Fuck guys, it's actually over. December 2017 was it. Every single person I know was talking about bitcoin...

Fuck guys, it's actually over. December 2017 was it. Every single person I know was talking about bitcoin. It was on Big Bang Theory, Seth meyers. Katy Perry was posting about it on her nails. Paparazzi would yell at Michael Keaton and he would keep walking. They ask him about bitcoin, he immediately stops and turns around and talks about it.

That was the normie invasion and it's gone. I didn't sell because I was greedy. Fuck.

Institutional money isn't going to come in on an asset that is not regulated and high volatile. This is just gambling. Look at all the people who get rekt on Bitmex. How are they going to explain to their boomer clients about the highs and lows while some fag in Japan dumps his BTC. It's all controlled by whales.

What is going to actually bring new money? Nothing. What has actually been done to implement it in the real world? Nothing. It's hard as fuck for normies to use.

Why did Uber disrupt the taxis? Because you fucking push a button and a car shows up. Doesn't get easier than that. Why did Tinder disrupt website dating? Because you just swipe, match, and then start talking. It literally doesn't get easier.

I have friends who own crypto and we still pay eachother in Venmo lol. When I opt to pay him i ETH, it's actually more complicated. And I may pay him .10 ETH, then get jelly if that amount actually goes up lol, or vice versa.

This is all literally bullshit. Anything that is disruptive is because it is easier for normies. That is it. NOTHING is easier than using Venmo. Normies don't fucking care about muh decentralized, muh eliminate banks.

We all just need to swallow the red pill and realize it's fucking useless. I've been wallowing in shit for 3 months just waiting for it to come back. Normie money is gone. It's not easier for normies. big money won't touch it. It's over man. Fuck. This sucks. I just wanted to be rich so I could fuck hookers, and experience what it feels like to be a chad. that's all man.

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I thought the same thing last April about ETH.

I lost out on millions by selling ETH at $20.00

When DApps make it easy for normies, the price of BTC and ETH will be so high people will talk about mBTC and mETH (one sat or one vat).

just wait for sunny days again, it should all be worth it in the end user

This is like saying global communication networks will never take off in 1985 because Usenet is unintuitive.

exactly. I sold in December because I came to the same conclusion back then and saw this as nothing more than a speculative bubble. If you wanna make money investing I would suggest $VOO

>I've been wallowing in shit for 3 months
3 months is nothing

Than why are you still fudding

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Last year was only the test pump. There is practically 0 institutional money in still. As soon as regulators make it clear what their stance is and custodial services are opened (which will take probably 6-12 months), a flood of institutional money will pour into the space. They will pump this shit so hard because they know normies will flock back in after. Stop crying and sell it all now if you're an impatient imbecile.

This is the truth.

Nigger there is practically no money in btc. Less than one percent of normalfags even bought it. Only 8 percent are interested in it.

>long term
Last bear cycle lasted around 48 months. Let that sink in.

This market is not for you, don't bother covering your short and keep the fiat - walk away, forget about us.

Eh fuck it, I'm gonna keep slowly accumulating. This shit always seems to happen with Bitcoin and crypto in general. I like to gamble and a few hundred bucks a month into this is worth it for the upside even if it takes a few years to take off again.

Feel bad for the idiots that bought on borrowed money and credit cards though (not really).

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Let me introduce you to REQ. With your logic this coin will literally save crypto

Just as you judged the top by reactions of the normies, we that sold near the top are now judging reactions like you posted.

I'll by when I start seeing suicides related to crypto on the news.

Sub $1300 would be about right I think.

Yeah, I started on March 3rd I think it was, bought in at 10800, thought bears was over, I made almost perfect trades, could never make it back. Got screwed big on one trap which was XRP at 80 cents, it fell to 60 cents.Then I just rally, buy in ICX but sell it too early but now I am making Bitcoin profit of 15% however, BTC goes down and I freak out and go Tether at 8K forget about it awhile scared it will do 6K, rebuy at 9K, get fucked again. Make a nice play on XVG so yeah I mean I am not dying only down 20% cash but I have gone through like 50 +1% -1% trades this month and its stressful as shit. Of course I am a sorta-normie and had no idea about shorting Bitcoin so I'm fucked.

Now I am so exhausted I can barely get the energy to do a trade on XVG 35 min ago but it was too obvious. I have even done day trading stocks and it was nothing like this, just predictable setups with 10% gains, some 5% losses but good decent money.

No normie is going to accept buying into a coin, losing money for doing nothing wrong and then trying to play endless 1% scalps.

I think they need to make it easier for normies then yes. The prices will increase exponentially.

The demand would be through the roof.

But in reality. How would this happen? You think it's actually possible to have currencies like nano and btc, and ltc on a smartphone app to make normies think it's all on their phone and all they have to do is just send an amount in dollars that converts it to btc or whatever to them.

And it would need to be fast. Super efficient, and very basic to use.

I have to keep remembering this...I always get myself so short sighted,,

But this is true, once they get the okay they will pour into the market pumping prices up like crazy.

But, I do remember hearing some hedge funds already have btc in their portfolio

The market recovering is not promised. 2017 was different from other years of crypto. The other years of crypto were mainly beta ppl with autism who knew about crypto and really supported it. This time around it was normies as well as families, Stacey, even nigs. Everyone here is delusional including me sometimes. I'm just addicted to trading at this point. This market is fucked

People already killed themselves over Bitconnect.

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Nice plebbit spacing on your blog post, faggot.I hope you have enough money left for a helium tank.

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ETH wasn't the normies. That is actually when I got into crypto, when ETH popped. It is VERY hard to make dApps and I think a lot of people sit here and imagine that this is going to take over. Seems very reminiscent of Google shilling web apps in fear of iOS taking over, when nobody gave a shit.

Most apps are a mix of centralized/decentralized and call to a central API for any transactional function. Having it FULLY decentralized is VERY hard, VERY costly and VERY time consuming, all for the sake of being MUH decentralized. That's why I am saying at the end, Venmo is still better. It's all shit.
I'm not trying to FUD. I'm just bummed. Wish I had money to feel better about myself. I wanted to make it, just like you guys.
All the world regulators will have to come together on terms, but that still won't matter because can any one country fully trust in another to ensure their institutions aren't trying to fuck over the others?
I'll probably still stay around. I made some $$ so far. Just posting my blog entry...but it's kind of true though.
We're not at capitulation yet friend. But yes, these are good buy signal indicators.
>le edgy high schooler
You can space however you want faggot and have been for years. Fuck off with this meme already.

Lol retard.

Multiple insiders I'm not going to name have said trillion are about to enter crypto.


Goldman Sachs just brought an entire fucking crypto exchange. google.com/amp/s/coincentral.com/goldman-sachs-funded-circle-purchases-poloniex-400mln-buyout/amp/

Crypto billionaires have all moved to Puerto Rico, where there's no capital gains tax.


For reasons I won't talk about. I think the golden bull run will start between April 1st and June 1st.

So for the love of God OP if you're gonna sell at least wait for June 2nd.

Everything is going to at minimum 10x. Some coins *cough* *cough* may go 50x or even 100x, but as long as you're holding something you'll go at least 10x.

Is this bait? Very good job if so, you have a gift

Also I don't know what you remember, but back in biz a big sentiment was saying to just wait, the normies are still coming. That's changed now to understand they came and went.
I'll believe it when I see it. GS just want to capitalize on profitability of exchanges making money. Right now Binance and Coinbase are making a killing. They want in on that too. They could give a fuck about crypto adoption. And this certainly doesn't mean investor money will come in. different markets dumbass.

Ok, so they moved to Puerto Rico?? So what? They're only thinking of themselves for this year and their money. Doesn't mean shit for the market as a whole, including guys like me and you. You think they have it all figured it out. News flash, humans are trying to figure their lives out everyday. Nobody knows what's going to happen in the future. If they do, they're fucking lying. And those crypto billionaires are it.

Can't chainlink help implement DApps for normie usage??

pajeet teeka detected

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I wish your LARP were even half true

shut the fuck up Teeka you pajeet nigger nobody believes you

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>Goldman Sachs bought poloniex

woah what the fuck why havent i heard of this before now

I don't think the main target should be normies. They don't really give a shit about anything in general, especially tech and finance. I'm a software engineer and I don't even care about tech that much aside from messing around with programs. Crypto will be "adopted" in my eyes if businesses start to use it. Because they are the only real group with a lot of money and motivation to work with complex tech. And the only way to reliably get businesses to adopt crypto is to show them possible benefits like the cost savings of removing middlemen and reducing tx fees (visa charges vendors 1-3%).

tl;dr only business adoption really matters

Yes it happened not too long ago. You can download the app its called Circle Invest on the App Store. It's basically Coinbase, but shittier looking. Most normies already know Coinbase, so I'm not sure what their competitive advantage is whereas say Binance has every shitcoin in existence.

But again, it doesn't mean anything. The Circle app still is very noobish and doesn't have traction. 400M is a fart in the money they have, and if it can turn into the next Coinbase and they rake in those fees, then they're willing to take the gamble. Doesn't mean it will cause a bullrun like people think. All that new money would just filter in through Coinbase anyway (like it did in December)

Markets are not magical fucking entities.

They're controlled by fucking rich people.



David Drake mentioned that some hedge funds we're putting in 0.05% of their money into bitcoin. That isnt a meme number either thats the actual figure. Its the equivilent of having 1 million in the bank and putting 5 grand into bitcoin.