I've clocked over 1000 hours on biz, this year alone. Ama

I've clocked over 1000 hours on biz, this year alone. Ama.

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How much money have you lost this year?

what's your mental state like?

I'm about 60% down from holding at ath, and maybe 40% down from Jan 1, not worried though
I'm emerging out of the broken phase, the charts the last three months have been insanely boring to say the least

And given all your money to a giant jew ponzi

Does it seem like you talk to the same people everyday?

And have you ever created an OC that caught on?

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Why aren't you a link hodlr

Best thread excluding the ZCL heist and the 8200 short?

1) How much advice have you followed.
2) What advice?
3) How has it affected your portfolio?

The water in that glass is worth more than the coins on the desk. Why is that there?

Absolutely, especially after things have slowed down. I do create memes, mostly for a coin people absolutely HATE here
Not yet
I only go into threads of promising projects lately,. It helps filter the crack heads advice
Sorry, I'm not sure what you're saying

Zcl threads were pretty depressing. The ven ones were classic though

Not him but I made these

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And these

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brendan's from /tv/

if only negro feature was still in faceapp

imagine the nigga sergey memes

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another oldfag here, yes I recognize posters constantly

I created the sergey/maki smoking pic and the watchbro plush pepe

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I've clocked over 1000 hours on Veeky Forums, this month alone. Don't ama because all of you are fucking faggots.I

sup fellow marine

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that bear a cute

I'm not actually a link marine, I was just doing you guys a solid

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Same op.. can’t be good for my mental health.. or whatever’s left of it. Wanna kms thx Veeky Forums