Did he An Hero?

Did he An Hero?

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Thread of 2018 so far

o yeah what a post to be remembered a 0 proof short oh boy write this one down in your diary.

fuck. i think i saw that thread.

Are you invested in SALT?
Cos you're a salty motherfucker aren't you

Better than believing an obvious retarded larp the liquidation didn't even come up on bitmexrekt. Better fake stories to tag along to faggot

You actually research liquidations?


10 seconds of looking at twitter would be considered research to some larp loving brainlet

>Mommy the mans bullying me on the internet
>Gimme some milk Mommy
>Mmm Mommy I love you so much

I bet you don't have a whole lot of friends do you faggot? Not a whole of people would turn up to your funeral if you killed youself. Amiright?

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read it while it's still alive, keep in mind thread started when we dumped under 8k dumpster fire mode

poor faggots making a big deal out of someone losing money on bitmex
what sad creatures you are

Look everyone it’s a girl! Open bob bitch lasagna.

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W-wait... OP from other thread?? I-is that you? Put down the knife...

Reminder that next time I open a high leverage short, create a thread saying I'm doing a 100x long with all my savings. And vice versa. Or just keep my mouth shut.
Like some anons suspected in that thread, I wouldn't put past some whale user reading that thread and fucking with OP just for laughs.

Oh shit.

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>activate quantum immortality

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Being this nu

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Sweet baby JUST

He lost 25k

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Mkt is going down again too. An hero got absolutely bogged