Friendly reminder you've already made it

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friendly reminder this graph is a massive underestimation

> posted by Trolololo
Seems legit af

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what do you mean? btc should moon higher?

Friendly reminder that white women crave big black cock

we've been going down, not up

real dick move pasting your own QR wallet over the original

Learn how to read a graph brainlet

who the fuck would donate anyway doing non-linear regression is the easiest thing to do and also it does not work

it's exponential not logarithmic


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yeah op is a fag. here's the original

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Not really. Only in (((their))) fantasies. Or if the woman is trash.

the cannot be logarithnic you retards that would

adoption is increasing btc's supply hasn't even stopped growing yet.
usd hasn't lost purhasing power since 2012

the limit is when bitcoin is the world currency

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This chart proves bitcoin will hit 1 million by 2021

>being so desperate to change the address with their own
Implying that chart is not a bullshit.

lines up perfectly with my estimate

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it shows we are going up....

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>usd hasn't lost purhasing power since 2012

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Also, clean that dried cum on your screen, you damn subhuman.

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finally, somebody that shares me eyes.

lets forget about rent and food hikes

you think that gold is a perfect gauge of purchasing power? it goes through bubbles and crashes based on supply and demand, it's also not a finite supply

zoom out 50 years and look at gold again

once they go black
we dont want them back

so in 2019 we can expect BTC to hit +-200k ?


the image is a troll you can't just draw a line assuming a trend will continue