Bypassing KYC for large ICO investments...Pooltrade is about to bring ICO Pool Groups to the next level

Bypassing KYC for large ICO investments...Pooltrade is about to bring ICO Pool Groups to the next level.

Only 2,000,000 tokens guys.

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hahahahaha I fucking called it
Pooltrade released a Whitepaper before Poolerex did. The fucking madmen.

glad pooltrade is under the radar but the token buyback system they’re gonna have is absolutely fucking gold

Pooltrade is newer, too.

0.5 ETH minimum contribution?
not bad at all

Fucking anonymous devs.
I mean it makes sense.
Anonymous devs is good for the security of the platform but it’s fucking frustrating as all hell.

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>0.03 ETH per /pol/ tard

What's the market cap gonna be outta the gate? Can't be arsed to do math right now

Small as fuck

It’s not an average ICO
It’s like a flash investment

Seems like it will be less than $1 million at current ETH prices. I wanna get in, but it seems like Confido 3.0 asking for that little. Still prolly going to throw in 1 ETH

>ICO based around breaking SEC regulations to allow US crypto buyers to break the law
>good investment

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300k "marketcap" during pre-ico
2million marketcap during main ico
Potential to reach 28 Million market cap by 2020.

virtual tokens taking the place of ICO tokens isn’t breaking the law though

ICO pools are the next big boom

Them talking about price in the future at all is a big red flag for me

meh just a way to attract to investors in my opinion considering it could go much higher if it takes off

poolerex btfo

28 million market cap is small

100 million minimum is realistic imho



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There is maximum contribution amount? I don't want all the supply in the hands of a fucking greasy whale.

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No clue but I agree 100%
Should be a 2 ETH contribution max

you’re an idiot

Hot damn son
Now this is my kind of investment

lmfao idiots they are literally promising 100x
you will lose your money

but it’s actually possible