This is DEFINITELY not manipulated

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healthy correction

u should have listened biz

shorts liqed, shorts going at it again

get the fuck out

So its moved past barts to full on marges

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has anyone denied that it is?

we all know it is, it always has been

we're just riding the waves

Yes, but now since a few people own the majority of the supply, they can manipulate it big time and much more easily.

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Shorts on suicide watch

Just let me be rich already ffs

every retard from the beginning of time has claimed every single market was manipulated

btc isn't special it was just a bubble m8

just lost a fuckton on bitmex

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Crypto is pure garbage

Pretty sure everyone in this idiotic shit is losing money except the top manipulators

I'm up 90% on the day and I'm not manipulating anything my dude, just reading the market.



It has been predictable as shit for the past 24 hours

((They)) have you guys scared to go long now. Your liquidated shorts will be the fuel, ((they)) won't even have to pump it very much. The rest of you will be holding tether that is worth less and less every second as you sit and wait for a pullback that never comes.

Down 10% doesn't mean you're up 90%

To an extent. People overestimate it.
And OPs pic is just variance related to low volume.

It almost looks like the red bar wants to go down towards the bottom left

No really what do the Jews have to do with cypto? Did they get a hold of all the ((stolen)) mtgox coins?

If there's money to be made ((they)) are involved. This is one of the easiest markets to manipulate and its unregulated. Of course ((they)) have their hands in it

if a couple rich exchange owners are murdered or found dead I bet the crash would end preety quick

Well Kraples is one of ((them)) so who the fuck knows how much he’s still holding and who knows wtf is going on behind the scene. One thing for sure is that few people are controlling the whole things n slowly they will own the majority of it. That’s when the bull run starts

someone post the screencap from the thread
i didn't save it

It's a computer program. There's no plan. It's just detecting thresholds.

Nope, you are just getting lucky. This is literally just whales fucking around and if you think this is legitimate price action you are going to get royally JUST'd in the future. Just accept that you got lucky, take profit, and move on.

>that envy

bullshit. post trades

No, retard, it's the law of averages. Exact same thing happened to me and every other dumbfuck on here