I have 1k REQ am i gonna make it by summer?

i have 1k REQ am i gonna make it by summer?

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you need at least 50k to kinda make it. even that won’t be enough to like retire or anything lol. but you’ll get a sizable payout with 50k if you sell at the right time, which you can then reinvest and hope to make it. if you want to make it just off of req? you need about 250k

>By summer

No but you can retire in 2023 if you hold. Just don't panic sell and forget about it.

Market is going to stay bearish for a year or two. However REQ will be a top 5 coin in 2023.

What if crypto isn't around then user. Or only like 10 coins are left

>you walk down the street to your awaiting luxury uber
>he takes you to your favorite breakfast spot by the water
>you enjoy a lovely panini and a cup of delicious coffee in the ocean air
>your home is an impenetrable fortress of luxury
>you open up Veeky Forums on your phone and see dozens of JUST threads after Req crashes from 3.5k to 2.75k
>you chuckle

REQ will totally be $1000 by summer, riiight

REQ is going to be one of those 10 coins. It wants to automate accounting and today has signed a partnership with the biggest accounting firm on the planet.

They are guaranteed to survive. People are insane by not buying now.

then have one of those ten coins

Wow $220, you can almost pay your mom back for the dinners she has made you this week

you also have to factor in the REQ burnt due to network use

what makes you think i didnt buy my stack when it was $1?

Well if you did then you would have lost 78% of your initial investment you autistic fuck

Buy more. That's all I can tell you.

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but...but they told me to hodl to the moon

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well now I feel bad $1 -> $0.22

You only have $48 if you held from $1

you should realise that there are multiple people who have made millions in crypto with couple hundred dollars.i think REQ is one of those coins that make it possible if you can just do nothing. put it in somewhere safe and hold it for 2 years and it will be worth much more than anyone ever expected here.

The burn rate is going to be much less than 10%, probably less than 5%/year.

the burn rate isnt even gonna matter its just a nice extra.

still good

That's like saying people made millions of facebook stock and you are talking about stock from your local donair shop

Who else gonna /makeit/ with Request Network? God my dick is rock fucking hard right now just thinking about it.

let's make it happen. I've had an erection since 4am

nope. its like saying people made millions of facebook stock and you are talking about being bill gates. this will be much bigger than buttcorn will ever be. owning 100k of this coin 2025 will be like owning facebook now.

Reqtards are even more deluded than linkies

Tell that to brainlets who perpetuate the "burn is gonna send us to the moooooon bois" meme.

have fun with your funfair :D:D:D:D:D:D:D i will be posting that all around biz in 2025

B-but I like Funfair desu :'(

Just sold 81 bnb for 4.2k req


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no. funfair is completely useless shitcoin. it will never give you any good gains and even if it does it will be a PnD. its gonna be forgotten in a year MAX. Pokerstars accepts bitcoin and there is a lot of reasons to play in pokerstars rather than FunFair :D:D:D:D:D:D


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