I missed out on going to parties when I was young

I did well in crypto and in my businesses but I'm now starting to realize that the young, hot girls don't give a fuck about you once you're 28+. They think you're a creep no matter how old you are. I sacrificed by youth to work hard, but now there is no reward. Fuck :(

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jesus fuck grow a brain, theres more to life than sex

Go to a bar you faggot

Like what?

Nah go get Veeky Forums bro. I know a 40 year old PT who bangs hot as fuck chicks

Uh, if you're under 50 you can still go to parties and score hot women. You won't be getting 23 year old sloots, but a 29 year old 7 is still a possibility. That is, unless you have no social skills and/or you're really fat. Then that all goes out the window.

some guys like milfs, some girls like dilfs
If i'm still single when I'm 40 i'll probably be banging college girls. might have to pay them but nothing in life is free really

jeuss christ you guly moron what the fuck is wrong with you? I'm 33 and married and middle/highschool girls hit on me all the fucking time.

Maybe stop being an ugly faggot.

Try a hottie your own age

Buy a cigarette boat

No. .... no not really. He missed all the best gains life could bring . Young hot vagina. And now its to late.

There are girls who didn't enjoy their own youthful beauty fully because they were working hard ('legitimately' or by whoring). They probably feel just as bad. "I spent my hot years getting this medical degree" etc.

The answer for both of you is radical life extension technologies. When you're biologically youthful for decades, you'll realize your quest to fuck hot young women was partially your mortality screaming.

Oh my god jesus christ you’re retarded.

Girls love older guys; i’m 27 and year by year i see interest grow for myself as my age goes up. Girls are less interested in a guy their age, you idiot.

I have friends 30+ who fuck girls younger than i do because they have what you don’t: physical, mental and financial stability. That’s what you need.

Go to the gym, go to the church or a psychiatrist or both, and don’t show off your wealth but let them know you have it.

Go out, parties are everywhere in town. Go alone. When they ask you why you’re there alone tell them you’re checking the pulse of the night life. Be true, compliment them, then make fun of them. Then compliment them again and take them home and fuck their brains out.

Good luck.

I’m only checking the pulse

>So uh...how come you're here alone?
>Just checking out the pulse of the night life, baby.

Top kek

Girls like older providers man. My great grandmother was fucking 14 and married a 40 year old banker.

>just checking the pulse
this guy does not fuck.

> what is seeking arrangement

if you actually "did well" then you should easily be able to afford like 5k a month for some prime college ass

Why the fuck would I get plastered when there's so much fucking money to be made out there?

I'm 19, I go to the biggest party school in america, and I have only been out twice. I'd much rather get paid than get faded

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Delivery is everything you incompetent imbecile; if she feels confidence when you say anything, even a completely retarded thing but which you deliver with a spice of self-aware sarcasm, she’s going to be all yours faster than bitconnect crashed.
God damn, you blithering cretins amaze me.

what are some good life extension options user? i'm already about to order some epitalon + thymalin

I'm betting you just dont get invited to parties

>When they ask you why you’re there alone tell them you’re checking the pulse of the night life
Wow that's a line sure to get women foaming at the vag. Fucking pussy slayer over here lmao

>bragging about fucking on Veeky Forums
what he said

you'd be betting wrong

If you're a dude, that's not a problem. Just work out and be fit. If you're a girl, you're done with your youth, go hang out with the other 30+ y/o.

That's what some men don't realize when they get jealous of the fun/adventures young party girls have. Once those girls hit 30, they're done (Unless they're the top 1%). Older men are accepted in groups a lot easier than older women. A 35 y/o man can easily land a woman 10-15 years younger as long as he's fit.

Your problem is you're probably the equivalent to an ugly/fat young girl. You need to go to the gym and work out, user.

Fuck off LARPer. We're full.

Delivery, remember. Confidence while saying it added with what I said earlier always works.

Here’s another one: i’m here alone because I want to give you all my attention, anyone else would be a distraction from watching and listening a brilliant girl such as yourself.

Stop being retarded plebs with no confidence. Put your balls on the table and smash them with your own head.

Its not what you say, it show you say it.

Audible kek

You also didn't get trapped fathering the kids of some some 19-23 year old 6/10. Or some 30 year old 8/10 who told you she was 23 and is now 35 like so many people I know. This can happen when you walk around acting the man pretending you got money.

Most girls prefer men 5-8 years older. So you're doing something wrong.

Stop dressing like a total fucking idiot and get into shape (that second one could take years depending on how bad you neglected yourself). If you have money and no social life you have no excuse not to right now. This is more likely the problem.

I'm 28 and I don't think I could stand being at a party with 'hot girls' as you put it. And dressing well is hard. Don't get ambitious thinking your can buy $30 aliexpress jacket because it kinda looks like nanamica and you think they look similar enough for others not to.

If you don't look OK in plan jeans and t shirt you aren't gonna stand a chance going further.

On the other end you're probably walking round 50lb overweight or hungry skeleton with a comb over wearing a graphic printed tee and terrible shoes with nose and ear hairs with bad glasses frames, not to mention the monobow, manbun, mustache, wierd facial hair, wierd pattern shaved into you head, stupid tattoos, bad teeth, wing nut ears all while being shy with a lisp. Alternatively your one of those off the shelf $200 suit people with 5 suits in 5 different colours which can't be mixed and matched. You could be wearing a hemp hoody from a festival stand and jeans with holes in it... Jesus, this works if you're into psytrance and dutty free spirts.

There are many ways you can do it wrong without even realising it.


That’s when hot girls START giving a fuck about you if you’re not a NEET

>Here’s another one: i’m here alone because I want to give you all my attention, anyone else would be a distraction from watching and listening a brilliant girl such as yourself.

god thats so creepy and retarded.. stop reading those pua books virgin