It was real

It was real.

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Where's that dickhead that called it a LARP?


>im going short
>liquidated long

play jewish games, win jewish prizes

but he did say take risk when blood is in the streets like he was going to long.

You don't know read???

user go short, rekt kill long

$2,520,331 = $25,203 liquidated?

Is that how x100 leverage works?

Do kikes run the crypto casino?

nigga got suicided by the bogs

That liquidation was hours before the post you dumb fuck

Low volume = high variance
High variance =high liquidation risk despite E(v) of BTC
Do not margin trade low volume.

Yes, also that guy was an idiot for not having take profit stops in place or realizing some and delevering.


>MMmmm MOMMY, gimme

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there was also one at $8018.50
maybe OP was just rounding

that's what he get for showing his liquidation price.

whales browse /biz


only a fucking retard would do that

You can still margin trade but you should use low leverage, like 2x or 3x

>buys the dip
h-hey i just shorted and i'll get liquidated at 20k

its really funny, the whole situation. high fives all around

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>but he did say take risk when blood is in the streets like he was going to long.

using 100x leverage IN CRYPTO is a risk no matter whether you're going long in a moonshot or short in a crash. one little fluctuation the other way and you're fucked.

you might as well put it all on black, then red, then red, then black, then red, then black again.

Yep. 1% swings are common as fuck especially in crypto
No matter where you open or what direction it's headed, on 100x leverage your liquidation will be damn near touched if it isn't
Calling a hard bottom or top within 1% accuracy is impossible

nothing suspicious about this at all :)

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