Thicc gf

guys now that crypto is fucking dead, how the fuck do I afford to wine and dine my lazy, needy, thicc princess?? She was a stick and a health freak when we started going out, but after restaurant meals on the daily, alcohol and all her needs taken care off, all she does is eat, shop, fuck and lounge around the house. I bet she can't even do a situp anymore. Her former, bony body now covered with about 30lbs of pure, fluffy thiccccccc. How do I brake this to her? Shell probably need to lose some weight and start camming so we can cost average.

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is that actually her? that's prime thiccness, no need to fix what isn't broken.

>Shell probably need to lose some weight and start camming so we can cost average.

kek, my sides

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Tell her you’ll reward her with food and meals out daily at restaurants twice as high class if she loses 30lbs that should buy you at least 3 months if not forever

One of the advantages of being in a gay relationship is that we both work and neither of us have any expectation of a free ride. I feel bad for straight people who get saddled with a ball-and-chain bitch.

man you say this as if its soo easy, meanwhile all she does is picrelated. you think 3 months is enough for sunny lu's shitcoin to go back up again?
yeah but whats the alternative? Im already figuratively taking it up the ass, don't need to make it literal now

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But you take dick up the ass, so there's that retard

I'm pretty sure she's depressed user.

>It is possible for men to achieve orgasms through prostate stimulation alone.[11][12] The prostate is sometimes referred to as the "male G-spot" or P-spot.[13] Some men can achieve orgasm through stimulation of the prostate gland, such as prostate massage or receptive anal intercourse, and men who report the sensation of prostate stimulation often give descriptions similar to females' accounts of G-spot stimulation.[11][14]
Yeah, and newsflash--it feels fucking amazing.

Feeling REAL good is gay and unmanly, though. Only women get that privilege.

Men are biologically supposed to be with women, the fact that this is even a subject of discussion is astounding to me, you people have some sort of hormonal/chemical imbalance or something because you literally want a dick in your ass but you're too retarded and brainwashed to even consider it. Enjoy your AIDS.

I don’t see anything wrong here. That woman has the thickness where it need to be.
I’ve got a long dong, slim boney chicks can’t take it like a girl with some meat on the bone.

what did they mean by this?

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we aren't 5, we know what prostate stimulation is retard
If you cared so much about that, you would get a girl to peg you. Or have her play with a dildo in your ass, there are girls that will do it.

But no, you are attracted to men. Not just for sex, but for kissing and cuddling and everything. You like hairy bodies and thick muscles. Something is extremely wrong with your kind, even tho i don't hate on them in person. Find out what is wrong with you, there will always be a nagging voice in your head.

That you are different, not the norm. Abomination if you will

Damn there's really nothing easier in the world than being an attractive girl. None of my straight white male privileges stack up to that.

That’s a fat ho nice work

Start going to the gym and bring her with you dummy.

Rate my thicc gf same situation as op

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Women who aren't thin are unattractive.

Buddy if you only knew.
I've got a 5'2" 100lb green eyed goddess that pays for everything. EVERYTHING.
She doesn't even want me to work. Just wants me to be happy.
But hey you do you and I hope you two are happy.

OP your gf is fat.

Not everyone can hit the jackpot, user.

Nicely done user, you’ve found yourself a sugar momma.

She's hotter now than she was before. This is coming from a black man though.
But she'll probably be obese after marriage or first kid.

>la creatura

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Could you translate that into eurospeak?
100 sounds like a lot. Is she fat?

45.36 kg

>Really loves his mother

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You're right. I got fucking lucky. I need to marry her and lock that shit up. Hahah that's what I always say. She wants to use her money for me to start a business too.
I don't know how to convert to stones. But at least she has straight teeth.

Not everyone on here runs on good boy points you autist

Ok buddy, go back to playing your video games. If you're a good boy, maybe your girlfriend will let you drive her car to GameStop.

OP, what's the gut looking like?

Can't you accept that some people on here have good lives?
but yeah I'll probably play some rocket league tonight while she shops for new cars online.
Stop being salty and maybe you can change your life around user.

Actually what's funny is our only car right now is mine, a 2015 Buick regal gs. Lmao

lol you guys are assholes

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I know user. Its ridiculous

cool bro, enjoy fucking your stick

im not saying anything is wrong figure wise. i love this fluffy bitch. the thing is with the thicc came the lazy too. how do I make her move her chubby ass after having spoiled her for a year? Gym doesn't work btw, just makes excuse after excuse.

gut is still under control. She doesnt have a fat gut or anything, just completely untoned at this point. an inch to pinch. which shes embarrassed about. its cute tho

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nah no stick. fat ass and c cups. you can be in shape with curves my man.
your girl just needs to cut back on the booze tbqh

At least they don't pack their asshole

also wtf sigmund? so she gained some weight, doesn't mean shes fucking depressed, she was just a hedonist bitch from the very start

It looks like your broad just eats and drinks all day. Does she have a fat ass?

Need some proof that she thicc amigo, she lookin sticc from here

faggotry is a sin
get in touch with god


lol anyone who still believes in god in the year 2018 is an absolute moron. Jesus can kiss my ass.

too much makeup
definitely has fucked black guys

You have no leverage in the relationship. She can do whatever she wants cause you're dependent on her like a child. Eventually she will want a partner, and you won't be able to compete.

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>degenerate with such low self impulse control that he has his asshole fucked because it feels good
If I was a disgusting hedonist without s strong mindset I'd probably be doing meth and getting fucked up the ass because it feels good, but I don't because I recognize that discipline is the road to true happiness and achievement

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get her fatter you idiot. who wants a skinny twig gf


Everyone, that's why trying to get one sucks.

thats kinda the whole point of here... and yeah shes accumulating bro. that ass is fat and getting fatter
how much fatter though?

how do I keep her at this weight? need to make her work or something

you're only ignoring his word because it conflicts with your sick fetish. reach out to God, and i promise he will reach back

get saved, user

you fucking idiot, the reason she got thicc is because she is lazy

you fell for the thick meme what a dumbshit

leverage huh?
This is why you'll never actually fall in love.
you fucking kids...


I'm starting to think that this is a larp, those pics could just be ripped from someone's instagram/facebook.

my man - having sex with bigger women is qualitatively better. there is the cost of social stigma around dating big women but its worth it dog

kill yourself, religion is for retards who are to afraid to use critical thinking.

user, the point is that eventually your girlfriend will realize she can date someone she loves who has a job. And she'll have twice as much money for things like a house and vacations. There will always be other guys out there interested. You should aspire to be better than them. Stay competitive.

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we met at work. she encouraged me to quit my job.
Ive been successful
we quit our jobs together and moved across the country.
don't act like you know my situation

but mostly if you're worried about leverage you're doing it wrong

You bragged about being a neutered male, who relies on his girlfriend for financial support. You think love never gets tested user? Her love for you will be tested one day. I hope you will be ready for the challenge

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post nudes if not larping

She's very cute, she deserves to be pampered.

>I feel bad for straight people who get saddled with a ball-and-chain bitch.
It's better than AIDS

Trips confirm the upcoming challenge


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>Thiccy sticcy ugh

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Submit her to GDP

women who are sticks aren't attractive either.

Nice LARP, unless you're talking about your mom.


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>he calls fat thicc
thicc is a mix of muscular and a moderate amount of fatty, or just purely muscular ass /thighs. not just pure fat.

Are u a manlet or something user? Your gf is hot af, 10x more hot with the thicc and big tits than the skeleton she was before. But keep her in this condition, if she gets fatter it could be a problem.

> thread still going
> next to no activity
> Veeky Forums slowing down
> all my shitcoins bleeding to fuck
> eth below $400 soon
fuck this

tomato tomato my dude, point is the mollycoddling got out of control. she doesn't lift her finger anymore. i love pampering her, but its gotta stop now that this shit is near over. need to get her into ig/snap whoring and make some bank again.

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Just pimp her out mate

> keep her in this condition, if she gets fatter it could be a problem
this is exactly the problem. with how lazy shes gotten this is where things are going right now

das phayt maine

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Then be honest with her. Tell her how she was pretty underweight before and how she’s perfect now, but if she keeps gaining weight she’ll be fat.

oh she knows, but user, logic and girls...

she aint making anything on ig/snap with a face like that

The way I solved this was by calling outdoor activities as "dates." I.e let's travel to x or let's go on a hike at y.

Just need to find some form of outdoor activity that you can engage in together without triggering her or "muh fat shaming."

oh please, thirsty dogs will be all over the thicc, all about keeping her in this state tho
not a bad idea user, skip the restaurant hit the hills, thanks

Post a pic of her phat ass so we can confirm she thicc af

this OP

Just embrace the THICC user. Means you are high in testosterone.

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damn thats a big ol brapper

afk right now, only have sticc her on my phone. ill post more when i get back provided thread still lives

sorry to tell you but its over, she knows how lazy she can be with you and how much you pay for her to do nothing but be a lazy shit. The only way you win is by breaking up, women have no motivation to stay in shape once they've latched on to a guy, put yourself in her shoes, and approach it narcissistic, if you had a woman paying for all your shit would you bother doing shit you hated just becuase they asked you?

If you ask her to loose the weight 1 of 3 things will happen
1) she will loose the weight, very slowly and put no real effort in and resent you for making her do it, you both break up
2) she will refuse to, because you paid for her to be lazy for 1 year, why should she put effort in? you've shown that you;re willing to do this for her so in her mind you should be able to always do it, you will resent her and break up with her
3) she will keep saying she will but will never do it.

You dropped your frame, she's seen that you will be a beta ATM to her, its over you can't gain the respect you lost with the same woman. just find another girl, or stay single

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dubs of truth but at the same time, nice lacanian prose mate. i dont want her to lose anything right now, shes fucking delicious the way she is. she just gotta stop lazying around all day doing fuck all and being spoiled. is that too much? cant i have that fucking cake and eat it too

can i fuck ur gf?

Just saying brah but a nice thicc bish like yours is not gonna have any trouble getting thirsty simps to throw money at her from camming.

unfortunately it is too much to ask, at least with this girl, you're never getting the respect back.

lucky for you there's another few billion women on earth.

For next time set out the rules of the relationship before you start, tell her you hold yourself to high standards and that you expect her to do the same or its over the moment she stops doing it. Don't reward her for being lazy or any other bad behavior. Approach their behavior as if they are a child in an adult body and you will find it swings to your advantage as they lack accountability just like a child does. This works for however long you can keep it up as long as you don't marry, however this is tiresome to do every day.

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Enjoy your parasites and anal fissures LMAO

thicc goddess

dude she is nice, fuck her extra hard tonight for me so i can sleep better (been sleeping like shit lately)

really tho talk about it, she must realize being lazy is disgusting and unattractive also stop spoiling too much. middle ground of everything is best.

bumped for moar pix

fake maga hat
whore makeup
disgusting dirty room

lets see the whole face and a body shot and ill make a final decision

fuck thread still going. you thirsty fuckers give me hope. pix incoming

>crypto gains
>lives in student housing


hurry up, will probably die soon