I have returned. The time is nigh

I have returned. The time is nigh.

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I had to... well tbqh I had a long drive and then needed to shit. But ill answer questions once there is ten minutes remaining. Dubs/trips questions (or a particular insightful prediction) gets answers about 9 pm.

we still have 15mins faget no!

whats goin down little cat
I wish i had some fish skins to feed you

who started the 9 pm meme?


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What is this 9pm meme

So little cat, does the diamond shine?

Nice pre-dubs.

Yeah fair amount in this thread. If dubs here, tell us ervythingg

Did I fuck up by buying Bitcoin?

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I want chicken I want liver
Meow Mix Meow Mix
Please Deliver

I want chicken I want liver
Meow Mix Meow Mix
Please Deliver

I want chicken I want liver
Meow Mix Meow Mix
Please Deliver

I want chicken I want liver
Meow Mix Meow Mix
Please Deliver

Does the bull run begin


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What happens to btc at 9pm

Weak dubs strength

if dubs, op has to prove he isnt a faggot

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Woof, when do u see link hitting double digits dollars

say what happens at 9pm if dubs

is this about fuckin verge?

I noticed that ETH has been increasing in volume even though the price is going down.
The price sort of "stabilized at 488~492
Volume keeps getting higher.
Are you guys onto something?

tell me

meow meow meow

7mins if u fagets havent clued in yet its too late just watch the show

... clever boy

Trips confirm. Cat will save us all.

Nice question dickhead


5mins if u fagets havent clued in yet its too late, just watch the show

hey op I just asked whats gonna happen in cat and you didnt respond

It's imminent nuclear war on US soil, isn't it? The USD will collapse and BTC will skyrocket to $1+ million as it replaces it as the global reserve currency overnight.

Nice save. OP deliver

why do you waste your time with this shit nothing is gonna happen you retard


Respect. I'm Dimitri. Ropsten drops in 3 minutes.

Ropsten Testnet? what does that mean?

No you cant be

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Chainlink mainnet

I'm pretty sure the cat confirms that this is in no way a dead cat bounce because that cat is very much alive, more than alive, transcendent even

Oh fuck boys the dubs don't lie

Dubs nails it. Commence the bull


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Nice, dubs on the confirmation

holy shit smartest thing i've read on biz in months

That makes me sad about spending so much time here.

It's in the eyes

we close boys

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Good observation. Don't know if it's anything, but first eye line is level, second is slanted and moving upward as well.

my shitcoinfolio is mostly red but i'm still green on overall gains dollar wise
kek is good to me

oh god

I was very busy with some work and haven't checked Veeky Forums for 1 day can I get a memedown?

make it stop

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"9pm" has been a meme for two hours. OP claims its the chainlink testnet launching. Biz is confused

100% Confirmed

thanks for listening

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ropsten is ethereum testnet you brainlet stinky

Mmm excellent observation

Apologies user Im here for the memes

>being stupid is a meme
flush yourself down the toilet you dumb piece of shit.

wow rude