Funniest Crypto Scam of 2018?

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choose wisely

Bitconnect is a 2017 scam.


No JNT? I am disappointed.

BTCP because it wasn't inherently scammy but still can easily trick idiots.


Hodl fuck Lee has railed LTC owners twice and is working on the 3rd.

>no BTC option

No Prodeum? or w.e. the fuck it was called.
OP is a fucking pleb newfag


>no Prodeum option


Biggest scam of 2018 is probably EOS. The cashing out of the billion dollars ETH they raised and used to pump their own coin is going to be epic.

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lmao chainlink
bitconeect wins by far carlos matos is a living meme
also where is confido?


No option for monero gold? The devs literally posted a jew pepe crashing planes into the WTC and then exit scammed.

Tron may become a funnier shitdrama, I'm excited.

vechain hands down(its just not happened yet)
monero gold as an honorary mention
walton as a fuck my shit up special contest winner
bitcoin private and shipchain as worst fucking thing ever happened to this board

bitconnect is mostly 2017, nothing really happened in 2018 other than they running away with the money

Can I get a summary of why this is a scam? Been looking at them close lately

Its a ponzi.


I was wondering about that, what with the way their token distribution went down
Don't ponzis moon before crashing and burning, though?
As long as I sell by the moon....

Came to say no link no vote but op delivered.

ponzis stagnate before crashing, thats the reason why they are crashing, coinmetro is doing sales on ICO dropping prices in half, if you have some brain inside your skull you know what that means

coinmetro is an obvious scam

Biggest scam ever. The guy behind it made a ton again. I am pretty sure he will come back next year with a different fork and dump again

at post number eightfiveseveneightfiveninenine
Chainlink is not a scam. Please do your research before posting false information.