Who here /drop & trade/?

Who here /drop & trade/?

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Last thing I want to do on L is play with internet money.

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No thanks. The last time I did that, I ended up bagholding 200 WAVES for 6 months.

I'm microdosing for gainz

How is it going so far. I want to give it a shot

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Forget about microdosing, do a ten strip and you'll be able to do hyper-TA with your mind!

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what is happening here?

Steve-o and nangs. Fuck, you people are young.

You need to do whip-its while on acid if you haven't already. Fucking out of body experience! Add ketamine for the ultimate trifecta.

who here /machine elves and trade/?

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Deemsters is more of a once or twice a year thing for me, it's too much of a spiritual experience to go into all the time.
I would have no problem with doing the L, K, and NOx trifecta once every week if I could afford it. That combo has expanded my idea of what consciousness is more than any other.

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and yet here you are, posting on biz. some transcendent experience.

All I needed was a breakthrough or half breakthrough once. It was a 7 hour shroom trip in 5 minutes. Amazing, but I can't recall anything now. Just vague imagery and the feeling of going "home" again.

Man I love that meme, really throws me back to 2010

/pol/ is a bastardization of /new/

only degenerate shrekli worshipping faggots do lsd, shrooms is all you need

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I've got some ald-52 but I haven't tried it yet. Bought it with litecoin, lol.

Psychedelics made me realize that I needed to get my life together and get enough money to not have to be a wage slave forever. So yes, here I am.

>get enough money
sounds like a real enlightening trip. best of luck.

25b and 1p. Haven't tripped in 2 years.

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Haven't done psys ever in a long time. I feel that it would be incredibly stupid to trip hard and trade. Like I can easily imagine a scenario where you lock in on some shitcoin that stood out to you in your fucked up state and you going into loops of how this coin will revolutionize the world and getting all hyped up in your self created delusions that are amplified ten fold because your tripping, then you go all in on that garbage that has no liquidity, only to realize what you've down after you came down and saw the huge wick on that one shitcoin you now remember nothing about.

Who the fuck got time for LSD? I don’t have 12 hours to waste anymore. I love shrooms and weed, this combo gives me more euphoria than pure molly and it’s all done and back to baseline within five hour total. Haven’t touched LSD in a long time, after my true ego death experience I don’t think I’ve gained anything from it

Not having money means not having freedom. I don't know how many experiences I've had to miss out on because I either have to work (in order to get money to live), or have no spare money (but plenty of spare time because I'm out of a job). Fuck that shit, all I do is work, and instead of a vacation, I take a broke-ation, which means just hanging out at home.
You know how many times I wanted to go to a music festival or Burning Man or something? I had to work, and now I'm 33 and Burning Man isn't even cool any more from what I've heard, it's all yuppie fucking scum now. I wasted my 20s going to college, got a STEM degree, plenty of debt, and work a job that pays shit.
I'm a slave to my bills, I don't even live extravagantly and I'm barely scraping by. Psychedelics made me realize the hopelessness of tgat situation, so I tightened my belt and started investing. If crypto goes tits up, I'll find some other way to win my freedom.

Is that still technically legal in the US? Or did the the analogue act finally catch up with it?

Crazy that he is still healthier than 90% of the men of his age despite of all the abuse he put his mind and body through.

Think it's in the grey area still. Never dropped it, but did lucy once and it was ego death. If you tried, is it similar? nbomes imo were better for some reason. less mindfuck more euphoria.

The suggestion of mixing psychedelics with financial markets is so sickening to me I want to puke. I want to contemplate existence and my connection with nature while tripping. Trading is the opposite of transcendence, it's tethering oneself to the most uninspiring part of being alive

Nbome is more of a mescaline analogue if I recall correctly, whereas 1p literally gets converted to good old LSD in your body when you take it. I tried nbome once, but I was on some other stuff too so it's hard to say what was what.

Haha, very true. I wish I could live a lifestyle where I just didn't have to worry about money at all. Fuck a Lambo, I want freedom!

Can i pls save this rare?

>hub hoor /drool und drud/?

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Don't even think about it, kid. You wouldn't download a car would you? WOULD YOU?!

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Yeah you're right. It's closer to mescaline. That explains why it lasted a long time and had this electric feeling to it. I drew this blueprint for computer hardware on 25cnbome and afterwards forgot what it meant.

That'd be dope if 1p turns into LSD. Same goes for 4-AcO-DMT. Like taking psilocin.