What’s the name for this pattern?

What’s the name for this pattern?

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The goyim special

Reverse Ichimoku falling cloud tweezers

The marge

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i like this

impossible square formation never seen before in any TA books

That's just using portals. Pretend it's been sideways my friends

Pump & Dump

Death box

Short Searching.

Honest question, does this shit EVER happen in traditional markets? Can you find this shit in any TA textbook?

bart simpson

Was gonna say bart but that's funnier and more original Desu

El Barto

no cuz pump and dump is illegal in stock market

also you got SIMPSON'D


trips of truth

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also checked


Low volume.


kek'd and check'd

the it's over

trips confirm

only prior to 1926 or whenever they enacted insider trading regulation

A parabola.

Literally only been a thing since Bitmex

Too kek
It’s official

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I never once seen it in Forex charts and we see it like 5 times a day in bitcoin

Include me in the screencap. Bart and Marge patterns are now part of biz lingo and will permeate to traditional investors

its illegal.

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>What’s the name for this pattern?

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The "He shorted the dip at 100x. Liquidate him and resume the dump"

>Homer becomes a meme on Veeky Forums
>Bart becomes a meme
>Marge becomes a meme

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Inverse mooning

>The "He shorted the dip at 100x. Liquidate him and resume the dump"

Fucking saved

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Unironically it's a textbook Bog reflex pattern..
>He shorted
>pump it.
>he got liquidated and went long.
>dump it.

Since exchanges know exactly what moves they have to make in order to profit they move up and down depending on how many longs/shorts get liquidated in either way.
You cant win against those whales. Ride the waves or get eaten

WTF inverse Bart is now forming.

> didnt include trips of truth

plz remake it user