nothing wrong with sugar, but yeah aspartame is absolute shit. If it's not sweetened with honey or sugar, leave it unsweetened. Not everything has to be sweetened, god damn food corporate jews.

L A C R O I X B O I X 2 0 1 8

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>Root beer
>Not Ginger Ale

You're on the wrong side of history

hi i dont come here ever and i do not know how to use money

i have 20 dollars how do i make that into more money im not selling drugs and im not blowing gay guys

im kinda serious because i have pretty good luck and am psychotic enough to carry things out when i know what im doing

croixkey mate, is this the thread where we discuss la croix?

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Who /natty sips/ here?

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>implying I drink anything carbonated

water with a pinch of Himalayan salt master race here

im /veggy/ right now

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This, I cycle between this shit and Gerolsteiner. I never knew I just liked the burn of carbonation all this time, not sugar.

I love to hate you user.

my nigger
german rock salt also good

As opposed to your daily triple carmel soymilk macchiato sprinkled with bee pollen.

out of the fucking way, pajeets

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>literally the best tasting diet soda on earth
>aged vanilla
>nice bite
>no caffeine jew
>no sugar jew

peak bumwine along with thunderbird

Fucking love La Croix and San Pellegrino

ive set up a kegerator system with some flavored sparkling water on tap at this point quite cozy here

riding on the edge of a lightning bolt, yeah we are

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>Soy boys btfo
Real drink for real Chads.

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gayest shit i've ever seen


You may need to get out more.

what the fuck is this does it come with a free cock up the ass?

>100 ways how men cope with secretly loving the taste of dick in their mouth

dude you're fucking GAY oh my good look at the sugar cube

drinking water. congrats on this user, seriously. you're like the only person here who drinks water huh bud

im calling my poo liquidated when it looks like his snip

this shit will fuck you up